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  1. 1017 added a post in a topic How many dead Small People would there be if NPC Killing was a Thing?   

    The "Hello, how may I help you?" lady next to the warehouse in Capital...
    I was so happy when I found out that the warehouse manager is so fat, that if I go on the other side of him, I can't hear her
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  2. 1017 added a post in a topic Horse Avg XP & Leveling Time with & without Enhancements   

    To sprint your horse needs to have a saddle. You can remove the saddle and it will no longer be a problem.
    If you are taking the horse to high level, I'd suggest teaching the horse the sprint skill 100% by doing the W/S minigame. You can then wear a saddle and the horse runs faster because of sprint
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  3. 1017 added a post in a topic Combat Vs Life skillers   

    I think the energy system is great. There needs to be a way they make us prioritize what we do and level.
    Grinders invest energy in nodes, crafters invest in processing and gathering etc...
    If there was no energy and no reason to prioritize, everyone would just craft everything for themselves. There is no "work" involved in crafting except for gathering hides, stone and blood basically (there are a few more things workers can't obtain, I know), the rest is energy management. - If you want to create a wagon, just click the wagon and click build a few times. There is no time investment in the actual crafting. If you want to make beer, just add the ingredients and click, if there was no energy here, go afk a few hours and have enough beer for the rest of the month.
    Right now, if you process items (and have a decent processing skill) you actually increase the value (input vs output), while if there was no energy requirement, lower tiered items would be worth more, because they give xp, highest tiered materials do not. Processing would be a chore and not an investment.
    It would all be about gathering enough materials (through workers mostly) to be able to bulk produce over night... 
    I think that allowing us to set prices higher (or lower) than the current "market value" would make crafting a lot more interesting. Take life skill clothes for instance. People don't want to try to make +2 clothes for sale when they are "worth" less than 10mill on market.
    Small note: The "life part" of the game does not always rely upon energy. You can "grind"-invest in trading, horses (high tiered horses are not valued high enough by market either imo), fishing and so on. 
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  4. 1017 added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I fear that breeders will get the short end of the stick though.
    Being able to level horses while not playing makes breeders redundant to everyone but fishers really...
    If it's automated there is no time investment, which means that everyone will be able to breed their own horses instead of buying them from breeders.
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  5. 1017 added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    People who level horses use a 4-horse wagon though...
    I feel like it breaks the game if too much is automated. For some skills, the most effective way of doing stuff is by not playing the game  (Processing)
    Also, seeing the towns filled with people walking in circles with backpacks on would be really silly...
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  6. 1017 added a post in a topic Pearl bed durability   

    Thanks a lot for replies. I feel safer now
    There are a lot of "gaps" in information in this game.., makes it difficult to make decisions
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  7. 1017 added a topic in General   

    Pearl bed durability
    Is it true hat beds from the cash shop have durability?
    It doesn't say anything about it in the shop, but I heard people talking about it.
    I know that chairs and other items that give buffs have a limited number of uses, but I am sure it is different with beds. (After using a bed I got from a quest for a long time, I haven't seen the yellow bar move at all)
    Does anyone here actually know if beds time out or have a limitied number of uses?
    If so: How long duration or how many uses do they have?
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