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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. FAINTU added a post in a topic Fan Made: Trailer Contest   

    here is my entry.
    namaste and stuf.
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  2. JaytheGallant added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat: Ship Repair Material And Breezy Crystal   

    If you get the ship part workshop at the highest lvl in Epheria, I can craft the ship repair kit that repairs 600 durability.
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  3. simondev1989 added a post in a topic [Android]Helper For BDO released   

    Ooops, is this forum going to be abandoned?
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  4. Arkhobaleno added a post in a topic Fan Made: Trailer Contest   

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  5. Heinze added a post in a topic Moving ahead quest drop rate   

    Kihomi is a boss, 2 digs =)
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  6. NikiPlay added a post in a topic Full Game Passes!   

    if anyone have gift pass pls help me I'm 56 level on trial version 

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  7. NikiPlay added a post in a topic Giving away BDO Game Codes!   

    anyone have gift pass I am level 56

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  8. NikiPlay added a post in a topic Hitting 30 - gift pass request   

    I need a full game pass too I am 56 level 

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  9. HoloRE added a post in a topic Still no one but me can see my cape....anyone else have this problem?   

    Sorry for the late response -- I've had this issue since a few weeks after the game launched. I've made multiple tickets to the support but all their solutions have failed so far (They don't know what's causing it.)
    I can however say that it is a thing that is an ACCOUNT problem and not a PC/Settings problem. When me and a friend swapped accounts to see if the bug still stayed, I could not see my characters cape, while he could see his characters cape. (Which means that no matter who logs on my account, they will have the bug)
    I might also add: Whenever my settings are reset and I log on it shows my cape as automatically turned off, and I believe this happens every time I relog. Which means, the cape even if it is shown as turned on, In reality it isn't due to that.
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  10. Rok added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

     Even though I know almost nothing, yet, about the Striker class, even before I find anything out or try it, I say that I would trade a male Dark Knight (it's "Knight" for sanity's sake) for this class altogether any day. Females can have the Striker, if I can just get a male Dark Knight. And I wish there were a male Ranger or at least a non-Wizard male ranged class. Oh well.
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  11. AdiTenshi added a post in a topic [Registre personnel] Reproductions de chevaux   

    Il me semble que c'est même pire : en effet les seuls chevaux qui peuvent devenir des T9 sont les T8 coursiers, et le temps d'en avoir un...
    Il faut ensuite faire monter de nouvelles compétences particulières du cheval jusqu'à 200% (3 compétences au total, donc c'est possible d'en monter juste 2 complètement). Ces compétences se montent en donnant de nouveaux items au cheval (les items s'ajoutent dans la future interface d'éveil du cheval), à raison d'un item par 1%, donc il faut 200 items.
    Pour avoir ces items, on peut :
    - faire une quête répétable, à prendre auprès d'un nouveau shai qui sera à stonetail horse ranch, et qui consiste en la capture d'un cheval sauvage. C'est une quête journalière qui donne 1 item (donc si on ne fait que celle là, il faut 200 jours pour tenter un T9...)
    - tuer des monstres dans la nouvelle région kamasilve (ils vont être très forts, et les items ont un faible taux de drop)
    - chasser, pêcher, ramasser (gathering, désolée je joue en anglais), avec une faible chance d'en obtenir un
    - chasser Khalk ou une baleine, faible drop aussi
    - échanger des sceaux de livraison impériale (imperial delivery)
    - cuisiner des produits de la ferme (les items qu'on récolte en plus des graines)
    Une fois que les compétences du T8 sont à 200%, il faut encore quelques sceaux de courses et de livraison de chevaux (25 de chaque ou 75 d'une seule sorte, à chaque tentative) pour tenter l'éveil. Si ça rate (forte probabilité), les compétences redescendent à 0%, sauf si on met 100 cron stones et là ça ne redescend qu'à 100%.
    Un joueur avait posté un guide très complet sur le forum inter : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/134712-year-2-mega-horse-breeding-thread/&page=4#comment-1865386
    Mais bon, nous n'en sommes pas encore là, on n'a même pas encore kamasilve, et les T9 ne sortiront pas avant, alors retournons aux repros :
    mâle 27 + femelle 27 = femelle, mâle (échange)
    même mâle 27 + femelle 27 = femelle
    Donc, ketchup+moutarde+mayo+sauce barbecue, ça colore les plats en noir et blanc.....
    Tant pis, je suis retournée sur le noir après :
    mâle 30 + 2x femelle 27 = femelle, femelle, femelle (échange)
    Ça c'est beaucoup mieux
    En fait, est-ce qu'il y a un post "élevage de chevaux" fr sur le nouveau forum ?
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  12. Cyllus_SE added a post in a topic <Soulmates> - PvE & Life Skills. {49/50 Members} TZ: CST/PST/EST. Active: Early Morning/Late Afternoon/Weekends.   

    I've been looking for a casual guild to join with that doesn't have requirements other than playing and having fun. I have been playing since launch and have quite a number of characters (total alt obsessed). I'm mainly into light grinding, mostly life skills lately. The normal world usually gets in the way of gaming as I do have children and can't be involved in a guild that has heavy or mic requirements. I am on daily and would say I life skill 90% of the time, and grind 10% of it. I also have far more fun helping people and just hanging out, which is to say I'm far more laid back than anything. I also have a bad habit of talking a persons ear off when enabled.
    If there are any spot open I would love to get the chance to speak with someone. I'm usually one that avoids drama, and stress. I play games to for fun. Thanks.
    Family name: Ammerthene
    Character: Khurlos  (at least the one I afk fish the most on)
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  13. PJ Staley added a post in a topic Workers stop when offline?   

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  14. Istishlah added a post in a topic Horse breeding is broken   

    "Finally got a T6 female and leveled up male to 30, and female to 20. This is very time consuming as most people know."
    i had to laugh a little bit about your time consuming statement. Complain when you start to level up two t7 to lvl 30 for a serious t8 attempt. Despite that i would recommend that you use the horse breeding calculator "something lovely" and lvl male & female t6 both up to lvl 27 next time for the best chance to get a higher tier. Even then the t6 female curse can kick you in the n*ts. I got eight T6 females in a row no matter what parents i used. t6, t7, t8 breeding & exchange combinations gave me t6 females.
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  15. Ghigi added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

      +    =   
                 T5N (1 death)                             T5J                                T5A (with Q.Back)
      +   exchanged for     T7J (female with Q.Stop)
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  16. Momofu added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    :o it's all been a secret ploy by KashKao to weed out the potato Valks from those that actually want to learn / try to play their class ;o ;o ;o. 
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  17. Mina_ added a post in a topic Guest pass codes   

    I got some guest passes as well. They are all unused. Enjoy
    QJOTC8E-R1JNCBS-1H5VJQB-Q53Q9 - Unused
    VMV0CQ8-834QNKA-9CKL966-B440B - Unused
    BQQH0HG-G3H4183-BJ8O8S0-6EP90 - Unused
    E8I7CCD-K8PIBN2-2BB352U-OIADS - Unused
    H1O3DFJ-OGCOH7A-8VNR1Q0-C50JI - Unused
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  18. godkong added a post in a topic New old Skill Since Patch now in awakening   

    It actually gives you a 5% boost to accuracy at level 1 and at level 2+ also reduces the victim's attack speed starting at -5%.
    It also works as cc as it inflicts bound and knocks down, and is a quick and easy cancel into sword mode for a grab (cancels the skill/animation).
    I wouldn't take it past level 3 however as the damage and bonuses on level 4 and the ultimate aren't enough to justify spending the skill points (unless you're holding onto over 1500 lol).
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  19. godkong added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    Alright everyone, this week could be the one. Maybe we'll at least hear something about it!!!
    I'm still stolidly (but happily) playing my valk and my valk alone, and I won't give up hope. On the bright side, this bug has really helped (forced) me to learn to use my shield quickly and effectively.
    I'll be happier when the issue is resolved, nonetheless, and hope we can all stick it out until then.
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  20. godkong added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 51+?   

    First of all, if you're so independent, how about you make a bit of effort and do some research on the game and the gear you can acquire in it (google is a great place to start) and read up on a few guides so you can form your own opinion and decide which items and gear will suit you and your playstyle the best.
    Second, it's never a smart idea to go to a public forum such as this and ask a big, vague question (on the wrong board, might I add) then expect people to jump to it, make the effort you didn't, and give you all the answers. If you've been playing this game alone "for a very long time" that's obviously your choice and if you've decided to distance yourself from others in a MMORPG and be a loner, why should anyone go out of their way to help you? Especially if you're going to be rude about it when you don't get what you want.
    Nobody in this thread was rude to you, and seriously, why would the forum be full of people who don't play the game? This is the Black Desert Online forum. 
    There is a plethora of info on this game out there if you only look. Obviously questioning other players is a great source of info as well, but how about before you start getting all entitled, you put in some effort, like everyone else. 
    I know this all sounds harsh, but I'm sick of seeing ignorant people blame "the mean people on the internet" for their own laziness, lack of intelligence and/or lack of ability.
    Seriously, just make an effort and think about it.
    Now that my rant is over, here's a quick guide to gearing.
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  21. Baylyn added a post in a topic Cash Shop - Pay To Win   

    BDO is pay too play faster. value pack gives you 30% faster money gain. Maids gives you shitload of money. because you can process stuff faster. 
    Weight gain gives you faster money gain. that is huge. You can go afk for 10h instead of 4h, because of that stupid weight gain pay to be rich faster... 

    And with all that silver you can finally buy gear worth billions... Because you are not a gambler and gambling is boring as fu ck. Look at me I am trying to put pen for 2 days by upgrading fake gear so I can fail stack it and then maybe manage to upgrade real gear... Nobody likes that. If that lasted for 30min then great, it would be too easy. but hours and days... that is lame, its not something people will even try to do. You quit when you realise how long it needs to upgrade...
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  22. godkong added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Here's mine, Tachikaze
    I'm very proud of her, on my way to number 1 Valk! ,)
    P.S. She is up in the beauty album. Throw me some love!

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  23. Mello0 added a post in a topic Guest pass codes   

    Here are my codes if anyone wants:

    For anyone interested in seeing the rewards you can get here you go: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/myinfo/GuestPass.html

    GG3HI5O-3UT0TJG-CAKHCIB-SSVQ0    Unused        
    JS3FTH3-O3M166T-Q2T4VU1-AD9PB    Unused        
    TPDN6M9-02P553B-F9VFUIE-HUO39    Unused        
    ACO2V53-KVIP6QD-J2BRB6D-4P6GI    Unused        
    HNUDSJ9-VO9K3S5-E8GT2AC-V48PU    Unused        
    JJRA94C-LE4T1R0-0C5DQD2-TU1CA    Unused        
    GUM0KQ2-LKJ8B91-O40B9K5-QCQ9M    Unused        
    9DHJQ96-MIPJDLA-LTNOK6K-8MINL    Unused        
    95HVCHB-I8GN4BL-0CUNU75-GSJ11    Unused        
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  24. Jaycob added a post in a topic Photo Mode   

    She THICC
    Forgot all about this till today. Thanks
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