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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Zeroboros added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    Shes pretty as mine  lucky you (now admit it, who is this)
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  2. Devilscorpion added a post in a topic HEY YOU GUYS!!   

    Hi coolz55  
    Nice to meet you too if you by chance get in cbt1 i hope you do good luck  and are in eu server maby we can meet ingame .
    And ye more friends always better  
    Have a nice day .
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  3. Fiain added a post in a topic Valkyrie & Warrior   

    Speed as in move speed? Ive never been good at kiting so I've been debating tanky being better. But tamers pets seem so cool... lol
    Hmm. Thank you.
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  4. coolz55 added a post in a topic Keys.   

    I keep missing every single promo. Blahh. Congrats to all the ones that have gotten keys so far. Let us know how the beta is!
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  5. Sizer added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    maybe , who knows !
    wait. that's not good right..?
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  6. Diskordea added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    Maybe you smell like a moose.
    I already posted though. 
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  7. DocteurOod added a post in a topic Petit concours de Noël   

    Je vais rien dire
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  8. Aerith added a post in a topic Is this like runescape?   

    Sad thing is that brings back memory's, people actuality would do that lol.
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  9. Smokinya added a post in a topic Ranger in BDO   

    Nice little tidbit of info about the class. Thanks for posting it here!
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  10. Echo added a post in a topic Hello!   

    No worries  I remember the weirdest things. Nice to meet you, too! 
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  11. Lynn added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    I am Canadian, actually
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  12. Kastion Lan'dourike added a post in a topic Let's gather all the words for PVP   

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  13. Malkraz added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing   

    I've made a post about adjusting fixed prices on the 4th page I'd recommend you give a read. If it's absolutely necessary to the market I believe it's a system that would work well so long as the deviation is set properly.
    Tax rates seemed like they were going to be a thing when the political aspect of BDO was still present. Personally I wouldn't be against them, but I wouldn't miss them either.
    Localized markets makes this a difficult thing to do when someone can go to another town and find a better price than you're offering (especially considering you can check prices from the map screen). This is also all but impossible in a hub town/city when you have adjusting fixed prices being kept at a somewhat constant from the mass of other players listing there.
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  14. Konijntje added a post in a topic Naval warfare, Naval trade, Naval GvG   

    Knowing that naval combat will be added and knowing the advanced stuff of black desert in guilds already my fantasy is already going crazy about a starters boat for travelling, a whole new map with small tropical islands and having tons of boat upgrades for guilds to rule the seven seas.
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  15. War added a post in a topic Lets all laugh at WTFast!   

    Secret to software = Data packets encapsulated as voice packets.
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  16. Zeroboros added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    Dat paint skillz ?
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  17. Yato added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Let's gather all the words for PVP
    As I mentioned in the title, let's gather all the PVP words we can muster in this thread. You only have one maximum word per post, thanks.
    I'll start off first.
    Git Gud
    • 27 replies
  18. Xyntha added a topic in Gilden Rekrutierung   

    GNR-Gaming | Guaranteed No Reallife!

    Heyho alle zusammen!

    Heute wollte ich euch die Crew vorstellen in dem ich Mitglied bin - GNR-Gaming.org

    Wir sind ein deutscher Clan der sich im Jahre 2010 in "Need for Speed: World" gegründet hat.
    Im Jahr 2011 haben wir uns allerdings auf Multigaming umorientiert da das oben genannte Spiel keinen neuen oder brauchbaren Content mehr zu bieten hatte!

    Momentan sind wir wieder auf Mitgliedersuche da Black Desert es vielen von uns sehr angetan hat!
    Momentan spielt noch jeder was er mag: zB. 4Story, Tera, GTA, Counter-Strike usw.

    Wir besitzen einen Teamspeak³ Server der auch als "nicht-Mitglied" immer gerne besucht werden kann & darf.
    Wir sehen uns selbst als Fun-Clan, Skill spielt bei uns in erster Linie keine Rolle - sondern der Spaß am Spielen.

    Der Gildenname Ingame steht noch in den Sternen und kann in unserem Forum mitbestimmt werden.

    Wir sind alle zwischen 17 - 29 Jahre alt und unser Team ist sehr "besonders", aber durch und durch freundlich.

    Besuchen könnt ihr uns auf: http://gnr-gaming.org
    Oder auf unserem TS³: gnr-gaming.org
    Schaut doch mal vorbei!

    Liebe Grüße, Valkyrie aka Xyntha
    • 3 replies
  19. insert_brain added a post in a topic CBT1 Ending Party / Get Together (NA) FINALIZED (channel 1, heidel arena)   

    Did you quote the wrong person?
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  20. Luciferia added a post in a topic Reinstate Localized Markets, Remove Price Fixing   

    you can ignore bandits even low level horses can speed past them without getting hit vast majority of the time. I'm guessing if you were foolish enough to foot it it may be an issue.
    Warehouses are just storage locations, so you still need to eventually manually haul it from a storage location to a trader. So it doesn't matter if you ship it part of the way via warehouse.
    NPC carriages show on the map...but I don't think you could rob them or someone would have mentioned it  I could be wrong though.
    And pretty sure bandit icon is only for the NPC bandits.
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  21. Kiyoshi added a post in a topic Petit concours de Noël   

    Quelle forme doit avoir la réponse?
    C'une clé? Un mot? Plusieurs? Une phrase?
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  22. Lynn added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Darn, maybe I don't remember as much as I think I do! I always had bad memory, anyway. Either way, it's nice to meet you
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  23. Atomicsickness added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    Less talk, more pictures!
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  24. Sizer added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    yay ! 

    we're 2 maple scent humans now
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