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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Ball added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  2. Lorskie added a post in a topic Absolutely broken fort location.   

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  3. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Not my point, my point is that there is NO info on what 3rd party has been affected, was it a payment solution? was it a fan site? what?
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  4. Montblank added a post in a topic Striker awakening weapon   

    welp say goodbye to em then...cus the awakening are even bigger gauntlets! 
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  5. War added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    That's generally what prevents it.
    To put it simply...
    This wouldn't be the first time i've seen a foreign based company prohibited from placing this type of security on end users.
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  6. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    the beta forums have ssl applied to it, everything here but the posting itself uses ssl (including logging in to your forum account)
    its probably an issue with ipb which prevents it from being forum wide (hence maybe the push to swap to the new forum?)
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  7. Lorskie added a post in a topic Striker awakening weapon   

    IDGAF about your failstacks.  
    Just kidding... I love you.  You baited me right into this.
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  8. Kaivon added a post in a topic Striker awakening weapon   

  9. MechGorak added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    should be easy to fix and add some high heels
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  10. Cardiel added a post in a topic Absolutely broken fort location.   

    I have nothing remotely useful to say. 
    But I definitely read this title as:
    Absolutely broken fart location.
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  11. Carvain added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    The big lesson I learned from this video is that Kr seems to be full of carebears. 
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  12. War added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Bout sums it up. 
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  13. Fact added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I'll give the NA/EU team the benefit of the doubt, maybe their licensing prohibits those alterations.
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  14. Cardiel added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    You dare suggest there could ever be "enough"?!
    Ba humbug! 
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  15. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Its not
    In other news,
    -No account password reset
    -No clue what "3rd party" it might be
    -everyone freaking out
    yaaaay, A+ job on handling the situation kakao,
    Step-by-step plan for next time:
    1. reset affected accounts first.
    2. Investigate the issue quickly
    3. Release a proper statement as to where you think the flaw is, and what has been obtained (e.g only usernames? emails? hashed passwords? etc.)
    4. Do a deep investigation into the issue and keep your player base up-to-speed as to what's happening and what you're currently doing to resolve the issue.
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  16. The_Lord added a post in a topic Game... Objective?   

    it's an mmo ... you have to spend hundreds of hours from day one to be able to reach '' end game '' and be competetive in pvp just like most games out there, idk why you are playing mmos if you complain about that. It's not your typical mmo, it's more of a sandbox game and you do whatever you want to do , the game doesn't hold your hand and i agree it does a terrible job at explaining to you all the content and mechanics that this game has to offer but it's not just grinding , you want to grind for lvls and it's really good money of course but in this game you have to do life skills and try to pick and chose what you like and enjoy , you can't do everything because there is just too much and if you only grind you will get tired of it really fast.
    The game doesn't really start until you are 56 and get your awakening weapon , then you can really start to gear up and set up your node empire, hire worker start focusing on life skills and set up a passive income. When you have decent gear enough you gonna want to start doing world bosses as much as you can which will give you good loot for money and a chance to get boss gear. Try to join a guild and when you reach lvl 57-58 ( you can even at 56 if you really want to ) with decent gear you can start participating in node wars which is a lot of fun. Basically the leveling process and gearing process is a lot of grinding yes but you also get to pvp with people around your level and gear score to fight over grind spots, you can always take a break and go to the arena outside of towns to do some duels and practice, even with low gear you can ask other players to remove some gear to match your ap/dp. So you want to grind as much as you can but you have to take some breaks and do some pvp/life skilling/ world bosses etc, to keep you entertained. Just keep in mind this game is a marathon.
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  17. Kaivon added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    His hair is cool
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  18. War added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    tfw you don't know what ssl is but you bring it up as if you do
    It is 100% to do with pearl abyss(Black Desert Developers).
    There are also different laws regarding any http encryption & client sided security in russia, than in EU and NA.
    Not to say those laws are the reason we don't have it implemented, because i don't know. I just know the laws. Lol.
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  19. LordBrasca added a post in a topic Any GM online????   

    I guess that the cash shop hotfix was more important. Kappa. 
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  20. fallout added a topic in General   

    Absolutely broken fort location.
    See here: http://imgur.com/a/8ku33
    I've just finished up a nodewar on the node Altinova Gateway to find a guild using this absolutely bullshit location. PA specifically design the Node War Grid to ensure that most locations like this are unusable, but it seems they missed a spot here. Please spread this far and wide so it's fixed!
    (also, fix valk shield plz)
    • 4 replies
  21. Alrikmerc added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    I'd like to point out you have tons of options already, sparkles.   
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  22. Thursday added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    This thread is a great example why you should never try to sell a product to an intelligent consumer group.
    If you are honest, they hate you.
    Dishonest, they can tell and hate you.
    Vague, they think you think they are dumb and hate you.
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  23. Ateena added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Maybe you should finally enable SSL here because posting about security while forums are not secured doesn't look serious at all.
    Has nothing to do with the devs. RU publisher has done it on their own but they are competent and take account security seriously.
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  24. Ocelot added a post in a topic Need Help Gearing   

    You can use an Ultimate Reform Stone to get a yellow weapon/armor from a green or blue weapon/armor. 
    You use blackstones (weapon/armor) to upgrade accordingly 
    Gold boss items and accessories are gold off the bat and cannot be upgraded to, but their level can be upgraded.
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  25. yssi added a post in a topic Verkaufen am 25.04. um 21:00 Uhr diverse Pferde - ohne Perlen   

    na denn kenn ich wen der das kind bald durch die ganze blackdessert welt treten wird^^
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