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  1. Hemuk added a post in a topic If there would be new server would you play?   

    I dont think many people would, and the few who willing would soon realize that they're just losing their time, this game is a marathon, not a sprint, even new players benefit from a developed economy; new servers would be kindda pointless.
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  2. Hemuk added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Yes but then you have official statements in the forums claiming and I quote "The node level system is working as intended" which more than clearing things up, is confusing AF.
    They have a good excuse tho, sample sizes to test anything in this game have to be unrealistically big, so we're unable to do proper ones, for example, lets say a lvl 10 node gives twice the chance for yellow rarity items, so you go from a 0.20% chance to a whooping 0.40%, you'd need millions of kills and hundreds if not thousands of actual drops to notice it, but hey; its WORKING AS INTENDED.
    What a waste of such a cool feature.
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  3. Hemuk added a post in a topic NERFING hurts a lot of players   

    To be fair, the cooking byproducts nerf is barely noticible unless you cook hundreds of thousands of whatever for the sole purpose of CP, which is funny, cause then you're the reason it was nerfed in the first place.
    Then again I am one of those guys if I knew back then what I know now I would've reached 350 CP within months of release; now that the game's been out for a while and there's guides and knowledge everywhere I understand why they nerf it, I just hate the "ninja" part; they should put that shit on the patch notes.
    The trading nerf tho, complete bullshit, the entire thing.
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  4. Hemuk added a post in a topic Cooking is no longer very profitable   

    Being able to post more or less amounts will make no difference in the market, the second you post insane amounts of something someone else will do the same but 1 silver cheaper than you and people will flock to the 1 silver cheaper by default; the system cannot be improved cause the system isnt the problem, it's supply and demand, if you're a MP player you know that most things you post; you'll have to take down and post again cheaper cause some smartass pulled the 1 silver bs mentioned earlier once and again, expecting your stuff to sell just cause it's been up for a long time isnt just ilogical, it's completely the opposite from the truth, the more something's been up, the more chances other people have had to repost said thing, but cheaper, if you sell things like Meals, teas or even beers (on weekends) you should know sometimes shit will just never sell, so you gotta repost; and no amount of items being posted will change that.
    In fact, the amount limit is a safeguard to "avoid abuse", for example, sometimes I just amass insane amounts of ingredients for something, then I cook that something in 1 day and end up with dozens of thousands of that said something, but because my MP is always full cause I cook other things, do grunils, bloods etc, my MP space is precious so if I wanna get rid of all this items I just cooked, sometimes I'll just go ahead and post them for the minimum. and I dont know if you know this but, when you post something for the minimun, you'll have the complete and utter control on that market*, it becomes a first come, first serve, so as long as I posted this items before you did, even if it was for the min price, my items will always be on top of the list just because I posted em first, BUT I am limited, because of this amount limitation, so even if I have dozens of thousands of said item, I can only post so many. . . that gives you and other people the chance for your items to be sold, cause if I had no posting limit, I'd sell my dozen thousand items before you'd sell a single one, which is kindda abusive.
    Then again, if all items are the same price, people could just buy any from the huge list, but people dont open their MP and think "Mmm, all of this itrems are of the same price, so I'll help this little guy at the bottom of the list and buy his items", people just go to the top listed item, snipe what they need and move on with their lives, the option is there, just nobody cares, same with your system, nobody will care and if I no-life enough I'll repost cheaper so much and so often that you'll never sell a meal again.
    My point? the system isnt the problem, it's as preventive of abuse as it can be, and the limitations you mention are there for that very reason.
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  5. Hemuk added a post in a topic How do you deal with the terrible serve?   

    I personally just go to lower level areas and 1 shot everything just for them loots.
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  6. Hemuk added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    The best I've gotten are Mark of Shadow, several of them, in a row. . .
    But I've seen guildies get Kzarka Boxes (via UI).
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  7. Hemuk added a post in a topic Can we get more Black Spirit Crystals?   

    It took me a month to snipe 2 awakened ones from the AH, and in that time i failed to get double the amount of those normal ones, it is in fact ridiculous we need a way of doing them like with seals or alchemy, it's something every class, hell, every player wants, no matter the circumstance and it should be more accesible even if it's by ridiculous standards.
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  8. Hemuk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    The golden egg quest carries on for another week.
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  9. Hemuk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

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  10. Hemuk added a post in a topic Goose egg turn in doesn't work   

    I'm afraid the event is over and quests are disabled, we just got to keep whatever eggs we had, cant get more black ones tho, I wish we knew but it makes sense since the event was said to end today.
    Shit's over, golden egg quest carries on for another week tho.
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  11. Hemuk added a post in a topic 5k hr reward lies   

    My bet is; nothing tomorrow then a couple days of silence, then "next maint".
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  12. Hemuk added a post in a topic 5k hr reward lies   

    Dont wanna sound like an asshole, but acording to who? You're just a mod.
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  13. Hemuk added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

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  14. Hemuk added a post in a topic Save Cooking byproducts until kamasylvi region ?   

    As someone who is hoarding 40k CP dishes and counting for Kamasylve I can tell you this will be our last chance for a CP raise, causde in theory; since the tooltip has been changed from 300 to 400, we've recieved any and all CP cap raises there will be and we're (again, in theory) cought up with Korea, but as someone with 350, there was absolutely no EXP difference in EXP needed per level when the tooltip was raised, so I am led to believe that maybe we havent gotten the final CP raise just yet and in fact, like you, Kamasylve is our last chance for a CP change.
    Now, to your question, IMHO there's more probabilities for lower tiers like yours to recieve a cap raise and for it to be easier to get CP than it is for me, so I'd recommend you to not just wait, but dedicate a good chunk of your gameplay to cooking/alchemy, since they've nerfed the CP byproduct before and who knows what they might do next.
    We dont know when Kamasylve will reach us and that's the problem with my recommendation, in theory (third time now) you should wait and cook, but seeing as you're in the lower tiers, and taking into account that we have no idea whatsoever as when Kamasylve will be released AND due to the fact that there's no reassurement that there will be a final CP cap push, I'd say; just use your CP byproducts now, get the CP that you need, try to save as much as you can and keep cooking.
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  15. Hemuk added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Another case of "misscommunication"?
    It's ok if it is, we'd just like to know, you know, a straight "you aint getting shit" would be nice so we can riot properly, this doubting is limiting.
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