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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Nyrante added a topic in Allgemeine Diskussionen   

    Verkaufen am 24.04. um 21:00 Uhr diverse Pferde - ohne Perlen
    Wir, die Gilde Dullahan, verkaufen morgen den 24.04. ab 21:00 Uhr diverse Pferde auf dem Markt.
    T6 - T7, lvl 27-30 (teilweise Courser) sowie einige lvl 1 Tiere (Letztere mit Zuchten). Wir verlangen keine Perlen oder sonstiges als Gegenleistung. Schaut morgen einfach in den Markt wenn ihr noch ein vernünftiges Reitpferd benötigt.
    Es wird in Game noch eine Nachricht im Global herausgegeben sobald wir die Tiere registrieren (denkt bitte an die 10 Minuten Registrierungszeit).
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  2. LeWaffles added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    There are games that require nothing but skill to play, and time invested only makes you better, doesn't give you gear, like StarCraft, fighting games such as Street Fighter/Smash Brothers, or most FPS games. I completely understand your desire to have PvP be completely skill based, and I (personally) wish it was the same way.
    However, I also understand that THIS IS NOT HOW THIS GAME WAS DESIGNED. This game was designed for people who prefer the effort they put in to generally give them a long-term advantage through gear. Its 2 separate playerbases, and just because you and I belong to the first one and come over to this game, they shouldn't be forced to cater to us.
    They tried to help us by giving the option of that RBF that equalizes all gear, but 95% of the people who play RBF don't want that.
    In this game, Gear>skill/class generally. If you aren't a fan sir, then this isn't the game for you
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  3. Wanderlore added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    Nobody is stupid enough to scam others, you have to keep in mind that actions will be taken against scammers. BUT your items won't be refunded, so it's still a risk. IF you're smart, you only pay after a succesful deal.
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  4. Pamcake added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    I'm getting sick of getting ganked. Can't do dailies without some a**hole trying or killing me for no resound.
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  5. Tryldom added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Yeah man, feels bad. Guess we gotta ally up with Enemy next time so we can get on your level of stre... uhm.. numbers.

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  6. Rip added a post in a topic BDO players from Portugal ??? AM I THE ONLY ONE?   

    Não fazia ideia que o RNGesus era português
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  7. DarkBever added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

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  8. PanpanTheGreat added a topic in General   

    Sorc pvp
    That is how sorc pvp works:
    i thought this was worth reposting coz it s perfectly fitting 
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  9. BANiSH added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    cmon now. We didn't hid it in the slightest that we're heading Calpheon. We even had a chat in the EU discord feat. Ishkor that day  
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  10. rexipoo added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Karma bombing is an issue because
    If you kill somebody for territory, you should own that territory is the way I look at it.
    Karma bombing is the exact opposite, if you die enough times, you actually win territory.
    It's so dumb and lot of people take advantage of it.
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  11. Grizabella added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    First time you flag on someone was YOUR choice- you incur the penalty
    He or she comes back, perhaps because he/she feels they could have beaten you or weren't paying attention when you flagged or whatever. You flag again and they lose. You incur the penalty.
    He or she comes back- this is now their choice. They are choosing to die. If a low level keeps rushing to attack a high level mob, they incur the loss of XP every time they do it and it is their own stupidity that is causing the issue. They could have brought friends or grouped up or they could learn the lesson and stop rushing in. The second time they come back either have no penalty or make the penalty on them.
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  12. StonedSouls added a post in a topic Option für kein PVP für Lifeskiller   

    so gibt es aber auch die "Schattenseite" der Pkler. Es gehört dazu und sollte auch allumfänglich nutzbar sein, nicht weil ich es unbedingt toll finde, aber es ist jeden Freigestellt ob er ein "Mörder" spielen möchte oder "My Little Farm". Banditen und Meuchelmörder machen doch noch einen gewissen Reiz aus, in einer Welt wo man so viele Möglichkeiten wie in BDO hat.
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  13. Beirut added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    I'm saying that this is the first awakening skill which is rendered completly useless. It was only able to hit one target and with the 40% accuracy it misses alot especially with the desync and it does no dmg at all. You were complaining about that we need a nerf so we did get a nerf on a skill which does no DMG at all and we got buffed on our detonation flow, meaning we are stronger in oneshotting and less viable in 1 v 1. Bdo sayd they were going to fix the gab but theyr doing the opposite in this patch, they increased the aoe output. So if you get rekt then it is all on you for not able to read well.
    I was hoping we got a smash attack from this nerf 
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  14. pessle added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We (Sovereign - taken part in every siege since launch in some capacity) lost something like 6 weeks in a row and are now stronger in absolute terms than we've ever been (relative to our competition we were probably stronger on Alustin/early merge). The guilds you named disbanded due to a lack of community/a strong core that understands losing is inevitable in a competitive game. Guilds that treat their members like disposable mercenaries will all disband due to relatively minor loses eventually. 

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  15. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic As I go to list my items on the market....   

    heh, that's how I got my TET Dande, was just sitting there for the entire day, enough time for me to sell some stuff including my TRI dande to buy it lol.
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  16. Mujen added a post in a topic My advice   

    I still enjoy playing my Musa, and getting kills in NW still hasn't been a major issue for me. 

    So play what you like.
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  17. kakodaimonos added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Don't you think there will be guilds that just spread out on every channel to spawnkill people all day long? Yes there will be.
    It doesn't matter if you are in a group or not maybe they just pick exactly you as their target for whatever reason. Don't think so straight forward... that's exactly what could ruin the game even more. People love trolling and bullying especially on the Internet. This would just encourage that behaviour. And if they don't let you out of town anymore what you gonna do? Log off? Good thing I'm not allowed to play anymore because of people who just have fun killing me.
    Seriously it destroyed other games so don't even think about it. There is always a way to exploit such stuff. Yes even now karmabombing is exploiting the mechanics but I personally think bombing a grinding spot which you can switch to other channels is the better option than getting spawnkilled all day long by a guild which spreads out on every channel don't you think?
    I personally only "grief" if someone is killing me without even talk to me first. If people can't share in an Mmo then they just have to deal with it, sorry. But I also don't support real griefing when people just head into your spot and kill stuff until you leave.
    Still the only thing happened to me yet was the first where people just pked me for no reason to take over the spot I never ever got griefed by anyone on sausan. If people see me grinding there they most likely leave or ask for a group and I always invite them even if they are non awaken I don't mind it.
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  18. DarkBever added a post in a topic I got to kill a Streamer yesterday :D   

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  19. MechVampyre added a post in a topic Welche Maus benutzt ihr?   

    Ok danke dann für die Antworten.
    Wegen der Größe hatte ich eigentlich gar nicht so wirklich Bedenken gehabt, aber hmm...
    Ansonsten klingen Deine Aussagen ja durchweg positiv.
    Vielleicht werde ich mal schauen, ob ich die G900 irgendwo zum Probe anfassen finde und in nicht ganz so baldiger Zukunft dann eventuell sogar auch anschaffen.
    Vielleicht wenn eine (relativ) preisgünstige Kabelversion kommen sollte, oder mal eine Aktion ist, oder ich sonstwie günstig rankomme.
    Bin ja mit der Rival zufrieden und bevor Du überhaupt geantwortet hast, orderte ich bereits ein tolles kleines Päckchen.
    Nichtsdestotrotz hat die G900 schon so ihren Reiz- kann ich nicht abstreiten.
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  20. rexipoo added a post in a topic Ranger   

    I have a friend that mained a Ranger for a long time.
    I never seen him have any problems but i'll ask him today about this :>
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  21. XeLRa added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    There were other guilds there to contest it, for all we knew Resi brought an ally. 
    there could've been more showing up but most chose to stick serendia/balenos, while a few of those guilds coming and focusing us could take us down. 
    And what is this, you've sounded very comfortable for a long time now with the weeks on castles you've had with little to no opposition, but when we take the step to free a territory again and return to actually take it we're suddenly looking for easy gains? what's so bad about us getting some money, are the 'PvPers' scared competition could grow? 
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  22. Dremlock added a post in a topic I got to kill a Streamer yesterday :D   

    report him 
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  23. Deku added a post in a topic Option für kein PVP für Lifeskiller   

    Ich schreibe zu denen nichts und angewhispert nach einem Kill, wurde ich auch noch nicht, das steht eher im General Chat. Ist halt so und ich wechsel den Channel und mache da weiter.
    Finde es nur dumm, das man Leute anhand der Spielweise beurteilt, das Spiel bietet es dir an und man nutzt es, das ist alles. PK'er PKen und Auto Pather nutzen den Auto Path.
    Genauso, wie mit der AFK Fischer killen debatte, ich habe nicht alles mitbekommen, habe nur gehört, das Leute AFK Fischer töten, weil sie AFK Fischen, dazu fällt mir echt nichts mehr ein. Aber gut, wenn sie die Freizeit dazu haben. 
    Man sollte doch froh sein, dass so viele Leute das Spiel spielen und so viele die unterschiedlichen Funktionen nutzen.
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  24. t0ny added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    At first i though they really made it available to buy items with pearls because it's been a while since i played but no. These are just scammers!
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