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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Triinu added a post in a topic [Fan-Made] BDO Pre-Order GFX...insidefordetails   

    So from this moment youre responsible for any other rumor about BDO release date.

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  2. Nesato added a post in a topic Guess the Release Date Thread   

    Since it's early 2016 I would believe someore at the end or middle January
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  3. JohanRazev added a post in a topic Hellooo from Italy !   

    Welcome, HotAslce. Nice to meet you.
    La comunità italiana comincia a farsi sentire.
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  4. Nesato added a post in a topic Are you PvP or PvE player? POLL   

    Just chose the main thing you do... I continue to believe about 60% are PvP and the 40% rest are PvE (if the PvPvE are not in the poll). The people who do both won't change the battle PvPvsPvE anyway .
    I'm a RP, I like to do both, but still think the game should have atleast one channel for those who privilege a game 'without' PvP (with 'without' I mean, the PvP system most PvPers are asking for). Some PvErs simply don't want PvP to be changed and some RPers don't want it changed ,most of the times, either - just because it can be a pain in some RP situations... DAUM should use this kind of option: one server, 2/3 channels, 1 for PvE and RP. This way people could simply change chanel when they want.
    Just an idea. May not work for everyone, but I think it is one of the most practical ones.
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  5. Lumina added a post in a topic Hello   

    Thank you and I hope we can get together for something fun some time.
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  6. FRancuz added a post in a topic Ruined MMOs support group   

    well its already screwed
    now we can only hope they will fix it before reliesing
    • 0
  7. Tham added a post in a topic How much money would you willing to pay for a Founder's Pack?   

    This is my point of view too
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  8. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Make it easier to customize appearance, esp. clothing   

    All I'm really advocating is a half in, half out system. That way the shop doesn't monopolize customization. Further still, if the shop items can be traded, then 100% of the game is now accessible to 100% of the population whether or not they want to drop actual money.
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  9. Lumina added a post in a topic Hello   

    Same, the world seems to have been beautifully designed with little hidden gems of landscape and I look forward to taking screenies in them all.
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  10. Hellseesyou added a post in a topic Cash Shop accountbound yes or no?   

    p2w games and their cashops is such shortsided way to go ... i mean if u wish your game to be succesfull, u have to find the ballance or more like not add any p2w aspects into the cash shop at all.. - is my opinion.. 

    So for me its a NO. 
    • 1
  11. Reyfer added a post in a topic News regarding the IP Block.   

    You do realize, that the article you link is from 2013, and talks about CONSOLE GAMES?
    Look, I can understand IP blocking regions that have their own BDO servers, but locking out regions that don't have a server is stupid, it's a loss for the company ESPECIALLY WITH THE GAME BEING B2P....
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  12. HollowStone added a post in a topic Safe Zones   

    ye would put only few safe zones on the whole map, like 2 or 3 major cities and only in the middle or something
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  13. Seifer added a post in a topic Whats your Former Games   

    Aion NA 1 anno - 3 anni Italy server
    Grand fantasia 2 anni server ita
    Final Fantasy 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,tactics
    Breat of Fire 3,4,5
    suikoden 2,3,4,5
    Dragon Age Origins
    Dragon age 2
    Dragon Age inquisition
    Follaut 3.
    Bioshok 1,2,3 infiniti
    Resident evil 1,2,3,4,5,6
    Resident evil Revelation 1,2
    parasite eve 2
    The Legends Of Dragon
    Guardian of Crusader
    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
    Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
    Duke Nukem Forever
    silent hill 1,2,3
    the ewill withims

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  14. Lumina added a post in a topic Hello   

    Thank you, I had a lot of fun testing BDO Alpha. I know, I am waiting on the edge of my seat to find out when and what the pre-order packs will contain when they come out. I just hope they don't give away keys to just anyone for the CBT as there were lots of people that had absolutely no interest in testing the game and even those who quit after the first day in the alpha. If we run into each other in game I'm sure we can work out a pretty awesome adventure. Thanks again and nice to meet you too.
    • 1
  15. HollowStone added a post in a topic How much money would you willing to pay for a Founder's Pack?   

    50$-60$ seems ok if we are sure that cash shop will only have customization items, without some exp boosts or any other items that involve gameplay
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  16. Raimis added a post in a topic Remaining Classes   

    And no kunoichi  i will play wizard till kunoichi release
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  17. Blood added a post in a topic Die Walküre, allgemein Diskussion.   

    Also in BD ist es so das jede Klasse einen Skill hat mit dem sie sich selbst heilen kann.
    So weit ich weiß opfert die Valkyrie ihr MP und stellt so HP wieder her.
    Aggro skills also spots gibt es in BD garnicht. Aggro hat der, welcher den höchsten DMG-Output hat.
    Dabei muss man sagen das in BD jeder für sich selbst zuständig ist. Bosse haben in der Regel keine Single-Target Skills oder nutzen diese zumindest kaum. Die Skills sind so ausgelegt, das sie jeden Angreifer treffen können.
    Für den Spieler bedeutet das jeder muss sich um seinen eigenen Ar*** kümmern.
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  18. Suri added a post in a topic Hello   

    I like to climb things 0-0
    Maybe i'll see you when i'm climbing a random mountain. see you around 
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  19. Magnificent Innuendo added a post in a topic Cash Shop accountbound yes or no?   

    As annoying as it is running up on a kid who bought all their gear vs you grinding it, it never really goes beyond that...a basic annoyance. At that point all we are complaining about is the amount of time it takes to do something and the fact that they did it quicker. Skill is all that matters, and if that +20 shopper can't aim for crap, then they spent all that cash for nothing because you ran circles around them in worse gear.
    Whether or not it is fun is irrelevant, what matters is that you give people options. I don't enjoy farming, but I do like the end result. It is also much more satisfying when I finally get if from all that hard work vs when I merely run out and swipe my debit.
    Another thing to keep in mind, trading items isn't p2w, it's paying for convenience. Like I said, time... just paying to speed the process up. I don't like when people do it, but I'm in no rush either so I can be too pissed about it. P2w happens when the shop has advantages that can ONLY be bought from the shop. This still holds true even if they are tradable. For example, buying a costume is no sweat off my back. But if you get stat boosts on that costume there is an issue. If enchanting goes up to X, but you need a consumable if you want to enchant passed a certain point, and that is only in the shop...p2w.
    Some ways to curb this though is to bind enchantable gear on pickup...or bind once you begin enchanting. That way top tier gear can only be farmed, not bought. Binding items needed for enchanting, and only making them available through drops (cannot be traded with players or bought from NPCs) also helps this. That way, even if you do manage to snag the gear, you are still stuck enchanting at the same rate as everyone else.
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  20. Stres added a post in a topic Remaining Classes   

    won't we have to wait until the other zones get released before we get access to the Neil set ? Thought it wasn't in kr until they released the zone/area (media) where it drops? 
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  21. FliP added a post in a topic Multiple normal servers vs Mega server   

    Zero channels will not work. I hope everyone understands that.
    No channels will require at least 2-3 more Servers.
    I say, start with 3 Servers, 3 channels each (5 for the first week of release). See how it goes from there.
    A Megaserver that takes hours in order to switch channels is nothing more than multiple servers with shared auction house.
    If you cannot even switch channels often enough, how are Node Wars supposed to work?
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  22. Lumina added a post in a topic Hello   

    Yeah, I was really excited to get to test it since I had been following the game for a long time but didn't want to play on the KR or RU servers. It was a lot of fun and we were able to locate some bugs and overall text problems. Looking forward to seeing you in game as well!
    • 1
  23. Stres added a post in a topic Remaining Classes   

    Yeh I was always going to main a ninja / kunoichi (blader alt)  but was fine with rolling a tamer just so I could make a start with the weapon upgrades since they share the same weapon but oh well lol. (Will the short sword/dagger even be in the game on release?)
    Since that's not an option now I just hope they release the remaining classes together and not staggered, like tamer 2 months after release, then blader 2 months after that etc..
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  24. Ikcen added a post in a topic Multiple normal servers vs Mega server   

    If you cannot switch the channel at the face of every challenge, so if you shall stay on the channel where you login for few hours, there will not be any difference, in fact the megaserver will be better. But if you can change the channels every 10 minutes, the normal server will be better. 
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  25. FliP added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Nope. SEA is not included.

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