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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Marth added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

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  2. Krahval added a post in a topic Eclipse - A Guild for All   

    Hey guys and gals, I have been looking for a guild to join when BDO gets up and running. Everyone one here seems so laid back and super friendly. I'm fairly experienced with mmorpg's and have played them since vanilla WoW. The most recent ones have been Tera and Gw2. Just looking for a group of people I can share this new adventure with.
    Cheers from the great white north
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  3. Leery added a topic in US Guild   

    [A Band of Colours] A LGBTQ Progression Guild
    A Band of Colours, a LGBTQ PvPvE casual, social guild is now recruiting, ALL are welcome! feel free to message me here or visit us at http://abandofcolours.enjin.com/ for more info. We are a small close knit group of players with the goal of creating a safe & inviting environment that welcomes all. 
    • 1 reply
  4. STAHP added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Just saying hello! Pretty excited for this game and hope to see you guys in game soon!  Name's Mathew.  Hoping to make this game a second home. I'm sure it will live up to its hype. : )
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  5. deNeb added a post in a topic A thought come to Mind. Regarding some of the Conqueror's package's items...   

    Definitely cannot wait for ninja and their costumes. T_T
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  6. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic And your Name is ?   

    I would most definitely use a space, as I like my characters to have first and last names. I'm not a fan of symbols, but if there were any I was cool with, it would be the apostrophe. I've had a name or two that actually used them, but I don't freak out if they are missing either.
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  7. Shy0 added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    it'd be interesting to see how daum eu handle this given the 50/50 split in opinion. granted, a forum poll with 500 voters so far is not going to be representative of the whole (potential) playerbase.
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  8. Kogoshi added a post in a topic Immersive breaking cosmetic   

    But like you said, the people who are in major factual denial would still not accept the forced poll results, like that Kunoichi, she simply doesn't believe in evidence or reason, the same with Krryk, and the rest of them - you could drop an apple to the ground in front of their eyes and they would still say "that doesn't prove gravity"  
    That's one reason why a forced poll would be unnecessary, the other one being that a 95% plus or minus 5% confidence rate of a 350 person sample size is MORE than enough to bring us to an accurate conclusion that any reasonable human would accept.
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  9. COMI added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    If gold sellers were using bots to inflate votes, the count wouldn't be half and half... Also LOL at "playing legit" vs. credit card. You're really proud of being able to play a game non stop instead of getting a better job huh?
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  10. deNeb added a post in a topic Eclipse - A Guild for All   

    Welcome to Eclipse!!
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  11. Sierra added a post in a topic Custom chat emotes   

    I'd definitely like to see this. I'm honestly a bit surprised it's not already implemented, although I don't know how KR and RU players feel about roleplaying.
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  12. Grandhauf added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    The ability to abuse an open trade system in this game is so apparent I can't believe anyone would vote for trading without intending to ruin the game. I mean I would 100% multibox with my second computer and do trade runs all day with it. easy 20mil bonus for me a day. Compare that to someone who doesn't have two computers lol, Oh well we will see.
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  13. SeanDominique added a post in a topic Custom chat emotes   

    As mentioned, an important feature that shouldn't take too much work to add. Another vote from me.
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  14. Basenji added a post in a topic Order a Character!   

    Hey Cat I was hoping you could recreate this Wizard
    Class Wizard

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  15. PerlStyle added a post in a topic And your Name is ?   

    50% want a spacer ...can we get that implemented ?
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  16. Tryusta added a post in a topic why do we haft to buy the game just to p2p   

    This game is a one time purchase with an optional cash shop. I think you're confused.
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  17. Astinus added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Hello eveyone! :)
    I'm a guy from Sweden and i have been playing Games my whole life. I primarily play RPG's and some of my favorit games are the Witcher series and the Mass Effect series. I also played WoW from release and have tried som other MMO's since. 
    When i don't play video games i like to watch anime, TV-series, read books and go out drinking with my friends. 
    I can't wait to try this awesome looking MMORPG. The Grafics, the cambat, and so on. i have not ben this excited to play a MMO since the release of World of Warcraft. 
    looking forward to playing with my EU mates when the games releases  
    • 8 replies
  18. Catherine added a post in a topic why do we haft to buy the game just to p2p   

    I think you're in the wrong game forum.
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  19. Flowerpot added a post in a topic Want to look good? Yes? 15$,please. See you next time. Armor/Costume Discussion   

    I can relate to that.
    Poor people. They wnat costumes but don't want to pay for them with real money then get mad. And then they spam the forum with "don't make costumes sell-able ig".
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  20. COMI added a post in a topic A thought come to Mind. Regarding some of the Conqueror's package's items...   

    Sorc and ranger costumes are pretty much the same, how is one messed up
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  21. pinecones41 added a post in a topic Eclipse - A Guild for All   

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  22. Trypta added a post in a topic A thought come to Mind. Regarding some of the Conqueror's package's items...   

    Beserker looks practically identical to Warrior. What makes it retarded? Beserker always uses axes too. Anyway, their optional skins and they look pretty good in-game.
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  23. Tristella added a post in a topic Valkyrie Information   

         Pour répondre au post initial, la valkyrie est une guerrière orientée tank.
         PVE : Le gameplay est assez poteau (ça bouge pas beaucoup) MAIS, elle demande une bonne connaissance des mobs et surtout des boss pour pouvoir tanker. En effet, le système d'aggro est assez bizarre si bien que pour tanker, il faut aussi dps vu que le seul sort de taunt reprend l'aggro pendant environ 1/100eme de seconde. La valkyrie a donc un gros burst qu'il faudra utiliser à bon escient afin de se protéger des baffes derrière son bouclier. Pour cela il faut une bonne connaissance des boss et de leur patern pour pouvoir dps et se protéger au bon moment. De plus, le bouclier a une resistance qui diminue lorsque vous bloquez et prenez des coups et se régénere lorsqu'elle ne bloque pas. Elle possède aussi un heal de zone qui lui rends 25% de vie ainsi que 20% à ses alliés, et un buff qui lui augmente sa défense de 20 points et donne 12% de précision aux alliés.
         PVP : La Valkyrie possède de nombreux sorts de contrôle, dont 2 à distance qui permettent de compenser sa faible mobilité. Elle a aussi une charge qui lui permet d'aller au corps à corps mais celui ci a une portée limitée et bien sûr son gros burst (à stuff égal, une classe dps qui se fait contrôler par une valkyrie perd environ 70% de ses hp ou meurt si le combo est bien fait). Elle est très forte contre toutes les classes excepté les archers qui sont impossible à attraper dû à leur grande mobilité et les géants qui ont plusieurs grabs (la grande faiblesse de la valkyrie).
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  24. Xmicah_LyNnx added a post in a topic Eclipse - A Guild for All   

    Discord is a new app which kinda combines Skype with Teamspeak, and don't need any download! Very powerful
    And Welcome to Eclipse! Hope you can have a lot of fun here! *Handing over cookies*
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