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  1. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Karma is just plain stupid   

    There used to be exp loss in this game.... For first 3 months.... carebears complained about it.... so exp loss got removed.... now karma bombers are a most commonly used tactic.... when exp loss happened? Karma bombers didn't exist
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  2. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic When 100 people guilds can't be guild wared   

    LMAO! You people apparently have no clue how desert pvp works..... I suggest reading up on desert pvp before you go grind their. The pvp system is not the same as sausans and Pirates.
    NVM. I am wrong haha here is the exact verbiage of the Valencia pvp system.
    The new PVP penalty system will only be applied to the desert areas of Valencia. If you cannot locate yourself in the world map and see the desert icon on the mini map, you’re in a desert area.
     The same amount of Karma will be deducted if you forcefully attack or kill other players. But the consequences for the “Evil” players are different as day and night.
     If an Evil player gets killed by a monster or the environment (in the desert), the EXP goes down and the crystals might get shattered, but the enhancement count will remain the same. In other words, Evil players will get the same kind of penalty as what the Good players get when they are killed by monsters or the environment.
     However, if an Evil players gets killed by another player or NPC (in the desert), no penalty will be applied at all. Not even crystal shattering, EXP decrease, or enhancement count decrease. There’s a catch. If you died this way, you will wake up in the “Criminal Camp.” Your sentence (the “Punishment Buff”) is subject to your Karma point.
    Therefore, Evil players are better off staying in the desert areas as much as possible. Depending on where your character is located, the existing penalty might be still effective. Always take precautions when you’re out of the desert areas. For instance, If you die in the safety zones of Sand Grain Bazaar, Valencia City, Ibellab Oasis, or Rock Post, the ordinary penalty will be applied
    If you kill other players by force in desert areas, you will be marked as a “villain” for 30 minutes. You will see a big sword icon on the right side of your nametag, and even a ghillie suit cannot hide it.

    <The “Villain” mark will make your name stand out.>
    A Villain player will get similar penalties as an Evil player does. Even if your Karma is 0 or above, there is still a chance you might get attacked by other players.
     The new penalty system also applies to your own death. If you, as a Villain, are slain by other players of NPCs in desert areas, you will be transported to the Criminal Camp. If monsters or the environment is the cause of your death, you will simply get the regular penalty of crystal shattering and EXP decrease.
     The Villain mark will disappear after 30 minutes OR when you arrive at the Criminal Camp. If you are slain in any non-desert area, it will stay intact. (In non-desert areas, the usual death penalty will still be effective depending on your Karma point. Always keep an eye on your Karma.)
    If an Evil player is slain in desert areas by other players or NPCs, the player will be transported to the criminal camp and sentenced (the Punishment Buff) according to its Karma. (30/50/60 min.)
     When the Punishment Buff is in effect, you will get the following restrictions.
    - Restriction on all combat motions, Movement Speed -50%, unable to call mounts, unable to escape through the ESC menu.

    <”Serves you right for being a villain. Have fun at the camp!”>
    If you are killed within the camp by NPCs or other players, you can only revive in the camp without any penalty. However, you will not be able to use the Red Battlefield, 3-on-3 Arena, Command to Gather, Horse Flute, participate in the Horse Race, or to create a Guild Outpost.
     Since your movement and actions will be in most part restricted, you’d better get out of the camp as soon as possible if you got the Punishment Buff. There are two ways to get ouf of the camp.
     There are NPCs at the entrance and exit of the camp, and inside, several warder NPCs are on duty. In order to get out of the camp, you can either complete the quests the NPC at the entrance gives you and get rid of the Punishment Buff, or sneak your way out toward the exit. Just beware of the warders.
    If you have a camp quest in progress, you will not be able to escape even if you got rid of the Punishment Buff. Be sure to complete the quest or give it up before sneaking out of the camp.
     When you successfully escape the camp, players with 0 or higher Karma will be sent directly to Ibellab Oasis, whereas players with negative Karma will be sent to Muiquun, an outlaw town
    This outlaw town is perhaps the only place in the continent where Evil players are more than welcome.
     You will not be able to interact with town NPCs unless you have negative Karma. Try entering the town with 0 or positive Karma, and you will be attacked by the guards of Muiquun.

    <Muiquun may be an outlaw town in the middle of the desert, but it’s also a safety zone. Oxymoron!>
    Muiquun is the only safety zone in Valencia’s desert areas. Therefore, you will not be penalized in any way for getting killed here. If an Evil player is killed by monsters or the environment in the desert areas, Muiquun will be the only option it will see in the Revive menu. Period.
     Also, Evil players will not be able to counter the Good players’ attack (0 or positive Karma), and when the night falls in the game world, even the Good players will not be able to attack the Evil players.
     - New Additions to the New PVP Penalty System
    Evil players can freely attack each other in the desert areas, unless they are in the same guild or party. Karma will not go down if an Evil player kills another Evil player, but the dead Evil player will be transported to the Criminal Camp.
     If an Evil player meets all the criteria to participate in Conquest War, Node War, Red Battlefield, Final Battle, or Arena, it will not be penalized for being killed. Think hard before you act, however, since you might be penalized as usual if you are not in the siege channel or if you are out of the desert areas.
     * N.B. The area around the Valencia Castle Site, where Valencia siege war is held, is NOT part of the desert.
     If a guild-affiliated Evil player is in a desert area, and if the guild is under a war against another guild, the Evil player will not be penalized for killing the enemy guild members or being killed by them. However, if a protected guild member forcefully attacks or kills an enemy guild member during the war, its Karma will go down and it will be marked as a Villain.
     A Good player still can lawfully self-defend against an Evil player. Good players can attack Evil players anytime anywhere without penalty. Just remember that you can only attack players in town during the day in the game world.
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  3. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic When 100 people guilds can't be guild wared   

    In Valencia you lose no karma...you can PK all day if you so chose your karma won't drop
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  4. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    I'll 1v1 you... I'm on all the time message me in game Helga_Hufflepuff rarely am in town tho am always grinding so close to 61 but I will come meet u somewhere n 1v1 u.
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  5. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic fix pvp   

    You could always tell devs to bring back exp loss in pvp. Yes there was exp loss in pvp for the first 3 months of this game. Karma bombers didn't exist then. People kept complaining about the exp loss in pvp so devs removed the exp loss in pvp.......and Karma Bombers were born! Enjoy!
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  6. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Bad pvp system   

    You don't lose gems in pvp, ut if you're negative karma and you die in pvp then you have a chance at breaking gems.
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  7. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic When 100 people guilds can't be guild wared   

    I have never grinded in Pirates or sausans and I am almost 61. Have made billions and billions still. IDK why everyone is so stuck on those 2 locations. BDO is a big world!
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  8. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic What are the best PvP Class ?   

    No such thing as the best PvP class IMO. I have seen every single class shine. When your gear is so superb, you can make any class look amazing in PvP
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  9. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic LVL advantage   

    I feel ya on that... im 32% from 61 and I've gotten so used to grinding now that im just gona keep going... On the road to 62+ now haha
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  10. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Karma is just plain stupid   

    Lineage 2....which is where the sieging/karma system/gear enchanting from this game came from.... however this version is softcored.... In Lineage 2 you PK once and your negative period.... here they give you 5 PK's before you go negative..... The PK system here isn't that bad. The only reason why it's so bad now compared to when this game launched is because they removed exp loss in pvp.... With exp loss in pvp not many even flagged to pvp.... Now that there is now exp los.... Karma bombing was born.... Enjoy carebears! You guys asked for it!
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  11. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    I'm a lvl 60 witch... and I can 1v100 lvl 56's and win.... its all about lvls/gear man. Go grind some more
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  12. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Karma System should be improved.   

    I remember the good old days when you lost experience in PvP.... then the carebears complained and nerfed it...now no exp loss in pvp and Karma Bombing was born! You get what you asked for! HAHA!
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  13. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    That's exactly what I tell them... I am like I'm not forcing you to PK me... your choosing to...so they are Karma bombing themselves. But oh well let them QQ haha
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  14. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic How popular is Witchs   

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  15. Helga_Hufflepuff added a post in a topic Evasion build and Casting Speed   

    Your forgetting about centaurs belt and sicil necklace also adds evasion.
    TRI centaurs=15 evasion TRI sicil necklace=9 evasion
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