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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Babb added a post in a topic Hitting 30 - gift pass request   

    Im also looking for a game pass (53 sorc).
    send me a msg if u wanna give me one :)P
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  2. Radical added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Just returned, level 56 warrior looking to join a guild in EU, also 2 other friends of mine, only thing is im 29 (30 this year haha)
    Was wondering if your still accepting members?
    We are new to the latest updates (last time we played cap was 50)
    PM me if we can talk further
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  3. Istishlah added a post in a topic Zu wenig exp / viel weniger Spaß nach Stufe 50   

    Hach ja an daoc denke ich noch so gerne zurück quests zu denen man nicht hingetragen wird, pvp das den namen verdient, drei reiche, caster & bogis die stehen bleiben mussten um was zu machen, nen char fürs 20er bg, darkness falls & alleine mit ner hexe morgens zum kaffee durchs grenzland rennen - beste morpg zeit meines lebens (und gw1 nicht zu vergessen)
    dann kam wow und plötzlich war alles bunt, schnell, chaotisch & das spiel legte den grundstein für die tendenz, dass immer alles einfacher und schneller und massentauglicher wird. schneller mehr einfachen content, der von der masse in 3-4 Tagen durchgespielt ist und danach geht das geschrei nach content von vorne los.
    nach vielen versuchen (li2, eve, eos, bns, gw2, vanguard, warhammer um nur einige zu nennen) irgendwo wieder heimisch zu werden und wirklich eine langzeitmotivation zu haben, ist bdo imo endlich wieder ein spiel, das zumindest mir diese gibt. Allerdings grinde ich nur max. 1 std am tag, sammle resourcen, jäge und mache traderuns nach port ratt und bin dabei stolz wie bolle auf das epherian schiff, da steckt soviel arbeit drin, dass man fast meint, man hätte einen char gelevelt. naja das kommt aus dem mund eines berufstätigen menschen, der alles in allem dennoch zuviel zeit verzockt
    wenn jetzt noch "richtiges" pvp am start wäre...
    lange rede kurzer sinn - es gibt genug spiele in denen man in 72 std durch ist. finger weg von bdo bitte
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  4. Merdy added a post in a topic Spectre of Magoria   

    same here
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  5. Monstunter added a post in a topic Karma System griefs everyone.   

    Helion (Good): A character with 0 KARMA is a Helion. Helion names are displayed in WHITE letters.Niete (Evil): A character with 1 or more KARMA points* is Niete and their name will display in RED letters.Battle Status PINK: Battle Status occurs for 30 seconds after a Helion player attacks another Helion player, or a player already in Battle Status. Killing a player in Battle Status does not increase KARMA points. 
    if i attack you ( i become PINK) If i kill you w/o attack me ( i become red ) - and make - karma ( anyone can kill , and if i die till am red i cant spawn on node i can spown only in town)( when i become red from first kill i make 100% karma - in every dead i lose 5% karma) in that case there will be more ppl in fron of every town to fight and lose the karma ) that means more pvp more fun.
    If i attack you ( ibecome PINK) if you attack me at this time (you become PINK) - one of us die - he can respown on node,  the one who survive stay PINK for 30 sec after that back to white normal.
    simple and easy. in that case no1 will greef or kill for no reason.
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  6. Macadham added a post in a topic [Registre personnel] Reproductions de chevaux   

    J'ai crée celui-ci https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/lélevage-des-chevaux.1768/ , mais il n'a pas beaucoup de succès
    Il y aussi celui là https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/poney-club-discord-help-et-glandouille.3616/ qui propose un discord francophone pour les éleveurs;
    On ne peut plus faire de nouveaux posts ?
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  7. GM_Dew added a post in a topic Rifle Texture bug   

    Thank you for reporting this to us. I have forwarded it to our QA team for further testing.
    Best regards,
    GM Dew
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  8. Hindsight added a post in a topic Quest "A Real Adventure" impossible to do?   

    There's a way in if the gate is closed. Go into down into the tunnel on the north side as though you were going under the castle. There's a collapsed bridge that protrudes from the west side just as you enter path down. Climb the wall near it the bridge. It's really difficult, but edge up to the point where it's slippery and jump. It took a few tries and you can jump up to the bridge and climb in.
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  9. Korvgubben added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Maybe they cut the life support but the forum lives on by its own?
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  10. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Wait can we still post stuff?  I thought the forums would be shut down by now...  what gives?!
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  11. Ambreen added a post in a topic [PVE Gilde - KYO] sucht aktive & freundliche Mitspieler   

    Heyo, ich spiele auch schon seit den ersten tag
    Habt ihr noch ein Platze für mich  frei?
    Stufe 56 und PvE orientiert
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  12. Rvyne added a post in a topic How to reduce network lag in BDO? (dysnc delays etc) Here's the best answer.   

    From my experience whatever MMO/Online games I always optimized my network.
    1.   change DNS settings to my telco (automatic sometimes not that effective do some googling what DNS IP address your telco using)
    2.  Google this Leatrix Latency Fix then download from their page and install.
    Hope this helps, I'm using WIFI btw so every network optimization is necessary to boost my connectivity.
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  13. Nipheria added a post in a topic Guest pass codes   

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  14. Iksanun added a post in a topic CPU Temps spike up and stays there   

    While that's happening, did you check to see if the Coherent UI processes is running at more than 30% CPU usage?
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  15. Renner added a post in a topic Florin new house items   

    Florin stuff except for the wall carpets
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  16. JediRift added a post in a topic Download wont resume   

    100% true story.

    Just happened to me. Went from nearly 20GB downloaded, and read a post on here saying that it will resume after closing.
    Followed their instruction....NOPE. Back to 0% starting from scratch entirely.

    Be forewarned fellow internet google people, the posts and comments saying it resumes are not true for all of us. Whatever you do, don't close this freaking gigantic 40GB download or you will risk starting at 0% again.
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  17. JediRift added a post in a topic Can i pause /resume download ?   


    I just followed those in this thread that it will resume download after closing. I had spent four hours downloading nearly 40%.  Needed to do something else on my PC that required some bandwidth, so after reading this thread I closed the launcher feeling like it was safe as it would pick up where it left off.  Half an hour later I reopened the BDO launcher expecting it to be back near the 40% I downloaded prior. NOPE! Literally 10 minutes later and it's at 1% now, and the launcher is not acknowledging ANY of my previous download data. It is starting the entire download from scratch and has only done 600MB, which out of the massive 43.5GB is like a drop in the bucket. P.S. My computer is a beast, with an i7 4GHZ CPU and 24GB of RAM, so no, it isn't taking time catching up to where it left off.  It is literally starting the entire thing over.

    To think I was at 17GB when I closed this thing...
    So...if you googled this like me and you had been downloading for what felt like ages prior...don't run the risk of closing this 40GB download, there is no guarantee it will resume. It definitely did not for me.
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  18. JakeGGT added a post in a topic AXIOM - PvX - Top 40 Guild   

    Are you still recruiting
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  19. chendu added a post in a topic Crash before title screen   

    Had the same problem today, tried what you did, worked.
    Thanks a bunch =D
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  20. Schrei added a post in a topic How do you Turn OFF the "Action Combo Guide"?   

    I know this is a really old topic but the solution was never posted. OP is talking about THIS which plagued me for over an hour before some friends were able to help me out. 
    It seems to be the result of being dragged about the screen unintentionally, despite being seemingly locked there as it is. 
    ESC > Edit UI > Reset - This will place the Action Combo Guide back where it belongs, at which point you may turn the damn thing off. 

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  21. SilentBeat added a post in a topic ☆EU☆Undivided Romanian Guild   

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  22. Omnipotent added a post in a topic Black Spirit Claw!   

    The item is already in game 
    guess its time for u 2 quite  
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  23. Maileen added a post in a topic Chaotischer Haufen sucht Mitspieler! :)   

    Huhu wie hast du mich den angeschrieben und geaddet?:O Heiße da ja ganz anders...oder hab ich das hier mal genannt?XD ichs chreib dir Pn ,ok?^^
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