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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Yuno13 added a post in a topic Suggestions on keeping/removing my gear pls   

    sweet thanks
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  2. Arctic_Freeze added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    It was a 1v1 towards the end when the majority of other guilds were cleared out. 
    Also, Bring back nyusara! I want to see the war scores after we fight!
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  3. MykieMedjool added a post in a topic Question about Name Change   

    considering its 10 bucks for no work.. id assume limitless 
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  4. Tolmos added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    At what point did PKers get soft and sensitive? How is me saying that you PKed someone now something worth being offended over, when you literally PKed that person? God you folks are making me feel old, because now I have to say the phrase "Back in my day..."
    Back in my day, we PKed and just dealt with the consequences. The carebears cried and we giggled at their misfortune. We ruled the farming areas and they whined on forums.
    Now it's the other way around?
    Dont misunderstand me. RonnieJW and I are from the same era of MMO players, but by way of play styles: I was to him as you are to the PvE players in this thread. I may come across as a carebear, but that's because I am totally stumped at this newfound mentality of modern PKers being the victims for... PKing.
    In your scenario, you paint a PK in a frilly, friendly light. But make no mistake: you gave the player an ultimatum. Either they join your party, they leave your spot, or you kill them and take it. That makes you a predator, not some poor little misunderstood player who just got griefed by the evil carebear villain who turned down your advanced to be besties and sip tea together.
    And, to me (maybe not others), that does NOT make you a bad person. The game was designed to let you make that choice. You will have consequences for what you did, but you can do it. And the player you killed made the choice to accept that this could happen by playing a game in which it is possible to happen in! No rules are broken!
    So I ask: how does a lion maul a gazelle and then cry about being the victim, and say the gazelle made them do it? If the lion chokes on a bone and dies, is that the gazelles fault? If the lion gets sleepy after feasting on the dead gazelle, naps and gets killed by a poacher: is that the gazelles fault?
    YOU chose to flag and kill the poor bastard. And that's a-ok in my book. Whining about the consequences of that action, when you knew what they were beforehand? That's where my issue lies.
    Karma exists to stop over-hunting. It happened at release and the game almost died. PvP with no one to kill really sucks... ask anyone who played Shadowbane towards the end! You think it's bad now? Imagine if most channels were barren.
    As a PvPer who has seen good games die because of an imbalance in the PvP rule set, I am glad for the karma system and don't want to see it go.
    PS- before anyone tries to say "but Karma system is what is different from back then...", look up the BS Karma system we dealt with back in Ultima. THAT was heavy handed... and I spent every minute at  -32,000. We had to kill specific critters to build back up, too. None of this weak "kill some grey mobs" nonsense. No no, we had to go for the ones with FAME. I loved every minute of it anyway lol
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  5. prymortal added a post in a topic [SERIOUS]How to prepare for the Monk class   

    Monk type skills were data mined from KR, no confirmation on new class OR if they are second awakening.
    So best way to perpare, Dont expect anything
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  6. Lascivia added a post in a topic Cancerous Marketplace RNG   

    Never had a problem getting a pearl outfit I wanted.... generally within 24 hrs of deciding I want it... the hardest was the Order of the Apricot which took a few days because it doesnt get put up as often as a small set of others.
    Black Stone Shards however.... 
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  7. FapperJack added a post in a topic Possible New Class? (Fighter/Monk/Pugilist/Combatant)   

    I would like to see a big fat dwarf class that use bombs and missles for arm. Tankier than Zerker but extremely immboile, immune to all CCs.
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  8. MykieMedjool added a post in a topic Show inner layer (underwear) to everyone, outside of combat.   

    honestly this games isnt great for roleplaying , check out second life for that.. you can customize like no other Game, its a sandbox and now has tons of detailed worlds with any theme you can think of.. im not really a role player, but if i was id be there .. bdo doesn't even have animations for their cash shop furniture .. thats funny cuzz it would literally take 5-8 mins to make some simple animated poses for them but // again im not here for the role play anyway so personally i dont care
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  9. DamienR added a post in a topic Suggestions on keeping/removing my gear pls   

    Heve is fine but try to make it all TET - look for 250-60dp so your fine if a mob knocks you dont or a group stuns you, 2 gem slots & extra HP will be good for PVE just make sure to work your gems to your advantage. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jpKsVVcvFJFRmOaNnQncqMYHHINudTPpLx0-EoHpJD0/edit
    So try to get movment speed to 3+, casting 5, crit at least 4 e.t.c. Gem for damage or to avoid knockdowns/stun if you want to stick with lower DP. Then just use foods to top it up as needed.
    If you hit 58-60 you wont need Accuracy so much, but keep in mind Kutum has extra Monster ACC or damage > no confirmation on this but testing it yourself on higher level monsters will show you what i mean, so this would be the offhand to go for, for PVE. http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10540/ 
    I'd focus more on getting the AP to say 200ap thats enough to farm all the areas with little worry of having to wait between killing packs of mobs.
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  10. Darkandro added a post in a topic Wer liefert uns jetzt im OT diie MIMIMI Posts? :(   

    Ich hoffe du hast die Gelegenheit genutzt und bist direkt zur Konsole gerannt und hast die sämtliche items gegeben.  
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  11. Hissis added a post in a topic Evasion Musa build?   

    I wonder if this is really better.
    It's only 20% chance '-'
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  12. Dr_Evil added a post in a topic Cancerous Marketplace RNG   

    just get that http://bddatabase.net/us/item/12034/?sl=1 market easy mode
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  13. Dr_Evil added a post in a topic 2 Week Mail Deletion   

    I still got Mail from 4th of July in my Mailbox .. so i hope they don't change it.
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  14. metaxa1331 added a post in a topic [SERIOUS]How to prepare for the Monk class   

    You should retire to a secluded place and live in peace and harmony.
    Also remeber to pray to our lord and saviour RNGEZUS, because he is the only one who can absolve you from your sins.
    The power of rng compels you!

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  15. Arithin added a post in a topic PvE channel   

    I still don't understand why the massive debate over it is still going on.
    If you like pvp, you get less non combat competition (the dreaded karma bombers) and a better pvp experience overall.  Imagine all those afk horse riders, afk processers at the bank, mobs of fisherman, and tons of boats...  Just GONE.  Sounds pretty sweet to me.
    If you don't like pvp, the benefits are even more transparent.  Do all the quests, explore all the lands, become a lifeskill god both inside and outside of the town safe zones!  There is some downsides however, because grinding spots will be crowded.  Group up, kill fast, or move are your only options now.  Levels are slower.  Silver income is slower.  Maybe buying a costume or two to sell every week or so to give yourself a little boost looks a bit better.  Or just a value pack and or a pet if you're a bit short of a big purchase.
    Node wars unchanged.  Its got its own channel.  Guilds unchanged!  It never was based on channel anyway and only had relevance when doing quests.  More pearl shop stuff because the 9to5 crowd can do their thing without any players changing their play plans, so naturally they'll spend more.  Game has more appeal, makes more money, gets more update attention.  And hopefully more servers.
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  16. fmgtorres added a post in a topic What is the purpose of life?   

    No one will ever know. Even if someone ever knows, you won't know they know, so it's the same as no one knowing. To you, that is. But even if you know that someone knows some day, one day you will stop knowing, and we're back to being all the same. And in the least likely possibility of you yourself know someday, you will also stop knowing at one point, and we're back to the first premisse. Also, no one would know you know. 
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  17. Cyngar added a post in a topic What armor & weapon & accessory is good for DK?   

    newer player here, I don;t have alot of mats etc, but Would the Bares or Yuria be better pre lvl 50 for pure lving if I boosted it to +7?
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  18. Kaivon added a post in a topic What is this class about?   

    many of the animations are actually recycled animations. Her stance in combat is maehwa, her exploding magic stance is from Ranger awakening, some of her swings are from warrior awakening, some of the awakening skills are from sorc ranged abilities, etc.
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  19. HOMRAH added a post in a topic [SERIOUS]How to prepare for the Monk class   

    I didn't hear about any special date for release  but if you did please do share  as for preparing I'm using my musa to grind and gather materials to have them ready for the fighter weapons . HYPE
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  20. Reave711 added a post in a topic [SERIOUS]How to prepare for the Monk class   

    You probably heard wrong 
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  21. Eliteseraph added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    Please don't kill me, because I think you did an excellent job. I'd give it 8.5 / 10.  Buuuuut......he looks like Sephiroth and Dante got together and had a child.      You nailed the expression tho. That perfect combination of "I know I look good, but I can also beat you down if I need to."

    Also, your guy needs more swords.  

    Here is my witch. Sadly I have no fancy costumes yet. Only been playing for a couple weeks. But I used the store preview to pick what I would have liked.   

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  22. Xexorian added a post in a topic Relaxed VR mode!   

    Honestly, I've programmed my own and modded quite a few games, even written my own graphics before. Changing the stuff needed to implement this is doable by even a novice such as myself with enough research on the SDK and knowledge of the current engine, and would probably be feasible within one week, another week for figuring out ui elements and how to float them infront of the player -- and another week of testing. that's if I did it solo, and had some help from the guys who wrote the engine they use, and who wrote the UI code. It is definitely doable by a veteran team within a week. Not by far, but by a totally reasonable and easy amount of time.
    The problem isnt them, it's convincing their boss it's something they can/should do.
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