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  1. Kailua added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for Server!
    My friends and I are thinking about switching servers.  We are currently on UNO but want to know how the other servers fare in terms of population, PvP, and presence of hackers/botters.  I know hacking and botting are present on all servers but I feel UNO gets the worst of it.
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  2. Kailua added a post in a topic Interview with PM_Belsazar   

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  3. Kailua added a topic in General   

    Interview with PM_Belsazar
    So I just barely saw that phone interview.  Some of the answers to questions I heard were just appalling. Those who have not heard the phone interview between pvtwiggles and PM_Belsazar should check it out on you tube. After listening to this I made a drastic change in the way a play BDO.
    Here are a few things NEGATIVE things that stood out to me during this interview.
    1. Lifeskills = No incentives = No Profit.  They were designed so we can use the crafted items ourselves.  So basically when you put crafted items up on the marketplace your a slave to the people who buy them (we kind of knew this due to the market restrictions but it is now CONFIRMED life skills aren't for money making)
    2. Grinding and World Bosses are the Superior ways to make money.  If your sole goal is to make bank and your not doing this your doing it wrong.
    3. Desync will tag along with node wars.  From what i heard they didn't have time to deal with it yet but Desync.
    4.  The Developers are SENSITIVE (guyz be nice to them).  They really don't want us to know how stats like accuracy work.
    5, Hackers and Botters are being dealt with but no specifics on keeping them out of this game.
    There are plenty more things that I didn't cover but most of the answers sounded like he was beating around the bush.
    Honestly the only thing that was confirmed but many players already felt like they knew is that
    1.  Investing in nodes give you better chances to get rare loot.
    My 2 cents.
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  4. Kailua added a topic in US Guild   

    [UNO] Nox
    So what happened to yall? Im nosy
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  5. Kailua added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    This is most likely a lead in for a "Sorry for the decreased XP, So we decided yall get 300%XP till to make up for our mistake" weekend.
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  6. Kailua added a post in a topic Triple float rod quest?   

    Thanks guys.  That's what i did but I found out it was because I didn't have the quests turned on . Noob mistake heh.
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  7. Kailua added a topic in General   

    Triple float rod quest?
    Anyone know if there are any prereqs or have any idea how to get the triple float rod quest given by Abelin? It doesn't show up on my main or any of my alts.  I've tried tips ranging from finishing every beginning quest to Velia and with all my characters and even tried putting my alts through the deleting phase on the character selection screen while trying to get the quest on my main.  Still no luck.
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  8. Kailua added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    I'm pretty pissed.  I read something along the lines of Daum is trying to keep NA/EU balanced.  I seriously thought it was going to be something along the lines of 10%.  Unfortunately, I am forced to play the whole weekend just keep my rank i worked long for.  I feel bad for the top ranked lifeskill players who don't have the dedicated time to play during this stupid event.
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  9. Kailua added a post in a topic any way to lvl fishing faster?   

    Anyone have +2 or higher fishing costume?  If so how many fail stacks did it take you?  I did 8 stacks for +1.  I have 17 stacks im willing to try for +2 but im scared lol
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  10. Kailua added a post in a topic Bit confused about the boats...   

    Fishing Boats lifespans aren't bad at all.  Buying all materials to build a boat is more convenient then building one.  Probably more time efficient which in turn is cost efficient.  My boat is about to end its life span but i bought the materials and crafted it a day before i knew my boat was going to die.
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  11. Kailua added a post in a topic "Accumulated Trades" All-time or Daily?   

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  12. Kailua added a post in a topic "Accumulated Trades" All-time or Daily?   

    Did you ever find out? I actually wanted to know the same thing.
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