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  1. vishstix added a topic in General   

    Will BDO stick around?
    Hello im a returning player and I was wondering If BDO is dying. I know with the server merge the world does still feel alive. I was gone for about 3 months and I am extremely behind on gear and I feel like I wont be able to catch up any time soon. I do enjoy the game but I do not want to invest so much time in catching up if the game is dying.
    • 15 replies
  2. vishstix added a topic in PVP   

    Musa or Kunoichi who is better in pvp
    So I have been playing Musa since it came out and im having issues in large pvp.
    I started playing kunoichi and I really enjoy it.
    I was just wondering how they are in 1v1, small group pvp, and GvG compared to Musa.
    • 7 replies
  3. vishstix added a post in a topic Are ogre rings worth farming   

    well my node is lvl 9, still working on getting a S, Im lvl 55 132/170
    Im more or less wondering if getting my node to 10 is worth the energy. If its worth farming i can totally see getting it to ten but otherwise i feel like it would be a waste of energy
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  4. vishstix added a topic in General   

    Are ogre rings worth farming
    Theoretically if some one had a Level 10 mansha node, S rank on ogres, +5 luck, and save 1000 loyalties for the drop rate blessing every 10 days. Would ogre ring drop rate be worth farming a bunch. I know Rng is Rng but Im not sure how much the drop rate increases with all of those put together.
    • 31 replies
  5. vishstix added a post in a topic LVL 30 life skill quests   

    every guide i read says i need to be skilled 9
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  6. vishstix added a topic in General   

    LVL 30 life skill quests
    So im skilled 9 in cooking and gathering and i finished the lvl 25 advancement quests but the black spirit will not give me the advancement quests in his little guide menu. I also tried just going to the npc's with no luck. I tried turning all quests on and off and im also lvl 55. Please help
    • 2 replies
  7. vishstix added a topic in General   

    What class is better in PVP overall Musa or wizard
    Title, I have both and I want to focus on one, Im bad at both so i cant really judge by playing yet
    • 17 replies
  8. vishstix added a topic in Musa   

    Carver,Divider,Whirlwind slash
    So what do you guys think about the changes for these skills. I did a bit of testing and im not sure if im not using them right or what but they still dont seem worth putting points into them. What do you guys think? Am i missing something?
    • 11 replies
  9. vishstix added a post in a topic What accessories should i go for with Liverto and bhegs   

    thx for the reply, but wouldnt blue corrals be better since i do not need the acc but the wp would help me hit harder and move around more?
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  10. vishstix added a topic in Musa   

    What accessories should i go for with Liverto and bhegs
    So i have +15 liverto, + 15 white horn bow, +15 3 piece taritas(Helm,chest,boots) and +12 bhegs gloves. My question is what accessories should i be going for? Alot of the guides suggest acc/ap accessories but I also keep reading that Bhegs/Liverto is all the acc ill ever need for pvp. Im just not sure what to get while i'm finishing up my bhegs. btw i have all the poverty accessories right now (+5ap rings,earrings,necklace and rhutum belt)
    • 4 replies
  11. vishstix added a topic in Musa   

    A tankier musa
    So I have my musa at lvl 52 and I really enjoy the play style but I seem to have a lot of issues in Pvp and with higher level mobs. I understand that im supposed to dash in, combo, dash out and use my block when needed but im still pretty bad at it. I was wondering if a tanky build would be viable at all on my musa as well as what gear I would shoot for. It seems like when ever I Pvp I just get knocked down super fast and lose before i can do anything at all. And with large groups of Elrics or helms I just get destroyed. I have thought about just playing a warrior or valk  so I can face tank more but I have tried both and they just dont feel right compared to my musa. So i guess my question is, Is a tankier musa build viable and if so what gear should I be aiming for.
    • 2 replies
  12. vishstix added a topic in PVP   

    Help with musa pvp
    So i'm a level 51 Musa and i'm having a really hard time in Pvp against guildies. Im wearing Grunil/Taritas and I have 84 ap/ 126 dp. I feel like I'm useless and im not sure what to do. I can live for a little while against my warrior friend but it seems like any other class they get me on my back and burst me down so fast I cant do anything. Ive tried blocking and being defensive and Ive tried being aggressive and trying to get them down and burst with dragonbite combo and lunar slash but i feel like i cant burst fast or hard enough. I'm starting to think maybe this class isnt for me maybe I should roll a tanky character that can soak up some damage. Any help would be much appreciated 
    • 3 replies
  13. vishstix added a topic in General   

    Is there any way to change look without real money
    I do not have a lot of money but i was able to get the 30 bucks to buy the game. I really really like the game, its amazing. The ONLY problem i have in the game is my character still looks the same as a level one toon. If I had the money i would for sure give the developers more of it but I dont. My question is as the title reads. Is there anywqay to get a new outfit or costume without spending real money. If not is there any talk of maybe putting it in for alot of silver or maybe something you have to farm?
    • 3 replies