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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. andy1213 added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    This just CANNOT be MORE CORRECT. Game is about spamming aoes and .5 second bursts.
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  2. Kukiko added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    In my opinion, the flow is a nerf on some conditions :
    - if the PVP damage is the same
    - if it does add a slightly longer animation to echo (which causes switching into other skills more painful) 
    Now we'll never know how its applied and how it feels until we receive it in 2 or so weeks. 
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  3. Velexia added a post in a topic Node 10 weirdness.   

    I have Rank S on Ogres, and two level 10 Nodes, and I have never once gotten an Ogre Ring.  I also believe level 10 nodes are broken.
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  4. Danyboi added a topic in General   

    Paying for names
    Hello, I want the name Mufasa ( first choice ) or Scar, i'm a big Lion King fan sa you can see, reply to this post or contact me in game. Family name: kdrakov Character name: Danyboii, Will gift the name change and after I get the name: will gift item of players choice, Ty! or post some names you guys have and are willing to give up.
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  5. ZeuZ added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    Now they just need to extend the weekend exp bonus for the entire week due to lost exp and crystals ,and perhaps mail with pages of gm blessing/buffs/boxes with a "sorry our servers are shat".
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  6. Sandpit added a post in a topic Node 10 weirdness.   

    I've started disconnecting my nodes as all the invested nodes just give me trash drops, the odd scroll and nothing rare.
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  7. Narmotari added a post in a topic LF Role-Playing Partner!!   

    With a little luck, I might find you tomorrow (:
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  8. Meldion added a post in a topic DK Oros vs Saiyer   

    präzi bei saiyer is nice und präzi is everythang   dazu noch nen paar nette vk. warum nicht
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  9. Lord Vale added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    Hold up.  I'm lost..

    Is the guild that bragged about zergging Man Up mad that not as geared guilds did the logical thing by banning together to beat them?  

    What do they expect?  People to just lose to them and not try and find ways around it?
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  10. Medra added a post in a topic Gathering Broken   

    I still get my few shards per round. Nothing changed.
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  11. Aastrid added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    T8E x T8E (2x Breeds) as wanted to use up the female as she will be a riding horse = T7G & T7E Males.... not even T8 lol
    Male T8E is a corser T7G born with Drift & HK and the T7E was born with just IA
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  12. Amirite added a post in a topic Returning player not knowing where to start!!!   

    Continue, then you don't lose your Family fame to start with. Start with the one you want to play, then just follow BS main quest. When you hit level 50, you understand and will have a better overview of your family. Level 56 next target for better armor
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  13. Amirite added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Maybe it's time to close this.....
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  14. Amirite added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    I wonder whatever our Kakao friends say's about these post. I mean, don't they have anything to add at all, or is all done before, got the t-shirt?
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  15. Catastigma added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    Anyway Pearls Abyss are snail. Any issue/suggestion/release of trouble here will by take more that 1 years to fix.
    1 years i wait for a real classe balance. and never saw a twig of this balance. Thier release a completly Broken DK Classe with a completly Overabused awakening.  result after thier release ? Warrior buff(god tier classe) and Tamer nerf(shit tier classe). I watched the last 3 Pvp 2v2 Tournement KR.  is completly RNG fight... half of skill not hit.. when the evasion not work you are one shot.  Completly shitiness Pvp design.
    PA you are too much slow.. realy too much slow. When a classe are too much OP  dont do nothing. put im to the ground and  rebuff im later..
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  16. Amirite added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Are people giving up on breeding? T6-T7-T8's?
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  17. Caldra added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    This class has single handily ruined node wars and rbf.
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  18. Amirite added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    Breaking news on Twitter (next to Trump news) 
    Black Desert Online @BDO_NewsThank you for sharing all your reports about server performance and stability in the past few days. We're looking into it.
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  19. Lilwedgie added a post in a topic [ORWEN] [recruitment] GONDOR CALLS FOR AID!   

    Talked to your for a sec this morning. Still very interested in joining and I'd like to hear from u in game. 
    Family name Lilwedgie
    Character manes: Luna666, Thedoctor666, Themaster666.
    Please wiser or message all, as I don't know which one I'll me on when you message.
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  20. The Clown Prince added a post in a topic Karma System should be improved.   

    The karma system system is broke as hell...so far we have had false  promises, but the devs seem to have no clue anymore  
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  21. WodanSX added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I'd say definitely go the lv 30 T7+T7 no deaths breed - This is the only 't8 attempt breed' that exists in my mind other than lv 30 T8+T6N no deaths (cow got dem strong genes for sure). Wasted so many T7 breeds/exchange back T8 was released to NA limited to the 8% male threshold
    For the record, I don't post here often but have been breeding since the beginning.
    Still got the GM's email response to my T5 Conq complaint ("Working as intended - there will be no compensation!!" > weeks later "hey guys here's compensation T5 for y'all!")
    RE: Alchemy stones - they are so painful. I finally got the courage to attempt Sharp Destruction, 3rd fail attempt downgraded it to Polished.
    34x 150% attempts to get back to Sturdy... I can't...the pain..
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  22. hawkmanlol492 added a post in a topic Cant find a class I like   

    I would suggest sorc
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  23. FapperJack added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    One way to make Wizards less cancerous is, reduced the damage according to number of opponents he hits in PVP. More opponents the spell hits, less damage, so that one 100% nuke doesn't kill like 7 ppl, sounds fair enough.
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  24. Bobo added a post in a topic Cant find a class I like   

    Play warrior.
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  25. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Cant find a class I like   

    Uhh maybe months of life skilling. lol. 1-56 is nothing. 
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