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  1. Slasher added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    I'm having the same issues. I keep rubber banding and channel resets. I got disconnected 2x just about 5 minutes ago.
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  2. Slasher added a post in a topic Warping around Caphl Warehouse NPC   

    I see it all the time.. Its the shitty servers.
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  3. Slasher added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    I love it when you kids start throwing random numbers with no actual facts. Yo guys are such geniuses. But you have a point though, taking the percentage number out of the whole post and all.
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  4. Slasher added a post in a topic Dear GM's, fix the NA servers   

    Love it when you bring the topic up in the chat, you always get 1o 2 people claiming nothing is wrong. When I asked a couple of them  how often they play and what they do they just afk fish and hunt. I mean seriously, some people are straight out dumb asses. The servers are running like trash and KAKAO doesn't even acknowledges this issues. People are getting fed up and they are starting to show their frustration.
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  5. Slasher added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    I'm in the same boat as you. I've been playing since beta and I do everything at my own slow pace. There is no need to rush your character at all. People burn out and max out their characters then come back to the forums and complain how bored they are. There is a lot of content to explore in BDO, its not just about the grinding. There's plenty more to come, so I'm happy as heck with this game.
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  6. Slasher added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    lol, PvE players contribute more to the market than PvP only players. Most Pkers and Griefers do nothing to contribute to the market but annoy others, specially those on smaller starting guilds. Most of the resources found on the market are produced/farmed/fish by PvE players.
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  7. Slasher added a post in a topic How do you deal with the terrible serve?   

    Its crazy how so many people come on the forums and claim to have no issues what so ever. However, when you go in-game and see the chats, its another story. Most channels are cluttered by horrible rubber band lag and desync issues. Maybe some of you don't really play the game as much to see it but, the majority of the players do. As long as we keep getting 1 or two people saying that there are no issues, the other 100 will never get a response from KAKAO. I have connection speed of 100/75 mb/s and a 20-25 ping to the servers. I keep having disconnects and horrible lag. I'm running the game on i7 6700k, 500 gig Samsung SSD drive (exclusive to the game), Radeon sapphire 7950 x2, 16 gig of mem. You keep talking shit how the problem is on my end when I have no problems what so ever with any other online games I play.
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  8. Slasher added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    When will we ever get those servers fixed? Most of the channels 1,3, and 5 of all the servers are unplayable. Rubber banding, teleporting and disconnections are ruining the game experience.
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  9. Slasher added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    I was going to give my 2 cents but after reading this, it would be like echoing the same facts. Nicely done.
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  10. Slasher added a post in a topic Have anyone seen that 'ghost' horse on market too?   

    This one I see all the time. Its been hunting me for quite a while now.
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  11. Slasher added a post in a topic the reason why bdo won't die soon   

    People will always cry "Game dying". I have seen this in every single MMO since early days of MMOs. The players  to usually quit are those who want companies to cater to them and those who come up with BS expectations like the one wit the P2W Bs. The majority of those quitters came back, like that idiot LazyPeon who trashed the game on many of his videos and now has released a new video where he came back to BDO. Take the game and enjoy the shit out of it. stop ffking crying so much because no one is giving you any attention or catering to you guys, or just uninstall and never come back. Seriously this shit starting again is not funny anymore.
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  12. Slasher added a post in a topic Zereth vs Grunil   

    Grunil is pretty good set and that extra crystal slot is a plus. cant go wrong with grunil. The next step is boss gear.
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  13. Slasher added a post in a topic FIX YOUR -----ING GAME   

    I rubber banded so hard that it caused a black hole in game, it sucked me in and I ended up in here.
    So yeah, fix your F*CKING GAME!!
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  14. Slasher added a post in a topic Perfectly Optimized game!   

    It is sad to say but this is the only thing stopping many more people from coming or keep playing the game. If you are not teleporting you are rubber banding or DCing. Its really horrific, and kakao doesn't even bother to address the issue.
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  15. Slasher added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    The game is really populated right now. I stopped playing for about 2 months and it wasn't that crowded back then. Now its even crowded on weekdays during evening hours. A lot pf people I talk to, are enjoying the game with all the content. There's plenty of content coming our way. I don't see this game dying for a pretty long time. Get in and enjoy.
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