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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Mishee added a post in a topic Think we can get a red mage   

    No , why...stupid idea. 
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  2. GingerBreadTiger added a post in a topic Back in Game! Need some advise   

    make like a good zerker and reroll to DK. JK (but really)
    I would tri the armor first for a nice dp boost, then start working on your zarka. Then tri those marks, you can get one red coral for some accuracy.
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  3. Solbourne added a post in a topic New Player Looking for Easier Female Classes (after Witch)   

    Personally I'd recommend you give Maewha a spin. They're not "easy", but I'd say they're more intuitive than a kuno (shorter combos, less swapping, etc), they're a lot of fun to play, and they're in an OK place right now pvp-wise
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  4. Le_Flemard added a post in a topic Think we can get a red mage   

    My guess is it's a music video.
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  5. Sheky added a post in a topic Unable to Force-Enchant to TRI   

    Game did you a favor for not letting you to force it.
    No way is Tri Heve worth 30 concentrated stones.  You can buy it on the market for 80kk.
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  6. Sheky added a post in a topic Think we can get a red mage   

    LOL, wtf is this?
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  7. DMR added a post in a topic Unable to Force-Enchant to TRI   

    I've found an old post somewhere supporting this, but someone else replied by saying that as long as the base item is Green, which it is in this case, it should still be force-able. Whereas items like Liverto/Blue Awa and Kzarka/Dandy start off Blue/Yellow, and cannot be forced. At least that's what I surmised out of that post. I just don't know, and I'm too chicken to stuff a crappy reform crystal in my gear to reform it back to Green (if that's even possible after making it Ultimate?) to check whether that works. I'd had hoped someone tested this already or had a definitive answer to help me out  
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  8. Le_Flemard added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    If you only are replying by using images and insulting (yes an insult is an insult, even if you think it's a satire), I'm defacto considering your claim to not be enough for you to have to support iot, thus not really wanting it.
    Maybe, I just woke up from a nap and a bit groggy still, so your pic and my memory are quite fuzzy atm.
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  9. Freeway added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    I think you are mistaking me for Fatal_AF rofl 
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  10. Determine added a topic in Suggestions   

    NA BDO = Roll DK or Quit
    Just for the record, right now I'm playing a Musa. The class that got nerfed before it even entered into NA, because they didn't want any "OP" classes. Our Dash is an iframe still on KR, (because...necessary) can't tell you how many wizard ultimates I've dashed into because its too damn fast, but in NA... it's not? Why? No idea. Then there's the accuracy problem with musas. I won't get started on how the class is extremely challenged..... Then we have DKs. The dashes on there? Still an iframe. The accuracy? Just fine. The DMG? OP. Mobility? Extreme. No wonder over 70% of the people that I know rerolled DK. And what's left for those of us who don't wanna reroll to the most Overpowered class known to BDO? I'll leave that answer up to you. Right now there isn't a class that holds a candle to DKs, and that's KNOWN knowledge! And yet the devs allowed this to be apart of the game? It's shocking how unbalanced these classes are and to be honest, after spending years of time and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on this game, I mean THOUSANDS... I'm starting to think whether I even want to play it anymore.
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  11. Montblank added a post in a topic Suggestion: Tailoring coupon for loyalties.   

    Agreed, not quite sure why this wasn't an option for the get go seeing as these outfits are the step between actual cash shop outfits and normal in-game gear. 
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  12. Le_Flemard added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    Tis that or I'm in automatic answer machine mode, which isn't very attuned to bdo forum :3
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  13. lovemints added a post in a topic FPS literally halved after the patch   

    Dev doesn't care as long there are people willing to pour money into this game.
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  14. Fesquera added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Alumn Rock Valley (tier 1)
    Varshen(36) Vs. Geeking(41) Vs. Apocalypsis(?)
    I was approached by my good friend WuZhao for a 1v1 tonight, which we would like. Our last nodewar fight ended in a draw, so we wanted to see who'd win now. We took out Apocalysis pretty early on, our numbers were a lot larger. Then we had some quick back and forth, and most of the war was spent with us (Varshen) on the attack. We ended up winning, was a really good fun fight, great sportmanship
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  15. Montblank added a post in a topic Karma System griefs everyone.   

    So pretty much you want to be able to gank people out of areas without incurring any penalty or cost on yourself? Swore that was the reason karma existed in the first place, so there was a cost. 
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  16. Wollbert added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    so you basicly telling me a class with less skills are easier to play. like im stronger with a pistol as someone with 2 rifles, 3 grenates and a bazooka is it this, or do i miss something?
    do you want to tell me sorc and musa and war are slower than wizard in their gameplay? 
    the ammount of any skills witch, wizard have in awakening is very very small, equal to other classes, like iframes or dashes or ani-cancels or anything what would make our lifes certainly easier. 
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  17. Freeway added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    We have already beat this dead horse to death again in numerous threads,The money they make off bdo is nothing in their total yearly. I don't need to supply you with proof,simply push the search button on the forum for kakao earnings,they have been heavily scrutinized and picked apart already and this is common knowledge. Many there have explained it better than i ever could. Infact i do recall Plunge discussing exact #'s with laid out math, search it yourself. 
    conclusion always comes up with (holy @#$@) and (they make pennies off bdo compared to the rest of their earnings). And their game income is mostly mobile. Has nothing to do with BDO. The reason this fallacy keeps appearing is because there are two different kinds of income reports they provide,one that shows all games clumped together,and one that separates BDO from mobile Kakao. Which when seperated make bdo look insignificant.

    I don't understand anything flem says most of the time either. Most of the time this person takes things out of context,i don't think its intentional. I think there is a language barrier .
    Do i need to compile a list of the most famous F2p cash shops so you can see how vicious they are?
    Even what people consider to be the least offender in a cash shop (wow) still has a game breaking cash shop item


    Get 100 levels instantly in wow.  
    Now i realize levels don't mean much to a wow player,but just think of the context itself. Lol....
    trust me things could be worse,And the more people complain about the cash shop,If people boycott it,The cash shop will just
    add more cutthroat viciousness. That is the only monetary answer .  

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  18. AngryNoob added a post in a topic Unable to Force-Enchant to TRI   

    maybe u cant force gold gear
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  19. WW added a post in a topic impossible de me connecter   

    oui c'est ça il était dans la barre des tâches après avoir quitter le jeu... je sais pas pourquoi ^^ mais merci 
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  20. Sylviu added a post in a topic ANCIENT VALYRIA - ROMANIAN GUILD   

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  21. Wollbert added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    sorry u r weird, i wont keep talking to you.
    insultin != satire and i never say i dont want it, dont know what angels are talking to you in the night, but ther is your answer
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  22. DMR added a topic in General   

    Unable to Force-Enchant to TRI
    Hello all!
    I've been building FS and using them to get my gear up to DUO like a good little boy, and even some to TRI, but I have this 1 gear piece, an Ultimate Strength Shoes of Heve, that just DOESN'T want to get to TRI. So, defeated, I decided to Force-Enchant it to TRI..... but it doesn't work. 
    The tooltip is telling me I need 30x Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Armor), which I have and try to use. When trying to Force it, it fails (item not deleveling) and I get the message "Item does not match". Stones do not get used up either, so it simply fails, as in the Black Spirit has no idea what to do with it.
    Apart from trying to talk me out of trying to Force-Enchant this damn gear piece, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and can point me in the right direction?  
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  23. Mishee added a post in a topic I have a cool idea for an Interior!   

    I thought it would be cool if we could have like servers in our houses. Like just stack them next to each other like the jukeboxes   <3 
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  24. Wollbert added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    diamond rank Tank support player. if my Tank is onecomboing my enemys, i know im plaing a shetgame
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