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  1. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Value pack is optional and not p2w and for you all "we should sub like WoW"   

    I bought the game 30,- Euro
    Bought Costumes, Elion's tears Horse breed resets etc...spend over 400 Euros.
    Now they sneak in a "Premium Membership"?
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  2. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic It's only a matter of time till we get Valks cry   

    the node investment thing is convenience
    the colour stuff is convenience
    weiht and inventory space is convenience
    XP Buff and more money from market place is spending real Money to get an advantage what you can't get without real money...call it what ever you want...I call it P2Win.
    I frequently spend money in the cash shop, but introducing this Value Pack they lost my trust and the only thing left is regretting spending hunders of Euros...
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  3. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic If value packs 30% marketplace boost stays..   

    What I don't like about this introduction is the time chosen.
    I just spend 30 Euros for the game and there was no subscription, so I spend a few hundred Euros for costumes and what so ever to support a game I like.
    Now after several months they add this kind of mandatory premium membership on top of the high cash shop prices.
    And, if you want to play competitive you need to buy this Value Pack...
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  4. Mr.Drown added a topic in Sorceress   

    PvE Grinding with/without "bugged" DF
    Hi all,
    I've played sorc since release, mostly PvE and I'm 55,5 right now.
    I hoped for a fix of df to be able to process further.
    Frankly we were told that everything is correct now with df...so be it.
    How are you guys able to grind now?
    Should I just hit Shard explosion every 30 sec. and jump around until cd is off?
    When I use Claws the damage income is massive, df does mediocre damage off cd and nothing on cd.
    Wave of Darkness does mediocre damage but mobs are closing in and you need to interrupt.
    My trip to Valencia was not satisfying at all;)
    Which skills are all these sorcs using that pretend that sorc is still great???
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  5. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic What I Did in BDO Today   

    My day, acually like every day except Sundays:
    - maximize game
    - check garden
    - give beer to workers-
    - get scroll and this new valencia thing
    - minimize game and do other stuff, while leveling horses...
    - (since it is Sunday I will do my 7 daily scrolls and my weekly, but no motivation yet)
    - two weeks ago I sometimes grinded for lvl 56 on my sorc, but since class is bugged, nerfed whatsoever I can hardly kill the mobs I usually farmed easily
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  6. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    I was using horseshoes to constantly build 25+ failstacks but within the last 3 weeks I got 5x +10 horseshoes without getting over 15 failstacks.
    Burning through stones without even trying to upgrade my gear has happened the last three weekends now after making my 8 scroll bosses.
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  7. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Just turned lvl 28, no skill learned.
    So yes, 11 skills so far since lvl 18
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  8. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I reset caution for IA at level 18 at my Tier7 getting 4 hope on sprint while exchanging.
    Frankly no more skills until 27 even though caution was back in the pool.
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  9. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi all,
    I had some very bad luck lately or maybe this is intended.
    So I wanna ask you if you experienced the same.
    I have a T6 and a T7 at my wagon now.
    The T7 had 11 skills at lvl 18 and the T6 has 11 skillls at 21.
    Frankly most of the good skills were missing.
    So I threw some pearls at them and have now 6 "hope" for sprint at the T7 and unlearned caution for instant acceleration.
    Now my T7 is lvl 27 and hasn't learned any skills at all.
    I had to similar T6 before where I had 11 or even 12 skills around 20 and leveled them up to 30 without getting one single skill.
    It feels like there is no reward in leveling these last 10 levels and all of you know how much time it takes to do that.
    So should I throw my last pearls at my only T7, which I got after over 50 breed attempts, now or wait until lvl 30?
    Thanks for your help.
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  10. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi Adora,
    I decided to not post anymore in this thread because of my frustration.
    But since your post made me feel better, I will write about my breeding experience.
    Actually I lost count of my breeding attempts, I was on 30 pre patch breeding attempts for pure breed and now over 20 post patch.
    Pre patch I mostly breed T5/T6 25/26, due to not having a single T6f.
    Now I'm breeding mostly T6/T6 at 27/28 and after over 50 breeding attempts....no T7.
    My wife shuts her computer down at nght, hasn't spend money for breeding resets and is at maybe 20 breeding attempts and got 2 T7 the last 3 days.
    So...it really sucks...not just for you.
    In addition I failed 12 times from failstack 25-37 to enchant my bheg gloves to +11.
    Using the 37 and 38 failstacks afterwards to destroy my pri witch earrings is just a sidenote  
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  11. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic RNG too brutal for game to ever be popular   

    Lucky you
    And the only explanation we get is...RNG.
    For those defending RNG.
    When I go in a casino and put my money on the table (let's say Roulette or I play the lottery) I can calculate my odds and I know what chance I get for putting my money on a number or black/red.
    But in this game you have only rumors about how many fail stacks you should get without ever knowing how much you increase your odds and if it is worth it.
    They should just add the percentage of success on every enchant and the amount of increase with a failstack!
    Then I know my odds and if I'm willing to gamble.
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  12. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic RNG too brutal for game to ever be popular   

    I had my greatest RNG day yesterday so far.
    Bought ancient relics crystals to get durability back for my +10 bheg gloves. (40 durability)
    After spending 25 kk and 90 minutes of mindlessly killing this boss I had 45 memory fragments to upgrade my gloves.
    First I had of course problems getting unlucky so spend 20 kk more on stones to get to 25 failstacks. (not sure if this number is enough)
    Then I tried 12 times to upgrade my bheg gloves without success.
    Sitting on 37 failstacks I decided to upgrade my pri MoS and failed twice.
    So..125kk lighter bheg gloves on 20 durability and 4 AP less. No MoS in market place, no money and feel slightly -----ed by the system.
    Will focus on lifeskills will never again try duo or even tri on high price accessories and hate the game a little bit more, sadly.
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  13. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi everyone,
    I'm not posting that much, but was following for almost all the pages.
    Really appreciated the helpfullness and good mood for most of the time here.
    Here are my latest breeding results and probably my last:
    Breed attempt 31-35 Ketchup Male T5 lvl 29/ 2x Ketchup Female T5 Lvl 29
    4 breeds with resets + exchange ended in 2 T6 male, 2 T5 female and 1 T6 female.
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  14. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Just for the data:
    Attempt 23-25
    Both T5 lvl 29 black with white mane first breed, T5F, second breed (femalereset) T6M, exchange T5F
    So 25 attempts for T7, no T7 and only one T6F
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  15. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    T7 attempt 21+22:
    T5 m+f lvl 29 black with white mane -> T5F female -> breed reset -> T6 female
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  16. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Maybe some more data for the failures.
    I had 20 attempts so far, all done on 25/26 with T5 female and t6 male
    10 of them have been pure black breedings
    The rest mixed breedings for brown T7 and black T7 with points in all colors.
    Will be breeding my T5 black with white mane armada as soon as they reach 29...that takes soooo -----ing long
    Ah almost forgot...all attempts failed, got one T6F a few T6M, but mostly T5F
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  17. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Farming Sunflowers (not enough seeds)   

    I wasn't complaining about making less money than grinding or fishing.
    Farming has the benefit of working very well at night while I sleep and at daytime when i work.
    So I spend 20 minutes in the morning and some hours in the evening.
    I am complaining about the pure amount of seeds that suddenly changed.
    From my stash of 2k sunflowers that was growing and growing while making crates with 6 workers I'm now out of sunflowers and had to reduce workers to just 3.
    That can't be pure rng, because it took a week maybe two to happen.
    Usually when I harvest in the morning on 120% at the last fence I have to harvest for sunflowers due to my inventory bursting.
    Now, I just checked I had 15 spare seeds while planting new out of 40 sunflowers on 120%.
    That makes 55 seeds out of 40 plants.
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  18. Mr.Drown added a topic in General   

    Farming Sunflowers (not enough seeds)
    I've been breeding sunflowers for a couple of weeks now with 4 strong farms.
    To make crates out of it I used 6 workers, otherwise I got overwhelmed.
    This has changed I assume since last patch.
    Now I barely get two seeds out of a sunflower, the majority is just one seed and I end up with harvesting more than 75% of my crops for seeds.
    I went down to 3 workers due to lack of sunflowers.
    Has anyone experienced a similar change in getting seeds?
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  19. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    There is no more increased xp at night when solo riding, if that was your plan
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  20. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I assume as one before too that you are talking about two different things.
    I had now 15 attempts for T7, two of them were with purebreed blacks, but and that is I think the majority here, with T5F+T6M, since I'm still lacking my first T6F.
    When you breed T5+T6 the breakpoint is 51, there is no higher breakpoint.
    Breeding T6+T6 opens up another breakpoint over 44, but I think most breadings were done with T5F or even T4
    So calm down and it's just rng that sucks.
    I'm done with T7 purebreeding, leveling for 4 days or so just to get screwed, spending money on resets because of the time spend and a glimps of hope...
    Tryying to fill my stable with T6 horses leveling them up to finally get a horse with good skills.
    Had so many horses that had 11 or even 12 skills at 20 in hope for the missing good skills and they didn't learn anything more
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  21. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I lost count for number of attempts, 13 and 14 i think..
    My first attempt with black purebreeds M29 T6 + F lvl22 T5 resulted in a T6M black with white mane(punk)
    M T6 Ketchup Lvl 26 + F T5 Brown/white mane Lvl25 resulted in blueish T5 F
    Still waiting for T7 and first T6F
    I started selling horses that I don't wanna keep and have a value of over 10mio.
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  22. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I made the same experinece with my horses, first there was drift, then my first T5 with sprint then first instant acceleration.
    Most recently first T6 with drift and instant acceleration soon hitting level 28.
     I just found the source. (Well actually my wife found it )
    Gametip 272
    "Horses with certain skills have a better chance of breeding higher grade horses when mating including exchanges."
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  23. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    You are not alone...I read it too.
    Not sure if it was the flowing tool tip or somewhere at the stable, but somewhere it says that skills increase chances of breeding.
    What I'm not sure of is if the quality or quantity affects breeding.
    From my own experience, there has been no difference in breeding potatoes or einsteins
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  24. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi, I can contribute to that with my male version of that horse called Blizz, frankly no blizz skills...anyway
    Speed 141.1                 Turn 132.4
    Acell    141.9                 Brake 131.2
    Frankly it is like it is...
    I had several horses that looked very promising until level 20, sometimes 25 and I took the effort to level the last 10 level, which you all know is very very time consuming.
    This has been done post breeding just because I believed in the smartness of the horse and was hoping for the last 2 good skills.
    It always ended up in a maximum of 12 skills with one or two of the speed skills missing.
    Still waiting for a horse with drift, sprint and instant acceleration.
    It looks like you just have to level every horse to 30 and hope for the best.
    A sidenote from my own experience with Horse Skill Exchange Coupons:
    I had a promising horse at level 30, 12 skills learned and was missing only instant acceleration as my desired skill.
    10 coupons later while changing between caution and high jump...no instant acceleration.
    I did get a nice Hopee +10 number on instant acceleration which looks very nice for 25 bucks
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  25. Mr.Drown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    So attempt 11 and 12 accomplished after leveling for 5 days.
    T6 mustard/ketchup male (25) + T5 brown/white mane (26) gave me 2 times the same male T6.
    Once again no T6 female or T7 
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