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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Rena added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    too many ppls online, sometimes even the chat have delay..
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  2. MikeChaos added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Same "now processing" problem here , once i get to select my character it gets stuck there and either loses connection or remains stuck there.
    Can't even play here... It started with a "connection to the server has been lost" and now got worse ,temporary fixes did nothing. Please do fix your servers ..
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  3. Zeel added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    Its a clown class I get grab and KD on wizard and do 40% of his hp with a full 4 skill combo while the wizard deals 50% of my hp with one aqua jail(no set up) we were both lvl  60 210 ap(acc evasion build)283dp(me) and 200 ap/289 dp(wizard) and if I dont kill the wizard in one grab he will just heal max hp.
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  4. Eletheriel added a topic in Gilden Rekrutierung   

    Baldige 60 er Kunoichi sucht Deutschsprachige Gilde
    Ich habs bald auch auf 60 geschafft schon 60 % mach heute auf jedenfall noch ne paar % nun wollt ich aber möglichst frisch zu 60 auch eine endlich mal ne Gilde haben geht mir schon bissle auf die nerven das ich die bonis verpasse. Also mir isses eigentlich relativ egal wie viel mir bezahlt wird jedoch will ich eine gilde wo ich auch bleiben kann.
    Was ich bieten kann sind über 1 Jahr Spielerfahrung habe mich mit Enchanting, Reiten , erkunden, Hardcore grinden, und Sammeln beschäftigt in der Zeit 428 Energie 264 Cp
    Außerdem habe ich twinks aller möglichen klassen Valk 56. Witch 56 Sorc 51 Baumkuschler (ranger)52 Tierliebhaberin 50( sollte zwar klar sein tamer) Geisha 50 (maehwa) 2 Kuno twinks auch beide 50 Dk 55
    Außerdem weigere ich mich afktätigkeiten nachzugehen wenn ich nicht wach bin (was ich schonmal mache einkaufen oder wenn ich sauber mache ne bissle reiten) mein Motto ist wenn es nicht selber verdient hast brauchste es auch nicht.
    Das hier ist mein Gear
    Ich relativ gesprächig wenns um game geht oder um gott und die Welt was ich nicht mag über mein privatleben quatschen das selbige erwarte ich auch dafür im gegenzug wenn ihr mir trotzdem von eurem Hund Schnuffi erzählen wollt kann ich euch das nicht verbieten jediglich sage ich damit das ihr nicht viel von mir in der hinsicht zuhören bekommt
    Außerdem bin ich absolut gegen Ts oder sonstiges geschiss was ingame ist reicht vollkommen . Ich bin hier um zuspielen auch zusammenspiel XDD
    Wenn ich in der Gilde bin werd ich mich aufjedenfall bei Gildenquest beteiligen außerdem auch bei Smallscale pvp und falls ihr probleme habt und ich den Typ wegrotzen kann kein problem ich werd der Buhmann.
    Außerdem will ich nicht so bewerbungsgeschiss machen auf irgentner website entweder es ist im game oder is nich
    Hab jetzt einfach mal alles aufgeschrieben was mir eingefallen is
    Was ich möcht ist eine gilde wo ich auch mal 1 -2 wochen nicht online sein muss und dann nich gekickt werd wie gesagt 1 silber pro tag reicht mir vollkommen ich grinde für mich selber
    Eckdaten schreiben schwere kunst für mich sowohl deutsch als auch english kann aber perfekt übersetzen ..... aber nicht das ihr jetzt denkt ich sei ne analphabet hab nur probleme mit , . und im englishen die ganzen formen ...
    Bin 27 jahre alt
    Ich bin Männlich
    Liebe musik
    Was verlang ich von euch
    -ne paar nette bonis wären nice
    -ein kreativen namen
    -ne paar member will nicht 4 stunden gildenquest machen
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  5. Kyndragon added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    Hi, it looks like I'm late to comment about this, so I'll just add to the list of confused players:
    How do you get the cherry blossoms? It seems completely random, I've been logged in all day and have gotten 0. 
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  6. Ricardo added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I don't understand how people expect a guild with barely any siege experience to go for castles just because they are able to pull 80. Let them stay wherever they want to go untill they feel comfortable to step it up. May it be with a ally or alone. Resilience, keep doing you. You know you're doing good when you piss people off.
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  7. midgard229 added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

    no rules!! LolLol
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  8. Leuphe added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I can't get enough fruit, I just used 10000 for cooking, so farming even more fruit is 1000% worth it
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  9. PoL added a post in a topic I dont think anythings going to kill this game faster than future tech   

    I think something else should be taken into account. This game is written for the PC and not a console and herein lies part of the problem.
    With the console the dev can plan and understand what hardware is being utilised. They can get much better result as the hardware is uniformed and known. A PS4 is a PS4 - they do not have to consider if it will be a "low powered" or a "high-end" console. They are not constrained with the console - however, they are with a PC.
    First problem, you want to have as many people playing your game as possible on a PC that has minimum and recommended specs. All these must be generalised as there is no "standard" PC. The content will require that many people mix in one place - that will create issues and how the players PC handles it. Some will perform better than others.
    The second issue to contend with game-wise is this MMO is a client-server application. This means you have a program on the player computer and it talks to another part of the program on another computer.  The amount of code you run on either computer has to be calculated, run too much on the client (which the devs have limited control of) then game will not perform well when the client is half way round the world.
    Then there is the game engine which could be 10yrs old...
    All said and done, the PC MMO always suffers because of these issues. All are very hard to fix and difficult to address for a noticeable improvement. If they are addressed it is slowly and carefully.
    Consider these facts when you are playing your favourite game next time, and cut the devs some slack
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  10. Simon771 added a topic in General   

    Golden Fishing Rod vs Balenos fishing rod
    So which one do you think is better for afk fishing?
    Is it possible to brand golden fishing rod, so it will last longer?
    Right now I have branded balenos +7, with 85 durability, and just wondering if golden fishing rod would be better. It does increase fishing speed, and I should get better fishes (I acctually only fish for relics, so hopefully golden rod increase channches for catching relics also). But Balenos does have 18% afk fishing save time. So I'm not sure which one is better.
    Let me know what do you guys and sheilas think.
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  11. Eles added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    so they aren't gonna try and fix the disconnection and lag?
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  12. Sh3riff added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    all black .. most of it :)
    So .. just started the game and the land is all black .. restart doesnt seems to work .. early in the day it was fine .. didnt made any changes .. i was out. Quit the game, everything fine, just came, started it and its all like this .. cant see a way to a toilet ...

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  13. Slash added a post in a topic <Digital> Recruiting for Node Wars!   

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  14. TreffNixTV added a post in a topic <Infected> sucht nette und freundliche Mitstreiter   

    Immer noch auf der suche nach aktiven Spieler vorallem auch vllt die gerne auch etwas Hilfe gebrauchen könnten.
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  15. TreffNixTV added a post in a topic Suche deutschsprachige Gilde die einen alten Hasen aufnimmt   

    falls du lust auch pvp hast kannste dich gerne bei uns melden.

    momentan ca 20-25 aktive spieler mit Fokus auf PvP & Nodewars und natürlich dem entsprechenden Auszahlungen.

    btw. wir sind auch alle so zwischen 20 - 35 aber gibt auch paar Ausnahmen

    Gruß Nixtreffer
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  16. Zubi added a post in a topic coming from maehwa   

    Against rangers I usually dash around them and then Shift+Q or Below the belt, their awakening combos have large cooldowns so they usually try the grab combo and then jump around with their bow and that's when you can get them easy. Be careful tho because they still hurt and you may have to walk backwards from time to time to block them and bait them into trying to grab you.
    Against grab classes best way is to bait a grab and then  dash away because if they manage to knock us down we're most likely dead. Make good use of the walking-backwards-block at a safe range but don't abuse it against ranged classes or mages because they'll break your block and drain your stamina making you stale and die.
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  17. DenverRalphy added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    Something has definitely changed. Pre-patch/maintenance I can run my horse from one area to the next and not see any noticeable drop in FPS or lag. Post patch/maintenance, and running the same route, I'll see noticeable FPS drops and/or lag from one area to the next. And that's not even in areas with the Cherry Blossom trees added. Encounter so much as one player or NPC on your path, and suddenly everything stutters due to a severe FPS drop (and sometimes without even those encounters). You don't even have to be running into a highly populated area anymore. My rig didn't change at all, settings didn't change, and suddenly  1 or 2 weeks ago (it started two maintenance patches ago) is when it all started.
    You can see it in other aspects of the game as well. The Black Spirit Adventure game takes twice as long to load than it used to, there's a significantly longer lag between the time you click the die before it actually rolls compared to what it used to (and yes, I'm smart enough to completely close the whole BDO client and reboot it after each round of playing the Black Spirit Adventure, because that too destroys the rest of the game's FPS/Lag).
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  18. Ling added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Thats completely fine when you have fun but dont expect me to welcome you with open arms... i made my experience with you for 4 weeks straight and also in open world pvp. I have a clear picture of Resilience and i dont like it how you guys handle things. Welcome to the sieging szene but thats what you have to learn to deal with... not everyone will hold your hand and guide you through the harsh world.
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  19. Mollybal added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    Heavy Lags all weekend. WTF is actually going on here?
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  20. Kairosis added a post in a topic RBF ( Red battlefield improvement)   

    I'd rather have a separate, equalized competitive RBF mode based on skill rather then gear.
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  21. ForceFPS added a post in a topic <NA> Obsidian_Dragon is recruiting new members   

    Bump :3
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  22. Talshani added a post in a topic Gathering Broken   

    have you tried using the foods that give you drop increase while gathering? Just Friday I got 3 sharps in 15 min and a hard 10 min later. I only gathered for about 30 min. Also try items like cotton and herbs not just wood. Ore gives me more also.
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