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  1. Eltruism added a post in a topic The price of gaming   

    Why, I can be stupid and complain all I want. Just like you.
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  2. Eltruism added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    I'm just like you, whenever I get free stuff, it upsets me and I wish I could just buy it instead.
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  3. Eltruism added a post in a topic Hands down best pve class?   

    Can heal, can double teleport, can self-sustain, doesn't need to use cancels so much, huge aoe, pets, awesome horseback utility and power and all around awesome at PvE and PvP and GvG.
    I took a guildie out for a leveling session yesterday. We we're both horseback wizard/witch. We did 32 mob pulls and deleted them instantly with meteors and blizzards. Then we kept going, doing big pulls and finishing them off with residual lightning and fireball/fireball explosion. Then on the CD reset of Meteor and Blizzard, we would go back to a high density area, delete an entire army with one click, then move on again.
    Some of you may or may not know this, but, residual lightning can be spread over a very large area - as your staff comes down and the initial hit of residual hits, you would, as mobs died, move your mouse over to another area populated with mobs and the hits after the second one would relocate there, and the next, would also relocate to where your mouse is - so, you cast lightning on one group, and they die from the lightning, then cast residual, and another group would die and you would start to move your mouse around as the remaining hits are animated, to, once more, kill another group, with each remain hit. You can literally kill 30-40 mobs with one cast of RL.
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  4. Eltruism added a post in a topic 50 Stacks & Quitting   

    You played all this time and didn't know the risks?
    You're taking everyone for a fool.
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  5. Eltruism added a post in a topic Bases of Operations - Which towns are best?   

    I like Heidel, espacially 6-3 - 2 stories, LOT of room for me and meh sexeh maids.
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  6. Eltruism added a post in a topic What is the purpose of life?   

    No one here is more ignorant than you.
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  7. Eltruism added a post in a topic Horse Taming Guide - False   

    1 post
    troll post
    Good start.
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  8. Eltruism added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    You don't determine the quality of the game by considering dismissing it based on a label it might carry.
    You determine it by playing the game and it also depends on who you play with.
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  9. Eltruism added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    I am looking for people to help me make this community grow.
    This is a mature guild, fully accepting of all personalities!
    Officer positions available. I am actually looking to split the guild responsibilities with 1 or 2 other players. 
    I am an experienced player with several 56's.
    My goal with this guild is to open up guild features to casual players who don't necessarily want to PvP and to provide a social environment to those who spend lots of hours on this game!
    Scroll groups.Grinding groups.Boss groups.Guild boss groups.and more!PvP is allowed, of course.
    Discord is required.
    I am always ready to help ANYONE in this game. I myself am a completionist. I like to max out energy points, CPs and do all the quests and chase down all the knowledge!
    IGN: Eltruism
    PM or whisper in-game.
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  10. Eltruism added a post in a topic Best City To setup a cooking empire   

    6-3 has enough room for like 40 cooking utensils.
    And you can rent a house right next to the imperial trader for 1 cp - put a container in both houses and you got easy and fast access to mats for both the imperial trader and for cooking inside your house.
    Then, setup nodes all over the map and just xfer stuff via transport system to heidel, stockpile for a month then cook your butt off until you deplete what you have stock piled.
    In the meantime, while you wait for the month to pass, you can grind mobs and snipe mats off the marketplace as you farm with maids.
    Also, for your node empire, do not waste your time with workers who are underneath professional.
    I have ~380 energy and I can get 5-6 professional workers per day brand new if I want not to mention more from the worker exchange.
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  11. Eltruism added a post in a topic [NA] [PvX] AkkadianEmpire - for the new, returning and casual.   

    let's get er done! :-)
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  12. Eltruism added a post in a topic Trade crates exp   

    Here you go.

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  13. Eltruism added a post in a topic What is my next step in terms of gearing?   

    For now;
    +15 on all armor and weapons, then get 2x MoS and 2x Witch's Earrings and Ancient Weapon core belt.
    I would play the FS game to get +15 on everything.
    I think this shoudl bring you to 110-120/140-150 ISH.
    Now grind to 56 and get awakening.
    I straight out buy the following gear, I don't want to lose my mind wasting hundreds of BS's.
    Then work on getting full DUO armor set, full TRI weaponry set,  and DUO accesories set.
    Now go back to Sausans for 57.
    Now boss armor, boss weapons, and better accesories, etc, etc.
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  14. Eltruism added a post in a topic Trade crates exp   

    I can say for sure that with Iron Ore crates that distance matters for sure. I logged it in a spreadsheet. I took % of level before and after after trading in 100 crates.
    (tested after nerf)
    100 crates from calph to calph.
    100 crates from calph to heidel.
    100 crates from calph to tarif.
    100 crates from calph to altinova.
    100 crates from calph to sand grain.
    And the biggest gain for sure was sand grain.
    Now for NPC items, I don't know.
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