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  1. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Gahaz vs Bashims pros and cons
    Wondering which of them is better for loot and which is better for xp or if one is simply better than the other.
    • 2 replies
  2. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    risks of enchanting life clothes
    Hi i have searched around yet found no answer to whether the enchant destroys the clothing fully (in the same way accessories work) or if it just adds a failstack simply.
    would love the info before i start trying to enchant the clothes.
    thanks in advance.
    • 2 replies
  3. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Blessing of kamasylve and Servers
    Hello 2 questions in one here unrelated to each other.
    1. Is the 7 day blessing of kamasylve active on the whole account during its duration or simply to the char that activated it (tried googling and found no answers on it)
    2. Is there any reason to choose a certain server over others? (i know that server 1 of the different channels are for node wars and such, but thought in terms of is there some that are more for non english speakers/pve-focused/etc.
    i understand choosing a server based on population but otherwise i have found no diff between balenos/serendia/valencia/.... only one that is special is the olvia one and that is the returning player server.
    thanks in advance for the answers.
    • 2 replies
  4. Answersofold added a post in a topic Option to remove other wiz/witch summons / minions during boss fights   

    Isnt the problem here that they could potentially flag and if you have this activated you wont know where their little sh**s are beforehand... might not be the biggest advantage but it can provide some real surprises
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  5. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Black or white horn bow and needed acc for lv 56+
    hi i am wondering if i should stick with my +15 ult black bow or go for a white bow while grinding. i know acc is needed for higher lvl mobs and pvp but i already have the +5 acc bonus from weapon core and a +15 liverto so is the black bow still needed for pve or is it simply for pvp at this point?
    thanks in advance
    • 2 replies
  6. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Is it possible to sell/return the Sealed magical items
    Hi i am playing a musa at lvl 56 and have gone through the questline for getting the sealed magical hornbow but now my black bow is higher value and i have no further use for it. is it possible to trade it in to an npc for something else since it cannot be sold in a normal way or by marketplace?
    thanks in advance
    • 1 reply
  7. Answersofold added a post in a topic Average boss aura drops   

    okay so they are not always when you get drop but i did specify when you got them how much on average... which makes less than one impossible unless its a typo and you mean 5. 
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  8. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Average boss aura drops
    I did my first world boss at kzarka earlier this week and have seen the quest for 100 aura pieces for a kzarka weapon.
    Now assuming i qualify for a loot drop at all and that i get aura how much does one ge4 on average... is it a single piece with a jackpot of maybe 2 or 5... is it completely random betwen 1-20? I know the rng makes it impossible for a guarantee but it should still be manageble to make an average estimation.
    Thanks in advance.
    • 8 replies
  9. Answersofold added a post in a topic Ultimate Grunil +15 vs. Roaring Magical ?   

    I have +15 warrior black bow as well as +14 liverto, weapon core belt and guardian seal necklace for the +5 set effect
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  10. Answersofold added a topic in General   

    Ultimate Grunil +15 vs. Roaring Magical ?
    So i hit 56 on my first char (Blader) earlier today and got the quest to enhance the magic armour to its final form and now i am conflicted in whether i should use that or my ultimate grunil i managed to snipe so now i am left between the choice between these:
    Roaring magical (60 Dp, 50 hp, 5 acc)
    Ultimate Grunil (55 Dp, 150 hp, 2 AP, 2 DR)
    Now the problem lies in that i dont know the correct value between the 5 accuracy and 5 extra DP vs the 2 AP and 2 DR +100 hp i get from the full grunil set. is it worth going with the grunil or should i stick with the Magic armour until i Pri?
    • 8 replies
  11. Answersofold added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Recommended ap/dp for mediah
    Hi total newb to MMORPGS, black desert being the first i have gotten into, and i have gotten myself a lvl 52 musa with 107/174 ap/dp... i have noticed a couple of mobs shredding through me extremely fast and wonder if i should have grinded more in calpheon before trying the mediah area.
    got a +15 bares (lvled up the returning gift weapon) and a set of grunil at 15 helm/ 12 armor/ 8 boots and 9 gloves. too low or should it work decently?
    accessories: ring (red coral) x2, earring witch and tungrade, belt weapon core and a Scarla necklace.
    I have read musa is not really the optimal class at the moment but i play rather casually while i still get my bearrings.
    Thanks for any tips in advance and sorry if the question have been asked before
    • 3 replies