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  1. Lemures added a post in a topic Edan Guild Ranking(12/19/16)   

    Well at least we made the cut in your eyes
    <3 Savanna
    p.s. barcode and iconic aren't from Eden. Just letting you know
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  2. Lemures added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    So If I claim the original box (I was two days late on it) ill still be getting a second fixed one correct? Just because i was 2 days late on opening it and just did and got the red nose stuff still lol and just want to clarify if my box was broken or not still and what not. Thanks sorry im confusing
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  3. Lemures added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Well Good Game.
    The community has spoken. If you let this "update" go through, then you just killed your own game and lost all your respect as a "professional" company.

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  4. Lemures added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    Even though a lot of guilds haven't changed their icon yet on NA Edan. We Are with you in this and disagree with this crap 100%. Why ruin a game that everyone here has worked so hard for? I just don't get it... If they decide to do this... well gg folks it was a good run i guess...

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  5. Lemures added a post in a topic Why Waifu Hunters are mad.   

    Its nice to not see salt and actually someone on the other side talking about what really happened.. We had the same thing happen on our end also just we were able to get back in time. It's honestly an annoying bug but In my opinion, no one should be -----en because I mean they have this practice so they can fix the bugs for the real release.
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  6. Lemures added a post in a topic [Edan] Please stop trolling this subforum.   

    And that dream is to make the BDO community Great Again
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  7. Lemures added a post in a topic If Gatekeeper had recruited Umaru/Reddit would they have won the node war?   

    Let the shitposting began:P
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  8. Lemures added a post in a topic What happened to all the Gatekeeper and Gravity forum warriors?   

    It's sad but its true. Honestly though. If I was in UNO or Orwen i would be very upset. This "drama" is some of the best comedy ever! It is also fun when you know everyone. I mean I see people in game that are SUPER nice and then asshats on the forums and vise versa and its just interesting to watch and what not. I mean at times its annoying when its just immature people that don't know when to shut up but honestly its all good fun all around <3
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  9. Lemures added a post in a topic If Gatekeeper had recruited Umaru/Reddit would they have won the node war?   

    Grabs popcorn to watch this blow up again
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  10. Lemures added a post in a topic Are you sure you are in the right guild?   

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  11. Lemures added a post in a topic EDAN node owners lounge   

    heavy breathing.
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  12. Lemures added a post in a topic Are you sure you are in the right guild?   

    Gatekeeper decided to try and take Manups node and resulted in getting handled. Anyone else notice that Sarma is untouched? OR western guard camp going to a smaller guild. Its pretty sad honestly. Rest in Peace GK.,,
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  13. Lemures added a post in a topic Reality of Edan   

    umm what? Why would anyone wanna do this? lmao
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  14. Lemures added a post in a topic [EDAN]A almost 58 serker looking for a guild   

    Lol funny because no one went for it <3
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  15. Lemures added a post in a topic <ManUp> [NA - Edan] Open recruitment   

    Novis gets node... Gatekeeper gets stomped... Rip Edan <3
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