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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. The Monk added a post in a topic Massive lag spikes on NA after last patch - unplayable - 100 mbit metro area fiber connection   

    I've tried bring these issues to the GM's attention via customer service and the forums, as wwell as twitter, and just get the usual "it's on your end" reply.
    How they can be ignorant of these problems, which were bad before and now ridiculous since the last patch, I can't even fathom. If they ARE aware, they seem to be wholly unwilling to do anything about it.
    I've had my fun with CS over this, I suggest whoever is willing send in a ticket.
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  2. BdoTemp1 added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    thanks for proving how clueless you are about the game and about how accuracy works, keep on whining about how weak sorc is

    i guess i run RCE, tree belt and helrick over nouver or basilisk or witch's earrings just for fun in that video, right? because i haven't bothered testing anything before doing that, when i have every single item in the game (as you can see on my skillbar i have both kutum and helrick on my bag and also nouver equipped, and during the video i also keep all of those in the bag except helrick)
    i delete every single warrior in this game no matter how much DP they got @Chors can confirm how fast his warrior melts vs me
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  3. Briareos added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Here is my Dark Knight 

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  4. LePanda added a post in a topic Hardware   

    es wird nie zu 100% flüssig laufen!!! wer sagt er hätte nie laggs oder ähnlich der ist am lügen^^
    ich habe auch einen relativ guten rechner  (i7-6700k GTX 1070 Samsung SSD WIN10 usw) und trotzdem ringt mein rechner mit dem game,
    andere spiel wie bf1 max Settings schafft er mit leichtigkeit^^
    ich würde lieber weiter sparen und dir einen noch besseren holen, da die gtx 970 echt veraltet ist.
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  5. Khoralia added a topic in Suggestions   

    Compilation of in-game models that could be housing decorations
    Through my time playing BDO I've compiled a lot of screenshots of the locations I've seen. I've also taken screenshots of items found in travels that could expand upon existing workshops in the game, as well as enrich player housing. It is one of my favorite aspects of this game, being able to have a widely customizable in-game space to call home! All of the models already exist in the game and can be found at multiple locations, they would only need to be coded as player housing decorations!

    The vases and pots could expand the Ceramics Workshop in Glish.
    There are items that would match the zone-based workshops of Calpheon, Velia and Valencia.
    Other stuff, like produce crates, could be a reward for increasing farming level for example.The potions box would be a nice reward for hitting a higher grade alchemy!
    If anyone else has other suggestions or perhaps findings I may have missed, feel free to add yours
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  6. Narmotari added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I'd love that x.X
    That would be very much appreciated :3 <3
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  7. shylaflil added a post in a topic Server lag is so bad it got me killed!   

    oh that aren't going to compensate you or anything, they told me they couldn't do anything for me and im level 60 pushing 61 when the lag clearly killed alot of fkin ppl on the date it started
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  8. Megta added a comment to this issue Spiel Unspielbar   

    Irgendwo habe ich mal gelesen, dass leute das selbe Problem hatten und mit einem älteren Treiber das Problem gelöst wurde weil es wohl ein Bug im aktuellen AMD Treiber gab.
    Ich kann aber leider nicht sagen welche Treiberversion es war.
    Edit: OK hab das Thema gefunden: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/128637-nach-charakterauswah-schwarzes-bild/ (Erste Antwort ist wohl die Lösung)
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  9. BestRanger added a post in a topic How is ranger PvE/PvP   

    I have TET helm, TRI gloves and TRI rosar dagger atm. I broke my TETS cause I needed stacks and still work. You make less DMG but you have more surva. The problem is if your enemy use Bronze Dagger...  
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  10. AlnilamE added a post in a topic T8's Breeding Buffed?!?   

    Two level 30 T7s have a 28% chance of getting a T8, whereas a T6xT7 at level 30 give you an 8% chance of a T8 male.  So you got lucky (and I got the unlucky breeds because I got T6 and T7s out of the same levels. :-P)
    If you get a T8 out of 2 level 30 T6s, or a T8 female out of a T6xT7, then we will know that the breeding rate changed.
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  11. Raxor added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    BDO is fairly themeparky while also being sandboxy. Its a bit of both. Themepark in that the quests that the black spirit quests which point you toward grindspots are linear. So there are a series of attractions. The game is fairly sandboxy in that you can gain silver in any way you see fit. Before Elder Scrolls Online was in its current state I would have told you to play Black Desert if you want that more open world feel because of the game's streaming world/lack of loading screens.

    Why? The game itself is kinda fun. Its also nice to not be playing Queue Hero like many of the other MMOs out. I personally also call this game a more hardcore Guild Wars 2 in that you can find use with alot of the older leveling areas if you so choose.
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  12. Vesperon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Night vendor item lost by pressing the Purchase button
    If you visit the night vendor a short time before 7:00 AM, you see a good item, the in-game time just goes past 7:00 AM and you click on the "Purchase" button, you will lose the item. The vendor tells you "You do not have the authority to use the shop" and the item is gone. 
    Yes, players generally should not visit the vendor several minutes before closing hour and yes, there is the new "Hold" button now. But still, clicking on the "Purchase" button should not lead to losing the item. If that happens with a very rare item, that easily can cause the player to stop playing the game out of frustration. 
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  13. Solsi added a post in a topic Gathering Broken   

    The advantage of farms is that it's easy to access, free(no need for yellow stone or lucky tool) and skill level doesn't matter. You can place fence+alt character next to your "home" city and quick relogg and energy dump for potential shards.
    I dont have time to use all alts energy on gathering personally. Just gathering up my mains 350+ energy takes over an hour at Master 2.
    I have a few professional gatherers I use during drop events, but outside of that I cant be arsed, takes to long with preparation and travelling. Not to mention the lack of lucky&magic tools. Just supplying my main with 3+ a day is hard. I personally feel I get more shards out of pruning than gathering with normal shining tools.
    They also buffed pruning(slightly) for shards a few months back. It's not as good as it was during early Valencia period, but still decent.
    So having fences for shards is really convenient I think. Even if I also grow for the crops.
    About shard drop rates being nerfed, I haven't noticed. It's the normal ups and downs for me. I also had periods in the past not getting a single one in days. Just retard rng.
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  14. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Yeah yaki stop being so arrogant!!!
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  15. midgard229 added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest   

    no dude lmao it's a Valkyrie, pretty sure you're trolling now

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  16. Amica added a post in a topic GM help before i go postal.   

    ok almost two hours. I'll cut you some slack... i now want a pen ogre ring as first stated and an apple. So i can put in zone chat .... "I have a PEN i have an APPLE" "APPLE PEN!!!"
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  17. Wrekks added a post in a topic Am I crazy? Vangertz vs Rosar   

    Okay so I am not crazy and those two guys are retarded.
    My response was Vanny/Nouver because that makes the most sense to me.
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  18. pdunbdo added a topic in Suggestions   

    item expiration based on game time
    This is a general change that every MMO that have expiring items could use.
    Different people have different amount of time available for game play.  So if someone buy something that has an expiration of 24 hours, the one with the most time to use it will get the move value from it.
    An example (may not be a good one or a well representative one) would be the lantern, I just started the game last week and played on the weekend only.   Today (this weekend), I looked at my inventory and the lantern is expired.  Oh well, I will just not know what the lantern does.
    A practical example would be the Value Pack (30 Days) where it gives Combat/Skill... Exp +10%.  Someone with 8 hours a day playing will get a better benefit than the person with 2 hours a day.  
    An expiration should be based on how long the average person actively plays (I THINK people afk in the game, but I am not certain since I'm new).  This way everyone will get the same value for the money they put into the game.
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  19. Kaenada added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    It's sandboxy because of the worker and trading system and the node war system. The ability to plop down a house doesn't make a game a sandbox. And please don't mention those games in public, someone might think you've actually spent time on those abominations.
    Not really. You can't get the best gear in the game in most other games by driving around with a wagon for a few months.
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  20. RoraMohan added a post in a topic Quelles sont les skills avec le staff a garder après l'awakening ?   

    alors deja je suis magiCIEN donc faudrait un peu préciser le sujet car ça restait un peu flou si vous parliez de magICIEN ou de magICIENNE
    et sauf preuve du contraire il nya pas ecrit sur le coup de dague qu'il est booster par lattack speed ni sur le coup de baton pourtant c'est le cas 
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  21. Someone added a post in a topic Which Servers are Trashcans?   

    Try clearing your cache, you probably used X channel a lot, had this issue a bunch in the beginning, our main channels started lagging a lot, but just doing a little spring cleaning helped.
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  22. Slackshot added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest   


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  23. Nevon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Region transfer NA/EU
    First time submitting an idea here, so here goes.
    Since I started playing the game about a year ago, I have had many and more joyful hours in the virtual realm that is BDO. From slaying dreadful monsters, setting up trading empires, teaming up with friends to take down larger challenges to becoming a potato baron. There is much to praise about the game for sure. But as we all know there are also a lot of things that have major room for improvement.
    Now I understand that a lot of players want a lot of things, and it is impossible to implement every single idea. If not because the idea is not good, then because it requires a lot of programming to combat the current game structure. I would say my request falls in the latter category, yet I think it can be done!
    To get more to the point. Since launch in EU/NA, BDO, and especially the community has changed quite a bit. Servers have been merged, content has been added, people found their place in all of this. And personally I must say a lot of my friends have shifted focus to the NA servers for.. a variety of reasons I will not name here. As much as I would like to follow my online companions in their quest to the new world, I feel bound to my old and trusted EU lands for reasons that I think shouldn't do this. I have spent quite a bit of money on customizing my character with outfits. I have spent countless hours grinding my way up and getting gear as well as that sweet sweet silver. I have build respectable empires of trade and am an employer to many and more Goblins that would be stuck in the gutter if it weren't for me.
    All of this makes moving to another region (NA) and starting over completely very hard. It would be a waste of nearly a year worth of progress, and many euro's of hard earned cash. Not to mention the effects of the aforementioned employee goblins that rely on my trade to sustain their families! What kind of human being would I be if I left them all to their faith?
    So... what is to be done? Give up my dreams of exploring the new world? Let my friends drift off to a vague memory in the back of my mind while I get rooted in the same place? I think not! Another solution rises to the surface, and it is named "Region transfer". Now before my outlandish idea gets shot down, allow me to explain it.

    In its very essence, the idea is for players to have an option to transfer their character to another region (From NA to EU, or EU to NA). And with the character, their energy, contribution, dye's, costumes, and more are transferred along. This way, people can freely (Or for some pearls I suppose) move from one region to another if their friends decide to relocate, or for other reasons. I am certain many players would appreciate this option, and it seems to be a common thing in other MMO's. It would be yet another thing that makes BDO more attractive to the public, a useful feature that satisfies both players, and gives DAUM a reason to steal a few pearls from our pocket (Although free would be even better, although very unlikely!).
    Now I get that this is not something easily done. A few things that immediately spring to mind are issues with transferring account (or server) bound stats. If you move your highest character, then what is the new energy/contribution of your remaining chars based on? Does it all transfer to the new region or not? Questions I can not answer here, and I am sure the team that will eventually have to work on this will flesh out.
    But enough rambling about. I hope this gets a bit of attention.

    A hopeful player.
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  24. Aeris_TheAncient added a post in a topic Nice game and nice chitchat I guess   

    Looks normal to me what exactly is your prob? also a personal question, is that your first MMORPG? another question are you aware that you are playing a 18+/mature rating MMORPG with open world PvP/PK? what kind of people you were expecting to find in a game such as this? for me who I was playing Lineage II for 10 years that looks very light stuff, if that bother you I would like you to see how global chat was like in L2 back then lol...
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  25. HappyChews added a post in a topic GM help before i go postal.   

    Yea im not talking about 2 GM's Blessing either, the progress i've lost in the last 14 hours cannot be replaced by some Blessings or some shitty box with poor RNG.. I can waste my time on other shit then this, especially if this is how they treat paying customers..
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