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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Delolith added a post in a topic Crafted costumes   

    This is not correct. The actual skill has 40-50% chance to crit. It does not apply a buff...it is a baseline chance to crit with the skill. This skill at 0% critical chance profile has a 40 or 50% (depending on level) chance to crit. If you have a baseline 10% crit chance then the skill has 50 and 60%, respectively.  It does not refer to critical damage..... I thought I was pretty clear with what I said. The second spin gives a 10% buff.
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  2. Jeynar added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I know right, and the thread was deleted after he was suitably mocked. Disgusting
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  3. Cardiel added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    Yeeeep, but that's the game and I doubt they'll change that. It's how they make their money. 
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  4. Alrikmerc added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    It is the same outfit, but it's also very easy to tell it's a female.  Shorter, more slender, you can make out her general shape even with the armor on.  It's just not sexualized to the nines (because she's not wearing any )
    I would pay for something like that (or get it crafted, whichever)
    Though I think the point of our characters is that they are people in the world, they were heroes, princesses, famous mercenaries, giant kings, whatever...so we're supposed to have a very unique look and stand out a great deal.
    The unfortunately truth about snowflakes however is that you can't appreciate their uniqueness in a blizzard.
    Also less heels, think of the ladies.
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  5. Claydough added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

     you must be talking sence for a change 
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  6. deadtired added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    My pet summon Icon is missing now ?
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  7. Dhaos added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

    was going to put 900,000k, but 900,000,000 look better. Seriously, I wish I wait for a month for TET and buy one, cheaper.
    When RNG kick you, it kicks real hard.
    One of my guildy enchant the Blue version and got up to 106 FS just for TRI, but repair cost is still cheaper than mine with using memories.
    Well guess what? Me and many others have to RNG to just buy them off MP.
    If more people like us doing this, then it will be a big problem since very few would be on sale.
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  8. Siyashiye added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Don't really see why they are worried about emails now... Anyone who activates a game will have their full email address listed on the account page of the user who gave it to them.
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  9. Kentigem added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    You can't unlearn the first rank of a tree, but for skills like void lightning or upward claw the first rank is useless. VL can't be canceled until the third rank, and UC has no float until the second. The only reason to reduce a skill to its trash tier is if you never use it, or are extremely desperate for skill points. 
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  10. Sky Crownguard added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    tfw an user posted yesterday about a compromised account and people only laughed at him
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  11. Katsuragi added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    How about you mention that part where we can't have a password we've ever set before. This is for whatever reason always left out.
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  12. Xeneize added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Those of us whose password hasn't been reset should be okay?
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  13. Azta added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Ivero Cliff T1
    Unstable vs Pwnography + Lotus.
    Was not a premade alliance, but we teamed up against Unstable as they were stronger there.
    Unstable attacked us first, we wiped them then went on attacking them, and Pwnography pretty much followed us and attacked with us. In the first hour Unstable attacked us a couple of times, in the last hour they mostly turtled in.
    Node liberated
    Good fights everyone.
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  14. Ocelot added a post in a topic nod wars   

    General concensus says roughly level 56 @ 400 AP/DP combined, but it really depends on the needs of each individual player. The bare minimum of gearscore will not get you far at all, even at T1 nodes. 
    I'd recommend a minimum of at least level 58 with 450 combined.
    Optimal is level 59 with a score of 470-480.
    To shine in node wars: Level 60+ and 500+ gearscore.
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  15. SkullMonkey added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    I think they intentionally hide the accuracy and evasion stats so that they can ninja buff/nerf certain classes, gear, monsters etc.  
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  16. Sainaya added a post in a topic Verkaufen am 25.04. um 21:00 Uhr diverse Pferde - ohne Perlen   

    mit dem du dich aufführst wie der letzte Verkehrsraudi.
    Ich mein rechtschaffende Bürger vom Pferd schuppsen, einen haufen Blechschaden verursachen und dann die Leute die auf den Schaden nicht sitzen bleiben wollen auch noch als Mörder beschimpfen
    Dir gehört ja der Pferdeführerschein entzogen.
    Pöses Spielkind
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  17. yssi added a post in a topic BDO gekauft und wofür   

    ich hatte am anfang für den ersten dl genau das selbe problem und bei mir wars der virenscanner  sobald ich den dl mit kurz deaktiviertem scanner gestartet hab hatte ich volle bandbreite, allerdings hatte ich seit dem nie wieder probleme mitm patchen, nur der erste dl war verflucht
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  18. Corsix added a post in a topic Notice whats wrong here?   

    u mean like michelle obama?
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  19. Ironjaw added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

    What stack was that again?  took me 109 just to tet the damn kutum and 102 to tet my dandy
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  20. Jeslea added a post in a topic Le marché... Cette catastrophe, ce cauchemar, cette erreur !   

    Etudiant en droit, je sais très bien que ce que signifie le mot "ergonomie". Je te fais simplement part d'une différence entre la culture coréenne et celle de l'ouest. Ils se fichent de l'ergonomie, ils jouent le jeu pour ce qu'il est; les conditions de jeu importent peu. De plus, comme l'a proprement dit @WuZhao, dire à quelqu'un d'aller lire un article wikipédia avec une condescendance pareille, c'est se foutre clairement du monde. Depuis quand Wikipédia est-il fiable? C'est une putain d'encyclopédie où chacun peut écrire ce que bon lui semble, l'ensemble des professeurs d'université l’appellent la bête noire de l'étudiant.
    Sinon, oui, ce que tu as pointé est ennuyant. Toutefois, c'est très très loin dans la liste des problèmes de ce jeu (problèmes sur lesquels les développeurs se concentrent actuellement) à savoir la balance du PvP, les soucis posés par le castle-lock en Conquête ainsi que l'absurdité qu'est la DP actuellement. De plus, ils se focalisent sur du nouveau contenu afin que 30% de la population puisse profiter de Kamasylvia plutôt que les 1% au dessus du niveau 60 avec 500+ de GS. 
    Bref, tu nous lâches un texte mal orthographié, avec une syntaxe et une mise en page dégueulasses sans n'avoir aucune idée d'à quel point ton petit problème est bas et futile. En plus de tout ça, tu parles avec une condescendance mal-placée et due. 
    Je crois que le mot qu'on utilise pour toute ta petite parade est "petty".
    Peace out.
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  21. Octavia_The added a post in a topic Askasha's Repaired Magic Weapon   

    This quest is -----ing bullshit. Seems so broken. First of all I accept the quest and it does not supply me with the parts. So i used the "I lost the parts" option, and it only supplies me with two. I NEED 3.
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  22. Dantai333 added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Could this be why my boss boxes are missing? Would be great to get a response on my ticket BDO >.<
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  23. Alrikmerc added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

    That's bizarre because I've had about a lifetime 70/30 success to fail ratio on PRI accessories.  More often than not I get it, and thankfully it's never on the yellows that I end up failing.
    TRI stack on Kutum was a pain, but all the rest of my boss gear has gone on first attempt, one of them was a +29.
    Even my first TET attempt (+49) went on the first go at it.  And I got that stack from the fails on Kutum...so...
    However...HOWEVER >.>
    I understand that means nothing toward the next time.
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  24. NoMercy added a post in a topic Kamasylve Channels ~ A New Approach   

    ER? no..... People would use this to fast level even more and gain advantage by channel hoping, if you enter this channel then you shouldn't be allowed back into the other channels.
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  25. babs bunny added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    I'm a little late to the party but ...
    I think people who are defending or agreeing with the original post have forgotten the term of balanced. Having the highest damage output, the most effective buffs, and strongest heals in the whole game is the definition of an unbalanced class. It seems that BDO has rolled two classes into one for the sake of there being no true healer/support class (instead of divvying skills up amongst multiple classes, I think giving their big heals/res to Valkyrie would've been a smarter move). They are major support for group whilst also extreme damage dealers. The utilities that usually belong to a support bleed into their offensive taking their lack of balance to another level. Its in their "flaws" where more shows itself (though this is just how the gameplay is on BDO). It seems their main drawbacks are 1v1s, where they can be focused without concern of other players interfering, and lack of mobility. In a game that promotes group PVP end game, endless grinding, and lacks a 1v1 scene these drawbacks aren't so glaring. The way the game flows is super obvious because of the near immediate (and at times overdramatic) dislike of the tamer upon release and how other assassin-esque classes who excel in 1v1 (ninja/kunoichi, maehwa/musa) have similar issues and their own set of difficulties that other classes more suited for group PVP don't.
    Anyway this is just my lil opinion, don't treat it as anything else. 
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