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  1. JBisKing added a topic in General   

    New costume? This guy just posted
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  2. JBisKing added a post in a topic Balenos fishing rod increased chance of better fish?   

    So balenos rod will not have the increased chance as the steel rod has right?
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  3. JBisKing added a post in a topic Balenos fishing rod increased chance of better fish?   

    Are you sure? The chance of getting a yellow fish in a hotspot is just as good as a steel rod?
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  4. JBisKing added a topic in General   

    Balenos fishing rod increased chance of better fish?
    I am wondering if Balenos fishing rod also has a better chance of getting a better quality fish just as steel fishing rod does. Or is the chance the same as the regular fishing rod?
    • 4 replies
  5. JBisKing added a post in a topic Decent money guide   

    Well the only time I have spent my energy is to hire goblins, and that is one time only. As for beers, I sometimes make them myself with my beer-alt and sometimes I just buy. The method will give you profit, even if you buy beers or make them yourself.
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  6. JBisKing added a post in a topic Decent money guide   

    How is this a loss? 
    Well you should check often, the only item that I sometimes cant find is pine sap. But i havent needed to gather that myself yet. 
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  7. JBisKing added a post in a topic Gaming Laptop for BDO?   

    Asus g752 vy 980m.
    I have this laptop and it runs on max. I bought asus because they have the beste cooling system and lowest noise level than their competetors. This laptop is beast and can run bdo easy. I recommend this laptop if you can afford it
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  8. JBisKing added a post in a topic Decent money guide   

    Ok guys, this is something you can do while you are doing something else. Like when you are leveling or maybe fishing or grinding. This way you get some profit while doing other things or get more money if you are fishing or grinding. 
    You could also invest in nodes, but I haven't tested it so I dont know how much profit you can get. Do you gather enough mats in 2h and 30mins for 330k profit? Do you have to transport the mats to your main city to sell? Or do you run across regions to collect them and sell them on market? Are there enough nodes for 24 workers in one region? If not then you must have workers across regions, then you have to travel to other regions to collect the mats from storage and sell them. Thats not as passive as the fishing boat crafting. Like I said, I havent tested this but I think it will be a little bit more hassle doing this way. Correct me if i am wrong, cause i want to know if there is a better method of earning money for little to no effort passively.
    And also, this is something you should do while doing something else, not just rely on this method because then fishing would be better. But combining this method with fishing/grinding? Profit
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  9. JBisKing added a topic in General   

    Decent money guide
    You want to buy mats for fishing boats and craft them then sell it on market.
    Black stone powder     (30 mats) approx 53,3k     :         3 workers * 8 + 1 worker * 6        
    Pine sap                        (30 mats) approx 54k        :         3 workers * 8 + 1 worker * 6        
    Birch plywood               (50 mats) approx 325k      :         7 workers * 7 + 1 worker * 1        
    Usable scantling           (25 mats) approx 47k        :         3 workers * 7 + 1 worker * 4
    Bronze ingot                  (25 mats) approx 175k     :         3 workers * 7 + 1 worker * 4
    This will take 2 hours and 30 minutes with 24 workers in epheria port, they must be goblins or else it will take much longer.
    Fishing boats goes for 1,5m in market minus 35% tax = 975k
    975k - 654k = 321k
    321k in profit.
    As for CP, I don't remember the exact number you will need but it would be around 55-60. Place your mats in epheria port storage. You want to buy all lodging in Epheria minus 1, that will get you 24 workers, or you could just buy all and you will get 25 workers.
    The setup will take a bit of time, cause you will need energy to hire goblins only, doesn't matter if green or blue, as long as its a goblin. But once the setup is done, all you have to do is assign work to the workers and you are done. You could fish while your workers craft the fishing boat for maximum money making, or level. All you have to do is just bring more mats to the storage.
    • 24 replies
  10. JBisKing added a topic in General   

    Calpheon territory node profits?
    Hi, so I am wondering if there are some good and nodes that are worth putting points into? Should I move my costume miller from heidel to calpheon? Should I make calpheon my main city for crafting?
    • 0 replies
  11. JBisKing added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch lvling gear question
    So I am currently lvl 36 and lvling. Should I enhance my gear as high as possible? Like to the safe enhancement range? Cause I can always extract the stones right?
    • 2 replies
  12. JBisKing added a post in a topic Wizard Gear - PvE / PvP Optimisation (GUIDE)   

    I am using PVE armor number 1 and was wondering if I should upgrade them to +5 or higher? I am currenlty lvl 36 only and using it for lvling
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  13. JBisKing added a post in a topic Where to invest contribution points?   

    Oh okey, so I should sell special sunflower seeds? How much is a special sunflower crate? I have a garden with 10 slots so I can plant sunflowers but I don't know if that is a good way to make good money cause it's kinda slow and I have to maintain it. 
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  14. JBisKing added a post in a topic Where to invest contribution points?   

    How is special sunflowers making money? 
    Is trade route profitable?
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  15. JBisKing added a topic in General   

    Where to invest contribution points?
    So I am lvl 33 and just arrived calpheon. I have explored the area around the city and wondering what I should spend my CP on? I have nodes invested back in velia and heidel for workers. Should I take them back and invest in calpheon area? or connect all 3 city for my trade route? What is good nodes to invest in?
    • 7 replies