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  1. ManaAether added a post in a topic Let's work on finding some compromise!   

    Old KR flagging system definitely. I wasn't aware of the specifics of it beforehand. I think penalties for PK should be changed. Rather than lose progress if you die you should just have a variety of inconveniences and you should become a target for other players. You ARE doing something bad so you should still be punished. I'd say you could still get PvP points(less so though) and other rewards for killing red players. Basically putting the punishment of red players in other players' hands and rewarding them for doing so.
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  2. ManaAether added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    History lesson for you in regards to weaponry used in war. Greek and Macedonian armies all used one handed lances with a shield. A sword was their backup weapon basically. If you were using a Sword you were as good as dead pretty much. This was of course with a Phalanx formation mostly. It does have a big time historical use though. I believe there was a part of time where the Greeks didn't use lances but for a lot of it they did use them. I believe the Romans used them as well.
    Now to be honest I would have preferred a two handed spear/halberd but I can see why they went with the lance. I believe they stated it will expand on the magical and tanky parts of Valkyrie.
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  3. ManaAether added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    I definitely would like a "heavy" feel to the awakening weapon. It could still be fairly mobile as well though. I think sticking to some Magic or maybe even more magic would be good as well.
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  4. ManaAether added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    The point that was still standing was that Valkyrie shouldn't get a Spear because Tamer is getting a Spear. Tamer isn't getting a Spear so the point doesn't still stand.
    In a game with a majority of Sword users I wouldn't be surprised if some people get the same kind of weapon anyway though. Obviously what we speculate here has no effect on what weapon Valk should get.
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  5. ManaAether added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    No it doesn't. The previous art was of the original concept they had for Tamer which was a Magic Spear. It was changed to a Pole. So no other class has currently been revealed to have a Spear yet.
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  6. ManaAether added a post in a topic Underwater Dungeon   

    Oh yeah I'm totally not saying underwater combat. Underwater connecting the rooms is more of what I'm going for. Screw underwater combat lol. It would either be really plain or would require way too much time to implement correctly.
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  7. ManaAether added a post in a topic Underwater Dungeon   

    Oh it's from a Zelda game. Yeah I never got into those so I wouldn't know lol.
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  8. ManaAether added a post in a topic Underwater Dungeon   

    I find it a kind of bland name for a dungeon to be honest haha
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  9. ManaAether added a post in a topic No shield Warrior Suggestion   

    5 classes not 4 you forgot Tamer  Yeah but really this game has so many options for Sword users if you want a different play style with a Sword check out the other classes. If you just want a defensive style class like Warrior then it makes sense to have a Shield. Also Warriors get Greatswords as their Awakening weapon and can Guard with that still.
    Heck Bladers still have a Guard anyway so there will be a class that blocks with just a Sword implemented at some point.
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  10. ManaAether added a topic in Suggestions   

    Underwater Dungeon
    An idea I thought of for another dungeon that could be added. This would obviously not be added for a while as they would need to add in the Valencia stuff first. It would be to have another end game dungeon that requires group play. Maybe you would need materials from the Valencia dungeons to even get to this one.
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  11. ManaAether added a post in a topic Give Potion Use An Animation   

    It's Ranger haha. Possibly, I forgot about Rangers being potion hungry. Isn't Ranger really the only class that is so potion heavy? I would think making them less potion hungry wouldn't be too hard.
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  12. ManaAether added a post in a topic Give Potion Use An Animation   

    Imo I think it would be better to disable pots for PvP altogether, and just scale the damage down. It will make the matches better I think.
    As for PvE content they honestly seem okay. Maybe increase the CD to 8-10 seconds instead of 5 and combine the HP and MP pot CD.
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  13. ManaAether added a post in a topic NO TRADE OR FULL TRADE   

    I like this idea the most. Still trading, but restricted trading.
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  14. ManaAether added a post in a topic Party Exp leveling   

    Honestly this would be a great solution to the slower leveling speed. They could not change any EXP values and implement this and leveling would be perfect. It would help lower competition for a grinding spot as well as you said.
    In regards to loot there are a couple ways to do it fairly. It's been done before. Here's what I think would work best:
    An option for either even drop distribution, with gear for a specific class going to that class first if dropped or rolling on gear when it drops and whoever wins gets it, or you only get the drops you picked up. With even distribution and silver, you would basically divide the silver by party member and add a bonus amount to it. Obviously this would be a choice but overall the even distribution would be better for everyone.
    This would further incentivize partying as well.
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  15. ManaAether added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    I like the idea of a Chakram, but I don't feel like it fits Valkyrie very well. I think the most likely weapon would be a Spear still and that would be the one I would prefer the most as well. Honestly I don't see why Valkyrie and Plum can't both get a Polearm... I mean... Including Ranger Awakening and genders we have what, 8 Sword users? 9 if you wanna include the Greatsword for Warrior as a seperate Sword user... 2 Polearm users really wouldn't be bad at all compared to that LOL. I really like the one handed Sword/Rapier idea of ditching the Shield but... no more Swords. There are way too many.
    I do hope Valkyrie keeps her Magic+Melee hybrid style though. A Spear user with Magic wouldn't be too off the wall, and females in Black Desert lore are more gifted in Magic including the Valkyrie. They will probably still keep a Defensive approach to the Spear as well. This could give a very different feel compared to Plum using a Polearm.
    The main other route I could see them going is a more Magical one but idk how they would do that.
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