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  1. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic pearl item refund before coupon expire??   

    I'm waiting to hear back for the same issue, once again things are added to the game where you have to guess on how / what they do, basic principle with coupon is add to basket > Apply coupon. Guess what, not in BDO.
    Hopefully they'll do the right thing and refund at least the pearls you should have saved from using the coupon. 
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  2. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Macros Question   

    It's not always about "l2p git gud" we have a member that is severely disabled so such actions are not always easy for him as it is to you and me, for all we know littizie could struggle with this too, no harm in asking so no need to be a little shit. 
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  3. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Entitlement.   

    Nothing worse than the "Oh you're so entitled" brigade.
    Most people are not pissed off at the rewards etc it's more the fact that this event just showed how incompetent the devs actually are, the event was a shambles. 
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  4. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic A new year for BDO - your wishlist?   

    Guild Overhaul 
    The entire guild system needs an overhaul, they started it off well but it's poorly executed.
    Guild Wars
    Why no alliances?
    Why can't we click direct who we are at war with to view details?
    No bonuses to actually winning (as far as I am aware)
    Saying of the day
    Completely pointless and broken, just need to be removed and replaced with a guild notice system that actually works with messages longer than 3 words
    Fix the delete button, not been able to delete any messages
    Guild missions / Wages for members
    Why can we not have clear information on who participated in the guild missions including how much effort they put in?
    Why can we not see who takes the most money out of the guild?
    Tired of having to manually track who actually helps the guild to see who deserves a pay rise or who is a dirty leecher
    Guild Calendar
    Why is there no guild calendar to plan events easier?
    Guild Members 
    Why can we only see family names when members are offline? 
    Why can't we click a member and see all his various characters weather he is online or offline?
    These are just things off the top of my head, the guild system just feels incomplete. 
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  5. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Entitlement.   

    Spoilt? Entitled? Even if you are not arsed about rewards or an event it still shows how incompetent the dev team actually is considering how hard this failed.
    That's not being entitled or spoilt it's just looking at the facts, this event was a disaster and says volumes about the team. 
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  6. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Ungrateful, spoiled brats stop whining   

    Spoilt? Entitled? Even if you are not arsed about rewards or an event it still shows how incompetent the dev team actually is considering how hard this failed.
    That's not being entitled or spoilt it's just looking at the facts, this event was a disaster and says volumes about the team. 
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  7. Lv01Magikarp added a topic in General   

    Celebrate 1 year? Now considering quitting
    These past few days has done nothing but show the huge cracks in the dev team, especially this past hour and a half, you want us to celebrate with you? Why?
    This whole event has done nothing but leave a sour taste in my mouth, before the "You're not entitled to anything" brigade starts let me just say this, whilst the loot and rewards are a whole different story I am talking about the whole "planning" or lack there of that went into this poor "event", the dev team literally seems incompetent at this point. 
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  8. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Boss Event 10AM PST Big Nose Gathered Issues in Game During and After Event   

    The loot is literally trash anyway, rather spend an hour hitting trees and get 3 mil from sharp black stones than a shitty 34k wall ornament. 
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  9. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    100% hit the boss, got DC'd, joined a different channel only to find people have gotten their loot.
    I've not gotten shit.
    So not only is this the worst event in gaming history they also made it so you have to LOOT the Lag Nose instead of just sending via mail? 
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  10. Lv01Magikarp added a topic in General   

    Compensation confirmed
    Can't weight to get the compo for this failed "event"

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  11. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    It's literally like they thought of the event 2 minutes before releasing the patch, this was not thought out one bit, absolute abomination. 
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  12. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    The most ridiculous thing i've seen in an online game in a long time, should have been on way more channels than it currently is, bosses not even below 95%, half the people have died and/or crashed unable to respawn or reconnect.
    Great job.
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  13. Lv01Magikarp added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    I don't actually own the game but was borderline buying it 20 minutes ago after seeing a very nice review of it on YouTube, until my common sense kicked in and decided to dig a little into the "English" version of the game (Was actually checking to see if this version retained all the cut scenes etc like the Korean version) and stumbled across that it has a cash shop.
    Did further digging, here I am, I will not be purchasing, while the game looks great and no doubt I will have fun in it I just can't justify paying the price knowing of the extortion going on in the store for a B2P game.
    You need to get your act together or turn it F2P before you lose even more (potential) new players and your current ones.
    I will be back when it does, to try it, not to play it like I would if this shop didn't exist, let's be honest any game with this type of negativity surrounding it will never last unless it buckles under the pressure of greed forcing them to go F2P with the overpriced shop, because ----- listening to the community of gamers, what do they know.
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