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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Zegram added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Last post ever?  Hahahahaha...  suck it nerds!
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  2. ledious added a post in a topic My Game of Throne's characters (now available for download!)   

    Hey guys! Just an update, due to popular demand, I have finally added my GOT characters for download!  
    you can find and download all my character designs in the Beauty Album in-game under the author "Ytchisi". These characters are found under the "Celebrities" tab
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  3. Mr_Pinnk added a post in a topic Only for new or returning adventurers!   

    You can log on to any character on any server, you dont have to just play on oli. You get booted off oli after a month.
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  4. GM_Dew added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    We have all moved over to the new forum. Please join us there =)
    Best regards,
    GM Dew
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  5. GM_Dew added a post in a topic Bug - Merv's Pallet + Value Pack   

    Yes, everyone that was affected has already been sent a replacement Merv's Palette. =)
    GM Dew
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  6. Wollbert added a post in a topic Help A Newbie Choose A Class?   

    i would choose maewha from this list coz i dont care about how strong a class is, they will get changed anyway from time to time. And maewha is the coolest one
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  7. Sey added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    and say welcome to gold seller NO thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All form of trading from players to players, will bring gold seller within.
    they are just waiting for this.
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  8. Anneturtle added a post in a topic [Android]Helper For BDO released   

    Nice! Ill download this! Thinking the failstack statistic is a bit out of date though with all the changes they made.
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  9. Feaney added a post in a topic Geschenkpaket code nicht bekommen ?   

    Oh vielen lieben Dank!
    Da denkt man Mal man macht es richtig.
    Aber hat scheinbar über die Jahre hinweg doch etwas Foren Erfahrung verloren ;-D
    Aber ist für mich selbst ja nun auch nicht mehr so wild, da ich mit dem Support ja bereits in Kontakt getreten bin :3
    Liebe Grüße,
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  10. Schattenspieler added a post in a topic Geschenkpaket code nicht bekommen ?   

    Du bist im falschen Forum, dieses fungiert nur noch als "Datenbank"
    Schau mal hier
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  11. Feaney added a post in a topic Geschenkpaket code nicht bekommen ?   

    Ich habe das selbe Problem jetzt auch und bei mir steht dort auch kein weiterer Code.
    Beim letzten mal hat alles reibungslos funktioniert.
    Aber da kann einem hier ja nun auch keiner helfen 😅
    Deswegen habe ich z.b den Support kontaktiert 😋 sollten alle anderen mit selbigen Problem auch direkt so handhaben. Aber vorab vielleicht trotzdem erst einmal die angegebenen 3 Stunden warten.
    Liebe Grüße,
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  12. Zubi added a post in a topic Help A Newbie Choose A Class?   

    If you enjoy PvP and think about doing Sieges/Node wars I'd pick Valkyrie because it is a rare class with a lot of utility in group fights. She has 2 heals, DP buffs, a very decent block (currently bugged), high damage burst, the ability to pull enemies together (it absorbs people into a circle) making it very easy for your raid to drop AoE on your pull and destroy entire enemy raids. Also her ultimate is quite strong. Her PvE clearing speed may not be top tier but most classes are easy to play in PvE.
    Tamer is the best 1v1 class in the game, very large combos, variety of skills with immunity/frontal blocks, these and Maehwas excel in 1v1 but Tamer has more damage and CC while Maehwa has high mobility and shorter combos. A tamer can be very aggresive constantly putting pressure on their enemies while Maehwa will dash around you poking you until they get a CC and then shot you down. It's also important to consider Tamer has a grab so once they get you CCed they can extend their combo with a grab easily. From these 2 Tamer has better PvE because her pet can aggro 7 mobs + 7 that you can aggro so you can damage 14 mobs at the same time while other classes can only hit 7. Also Maehwa's PvE is terrible, no WP sustain at all she has to sit behind her block to regenerate WP or chug potions, this + her small aoe skills makes it a bad choice for PvE.
    Dark Knight is like Witch and Maehwa had a child: very high mobility with AoE nukes, just like Tamers can pressure you at close range these little bastards do it from range, they have high damage, AoE and iframes/frontal blocks to constantly move around you throwing AoEs they excel at nuking down fast targets and are hard to catch. Any ranged class has high utility in large scale fights so this class is alright for it. Her PvE is obviously good, new players have a hard time with her MP sustain, you just have to learn how to use it.
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  13. Zubi added a post in a topic Got bored of Valk so   

    Once you put PvE into the equation you have to discard Maehwa. DK all the way: sustain, ranged AoE dmg and dashing through spots helps with sustain.
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  14. Zubi added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    No that is not true, a ninja from my guild with 210 AP can nearly oneshot me when I'm not running whwb (eva offhand), but when I wear it... Hilarious, I saw him knock me down, miss a skill, use a grab (with 100% acc) and miss 2 more hits then i stand up and leave .. And this happened like 2-3 times in the same duel he'd simply miss a lot. 
    Don't try this vs tamers though, their pet alone with deal 500-1000 dmg in 1-2 hits + Tamer's dmg and their combo of full frontal hits.. Just don't try to trade damage with them, they're like melee wizards. They're not so hard to catch in owPvP tho, but in duels you can't get CCed or you'll die. 
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  15. Fenrlr added a post in a topic Failed to identify usable graphics adapter   

    Oh no, i also got this today.
    Game wont start because of it, on my day off and all QQ
    Did any find a solution to this?
    I put game in repair mode and hope it helps...
    So i reinstalled the game, and it worked again.
    But today again it happend, im not gonna reinstall everytime this shit happens.
    Pls any GM's if you see this tell if you can or cant fix this so i stop wasting my time.
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  16. Arithin added a post in a topic Future pets limit increase?   

    They did have 4 for quite a while, then did 5 in an update.  No telling when we'll get the same.  Hopefully steam update.  I think we're already past the content update where they got 5.
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  17. Valient added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    dam thats unlucky, hope you're breeding them at 30/30, shoulda be around 28 % for a t8, that being said you can increase the number of t8 you can get by using a T7D and T7E, this gives a total of 5 different t8 possibilities.
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  18. Ackure added a post in a topic Rifle Texture bug   

    I have this same issue.

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  19. BeefMD added a post in a topic Cannot change channel due to restrictions   

    Same issue, reading books on alts #325288
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  20. Rvyne added a post in a topic Future pets limit increase?   

    I actually have 6 pets... coz you seems cant exchange pet with more than 2 level apart so I got 1 extra T1 cat and free penguin >.<
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  21. Tacohustler added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    People getting t8's from t6+t7 makes me wanna quit breeding.
    I've done about 13 breeds now of t7+t7 and am yet to get one.
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  22. Muzzle added a post in a topic Full Game Passes!   

    Would love a full game pass! On a 7 day guest pass right now. Lvl 51 Dark Knight at the moment

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  23. IanSanJr added a post in a topic Future pets limit increase?   

    im consider EU/NA have limit 4 pets and KR 5 pets at least.
    now i figure why KR avoid number 4 instead using number 5.
    4 is actually terrible idea/miserable/bad luck/unlucky. like asian hotel which is in the lift/elevator dont have number 4 button.
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  24. Zero_Day added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    Same problem, and I'm on windows 10.
    Oddly, if I tab out of the game, it runs fine in the background (window/windowed-boredless but in the background).
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