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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. iNmr added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Long Leaf Sentry Post (T1) DRAW 
    SonsOfDesert vs Tempest vs Rosszcsontok ( numbers for all guilds were around 15~20 i think ) 
    War started with Ross's defenseless base (only a flame tower) being sandwiched between us and tempest , 
    after getting their base to 90% tempest went attacking our base , we left a small group to attack ross's base while the rest are defending 
    after a while we got ross's base to 50% and tempest wiped most of our defenses we went back to defense wiped tempest, destroyed their flag then went to finish off ross's base
    less than 1 hour left to war basically we're just defending against tempest till war ended with our tower at 20ish%.. 
    ggwp to both guilds we honestly expected a snipe node.
    our wizard didnt come so i managed to get me a new record  
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  2. Juliet Lin added a post in a topic Unused Costumes!!   

    maybe a costume/outfit transfer to a different class will do? (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
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  3. MeDad added a post in a topic 53 Wiz   

    Thanks for that. I tend to use the Qucikbar a lot. Can you tell me what you would use in what order #1....#2...etc.?
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  4. War added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    ? I am claiming that drops are chance by chance success and fail. I'm more than positive they were.
    I was reading your equation as if you were claiming they weren't, was I incorrect? If so, basing droprate based off an amount of kills makes no sense in that case. You can't use binomial distribution to describe what isn't there to describe. In order for that system to work in place on a computational level, you'd need to program it in. Aka, go out of your way to program it in ontop of the system already in place then recursively program in success pointers based off of what was just programmed in that overlap the system already in place.
    refer to the above.
    There is a reason probability theory and computer science are not the same thing. Computers can't exactly do everything, yet.
    You're leaving the limitations of the CPU & friends out of your mathematics, assuming you're implying that THAT system is the one being used.
    Your computer is not going to just give you a success because you've tried 1000, 10000, 100000000 times. Computers do not think like humans do. They do what they are told, and forget everything else. Only follow the pattern they are given, meaning that all that you apply extra to what the computer does is faith and hope for a better world tomorrow.
    Technically it's obscene to even say that you will get something, when those limitations are taken into piratical consideration as well. But hey. Anything can happen.
    bd is a textbook theory.
    It has to be programmed for it to be a computational reality.
    In that case, very CPU will have a different outcome as well, as every CPU processes differently due to it's own instructional & design limitation. But that's beyond the game, and just computer theory.
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  5. Aokami added a post in a topic Fame Event Question   

    Well, according to the patch notes, all account info will be gathered tomorrow and rewards will be given out next maint.
    BUT, on the safe side, it's better to wait out for the rewards since anything can happen. Like you having 1000+ fame after 3/30 but end up getting rewards up to 900 fame when it's distributed.
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  6. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Unused Costumes!!   

    i have almost 30 costume, between 7 character
    if i could sell all the one from character i dont use, i would be so happy
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  7. Nyrante added a post in a topic Pferde NICHT fangbar!   

    Was heißt "es geht nicht mehr"? Du kannst es nicht werfen, dich nicht bewegen, Spiel eingefroren..?
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  8. Luli added a post in a topic BDO 1an ! = Concours TEXTE RP (3000 perles à gagner !)   

    Participation au Déguisement de la Horde ^^
    Nom de famille : Dakuaisu
    Prénom : Luliaisu
    Guilde : OSEF

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  9. Misdemeanor added a post in a topic Unused Costumes!!   

    same.... not knowing if she will ever be my main again has me sadfaced... Dumped a ton on costumes and whatnot for her since launch
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  10. Melo Jello added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

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  11. Veoh Techstarify added a post in a topic Patch Notes - 29. März 2017   

    War der Patch echt ~700 MB groß?
    Bei mir hat er ungefair 5 sekunden gepatched, und war direkt fertig.
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  12. Raxor added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    All of you are thinking way too hard about this
    1. DK is neglected costume wise. This can be seen by the amount of costumes they have in KR.
    2. the reason we dont have the awakening yet is we dont have the kamasyilve region.
    3. we don't have the region because holding off on expansions for a few months is the choice they will make to keep event going throughot the year.
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  13. Jiggu added a post in a topic Fame Event Question   

    Ever since the event started I only get 500k silver a day. I've already posted about this elsewhere but I get no response, I should be getting 650k, anyone else have this issue?
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  14. Melo Jello added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Boat mechanics could get some fixing, but still liking the patch updates.
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  15. Gumo added a post in a topic How to move character in the selection screen?   

    Wasn't there suppose to be a change character location, but i dont see it
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  16. SereneWaves added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    Have you ever migrated code before? It's not just copy and paste lol. If it was that easy why do you even need developers. Just make some templates and everyone can just ctrl+c ctrl+v everything easy peasy. Especially when you have something as big as a game. It can take a long time to even migrate a single feature from one application to another application that may be running on a different kind of server than the orginal.
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  17. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    That's one of the reasons my Trainer/Breeder is perpetually Level 49 at 99.999%. There's quite a few trolls on the channel I tend to frequent, who regularly hang around the entries into Heidel (or the chokepoint between Velia and Heidel). This way, there is no way they can interrupt my leveling.
    Though it does beg the question, is there any reason why I should level my Trainer up? I have been using my Berserker as my main (Level 56), but my Warrior as my trainer and I am wondering if there is any tangible benefit to leveling him past the PvP capable point if I already have another high level character,
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  18. Twin™ added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    That or super armor
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  19. BornToHeal added a post in a topic PVE Server oder nicht angreifbar Option bitte   

    Hm, weißt was noch lustig ist, niemand weiß wer welches Level hat Wenn es darum geht sein Platz zu verteildigen, dann glaubt juckt es niemanden was für ein Level der gegner hat, man greift ihn einfach an. Bestes beispiel, Typ ca Level 55 war Sausen, wurde angegriffen von ein anderen Typen der wusste, er hat ein starkes Gear, wobei er sich etwas mehr erlauben konnte ( was die Auswahl erweiter wen man angreiffen kann und wen nicht ). Er sieht das da jemand schon ist, da aber über sein Gear bescheid weiß greift er ihn an um sich den Spot zuholen. [ 1. Geht schonmal daran das er ihn nicht angegriffen hat, weil er paar Level unter ihm ist bzw das Gear vom Gegner schlechter ist, ich mein woher soll er das überhaupt Wissen, er weiß nur das er ein "starker" Spieler ist und ihn vertreiben kann/könnte ].  Der Typ der vertrieben wurde merkt, das er nicht gut genug ist um sein Spot zu verteildigen also switcht er ganz einfach Channel. Er Popt dann im anderen Channel auf und macht ez weiter, bis er plötzlich nochmal angegriffen wird. Der Typ der ihn angegriffen hat, hat sich ganz einfach gedacht, "yo, das ist mein Platz, ich war zuerst hier ich hab das "Recht" darauf hier zu grinden", und bevor der Typ, dem den Platz "gehört", zuerst angegriffen wird, was er natürlich nicht weiß ob es so passieren wird, greift er ihn an um sich zu verteildigen. Und unser kleiner Mann hat jetzt gegen 2 stärkeren kassiert, versucht nichtmal sichtweisen, wie es abgelaufen sein könnte, sich zu holen und kommt hier zum Forum und postet dann sowas
    Er sieht die zweite Situation genauso wie die erste, obwohl es eben nicht so gelaufen ist.
    Und bevor noch sowas wie, "der hätte doch ruhig fragen können", kommt
    Nein konnte/könnte er nicht, weil es ihm sein Leben kosten könnte, bis er überhaupt zum Wort gekommen ist.
    2. Die meisten reagieren darauf nicht und greifen dich direkt an oder machen weiter, mit dem grinden, was die meisten einer art Provokation sehen und sie selbst dann angreifen.
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  20. Jeynar added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    Actually, you're correct on the strawman. I misunderstood your use of the word "translation" since that's not a word I'd use about implementing code from one server to another and that threw me on the defensive. I do apologise.
    Now as far as code being different for our version than the Korean version - I'm just not seeing it. For the initial setup, sure. For each individual patch? No. Especially since they've slowly been eroding the differences we did have (longer cooldown on potions, 1 energy per 30 mins instead of 1 per hour, and so on), even if these are variables in most cases. Hence the copy/paste remark.
    If you're seriously suggesting that they hand tailor each individual patch to 5 (soon to be 6) different versions of the game then we're in the same boat.
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  21. Tobias Cray added a post in a topic Fame Event Question   

    i guess i just want a GM to tell me so i can play with my new friend
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  22. AmagicalFishy added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    whoa, whoa, whoa. it makes sense, in that i understand the words that you're saying and why you're saying them—but it looks like you're making a "theory / practice" distinction when what it seems you're actually proposing is: PA coded drops that are not independent. (i.e. - drops that are not "chance by chance success and fail") that is a pretty bold claim...
    ... but then you say "Computers process this chance by chance success or fail without emotion or faith or hope, they forget what happened last unless we tell them not to..." but that's exactly what independence is, and that's exactly what is requisite for the binomial distribution to be relevant (because it requires independence)...
    ... and then you say "binomial bullshittery" ???
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  23. FluffyQuack added a topic in General   

    The elusive T8 courser
    How many people have been able to get a T8 courser, and how much did you have to do to get it be a courser? Been talking with some people of their experience, and I haven't found a single person who's been able to get a courser without spending pearl items. I've leveled up 11 T8s so far with no courser (sprinkled in P2W on two of them during leveling, but no luck).
    As far as I know, there's a couple of methods to use:
    Keep replacing fore chop as the horse levels up. This seems to be one of the cheapest alternatives, but it doesn't guarantee much. A cheaper variant is to only replace fore chop once the horse has learned all of the very common skills (fore chop, hind kick, start accel, caution).When the horse is lvl30, throw horse skill change coupons at it. If the horse still has common skills to learn, this can get absurdly expensive. You can improve your chances by replacing semi-rare skills like s: front kick and s: back kick.When the horse is lvl30 and it has a common skill to learn (ie, fore chop), use premium horse change appearance coupons to learn that skill, and then replace it with a horse skill change coupon. I think this is more reliable than the above solution, but each premium coupon is a lot pricier. From the people I've talked with, it sounds like you have a 33% chance to learn a skill with a premium horse coupon on a T8.So what did people end up doing, and how much did it cost (if you're okay with revealing that)? I'm getting close to the point where I either throw money in Kakao's face until one of my T8s is a courser and then cry myself to sleep, or throw the computer out the window and then cry myself to sleep.
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  24. Beeso added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    My Dior knight is far from neglected, if anything she is actually spoiled.
    *Valkyrie concurs* 
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