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  1. petesonline added a topic in Suggestions   

    BDO worker mini game app for android and ios
    A mini game that allows you to manage your workers, without having your computer running all the time, and expand some processing functions to workers. Let workers process some basic/raw materials. You can also incorporate farming into a mini game and possible market selling and buying
    the free version of the app generates money from ads like most free use app models but is limited to a couple hours a day, and have a premium version that is ad free, no time limit for $1.99/month. 
    I also have a very novel way of managing it all, but that is a secrete I willing to share with pearlabyss
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  2. petesonline added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    My spot!
    My rotation!
    LoL, The only thing that is yours in this game is that idea that someone owes you anything!
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  3. petesonline added a post in a topic Alexmac Enhancement Guide   

    another good spot in velia is in front of Cron castle, at low level they 4 shot you, and when you res at closest node, it drops you just at the entrance far enough just to avoid aggr from the guards.
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  4. petesonline added a post in a topic Quinthill   

    This is a hidden node, invest in the node, talk to the node manager, you should see an invest x amount of energy to get new knowledge, invest energy, hidden node is visible. You do need to visit the node managers, you can't invest or open the node from distance.
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  5. petesonline added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Nightvendor silver bug
    I was at the night vendor in Hidel with 187 m silver in the warehouse and another 124 m silver in Altinova. Got muskan boots for 204 m. I tried to lock in the item but it would not put the chains around the item, I did get the message "your item will be held until /0315.0748" rode like a madman on another toon from altinova to hidel with 100m, and night vendor did not have my boots on hold. I made it back well within the time limit. Anyone else have this issue. I tried for an item I had enough silver for and it worked. I think there is an issue if you don't have enough silver on hand you will get the hold message, but item will not be held for later purchase.
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  6. petesonline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    Pls buff zerker, grabs d'cying , low damage, awakening skills lack mobility! Pls at least give us a chance to beat other classes!
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  7. petesonline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

  8. petesonline added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    Where is the new level 55 quest? Combat level up. Is that the one at Sauson garrison?
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  9. petesonline added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Haters will hate, I continue to enjoy everything about this game, nothing is stopping me from playing and continuing to progress in the game and I'm happy to see the developer adding content at a neckbreak pace. Given the scale of this game and the complexity of it, my hat off to the team working on the NA servers. What other developer has put out major content at this pace? Major updates every other month! I love this game and a HUGE! Thank you to the development team for all the hard work, you guys are doing a super job. Some people will never be happy no matter what, its a shame people don't understand the level of complexity involved and the fact every company has limited resources. I digress. DAUM THANK YOU.
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  10. petesonline added a post in a topic Daum please make this costume for awakening   

    I'm wishing for a different lance skin, a spear. All of our awaken skills represent spear attacks almost perfectly. Even though musa and meahwa look similar to spear, really function as halberd or the Korean version of it. I just think the exaggerated lance is a little too much for me. Seems like some weapons in an exaggerated form just don't look that good.
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  11. petesonline added a post in a topic Daum please make this costume for awakening   

    I like the thinner spear lance instead of the exaggerated midevil one, the shield is similar in size to the awakening one. I love the Greek Spartan feel, like the movie 300 but in female form. It fits well with the desert theme of median too. And if they wanted to show more skin, it should be easy enough, make the breast plate a little smaller, or like an armor corset where the top can still jiggle, but I've seen a full armor set in KR for valk so I'm starting to think jiggling is not that important.  
    It be so cool to see 4-5 valks make a shield wall and just move in like a porcupine, with spears out front.
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  12. petesonline added a topic in Valkyrie   

  13. petesonline added a post in a topic Amity lock   

    ah thank you, that must be it.
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  14. petesonline added a topic in General   

    Amity lock
    Is there a point at which you can no longer earn amity with a certain npc. Last night I'm working on fixing my durability for my yuria, after a certain point my conversation no longer earn amity. 7 sparks no amity earned. Same thing with Techthon armor vendor. Is there a limit or is musa even more broken?
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