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  1. Metemer added a post in a topic [BDO KOREA] new AH system. What do you think ?   

    I'm uneducated in economy and everything related, and I have a question. When people complain about the possibility that someone can buy an item out and then inflate its price, effectively holding a monopoly over the item, isn't that called free market and capitalism? The same system that's in place in every 1st world country, and more or less works? (Clearly, if it didn't, we wouldn't have it... r-right?)
    While I can see that it's a system that favors the rich and disfavors the poor, but isn't that the nature of economy? That the rich are more well off than the poor? Hell, isn't rich and poor required for economy to exist? If there is only rich, that means everyone has everything they need, no demand for anything. If there's only poor, no one has anything, therefore no supply of anything.
    Welp, I don't know, but this is the same system other games use and it works, and it sounds good on paper too, so what's not to like. Tax could be lower though, but I understand its necessity. Though I don't really understand the necessity of having a limit on how many items you can sell, or now, buy. Also, I'm not too worried about general inflation. Usually when items' prices slowly crawl up, it doesn't mean that they are becoming more valuable, it's just that silver becomes easier to gain as the game ages, thus becomes less valuable.
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  2. Metemer added a post in a topic Hungarian guild on Jordine / Magyar guild Jordineon   

    Sok sikert Croxusrol es a UK-bol, tessek itt egy bump
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  3. Metemer added a post in a topic Daum change our Wizard/Witch Awakening's!   

    Sounds like you used the word "slightly" to describe an Overhaul. And optimism is a good thing but I don't think you're being realistic with this idea just flowing alllll the way to the top of the ladder from a short, undescriptive, poorly worded forum post. I know I'm being a bit harsh here, and I'm sorry, please try to take this as constructive criticism.
    It actually sounds like a cute idea, but I don't think most people would want that much assymetry in witch/wizard. I certainly don't.
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  4. Metemer added a post in a topic Display Unacquired Monster Knowledge in Percentage   

    I think Shanseala is right. I would also be happy if the devs revealed these percentages, but I don't think they have enough of a reason to do that. Feels like a pretty minor convenience thing, really.
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  5. Metemer added a post in a topic Combat Voices   

    I agree, there should be a slider for Player Voice.
    I play a Witch myself, and after 10 minutes of grinding I get a migrane and just turn off game audio, which makes it so much less fun.
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  6. Metemer added a post in a topic No Open World PK - On/Off Button   

    I don't think the devs would ever want to give you an On/Off button. They designed the game with PK'ing in mind. They want players and guilds to be able to dominate grind spots. The game I believe is advertised as a sandbox MMO, as someone mentioned. Imagine if games like DayZ or Rust you had a button to toggle PvP. It would be an entirely different game. It doesn't affect BDO to that scale, but to the same effect.
    Btw yes, this thread is one of the most cancerous threads I've seen here so far. Behave yourselves... This is an important topic that could affect any of you negatively, and if you act immaturely, the devs will ignore you.
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  7. Metemer added a post in a topic Who needs a lantern when it's night?   

    I think lanterns are a cool feature, simply not as essential as the game sometimes makes it out to be. I personally change my gamma/contrast settings with each day/night cycle, it's not as tedious as it may sound, especially once it becomes muscle memory.
    It's also unnecessarily overcomplicated just like everything else in this game, with having a decay timer(3 days or 3 hours or something) and needing oil. But meh, who cares!
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  8. Metemer added a post in a topic No Open World PK - On/Off Button   

    I think the only real issue here is AFK killing. No one really minds battling over grind spots, even if they get obliterated, it seems, by reading this thread, people can accept that as part of the game. But when you're just busy tending to your garden, leveling your horse, fishing, and generally being away from your keyboard, no chance of counterplay is given. It's just unpreventable punishment. The only way to prevent it is to not play the game.
    My solution is: after you don't give the game a keyboard input for 3 minutes, you should gain immunity. I don't see any way to abuse this. You can still ride your horse, cook and fish without keyboard inputs. If you are fishing actively, I think it's okay that you have to be on your toes and watch for ambushers, while also watching for the fishing minigame.
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  9. Metemer added a post in a topic Naval titles?   

    Romanticist of the ocean on BDDatabase seems to have the info you need.
    Sailor is there too, I see it's Life type, but no info on how to get it. Checked my other sources too, but no luck!
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  10. Metemer added a post in a topic Ecology Knowledge - Part I (Eastern Balenos)   

    @EverSoSailor That was kinda rude and obnoxious, beside being completely off topic.
    Guide looks awesome! Bookmarked and saved to my little list of awesome pieces of info. (pocket bible, if you will) I wonder how you found out the levels of the mobs? The hard way of visiting them with a character of around that level and using the colors as indication, or some easy way I'm unaware of?
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  11. Metemer added a post in a topic Knowledge sheet   

    That actually looks extremely well made. And I think Google Translate does a good enough job where the ones I quickly ran through were very understandable. Link for the lazy.
    Thanks so much for that!
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  12. Metemer added a post in a topic Knowledge sheet   

    Time to ask AAALLLLLL the streamers!
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  13. Metemer added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    This looks like it could be everything the previous maps were lacking, and more.
    I will bookmark this and keep it in mind, and if I get some sort of organized set of useful pieces of information, I'll send it your way.
    Here's my brainstorm of stuff to add:
    From us:
    Locations of skill point questsLocations of unique merchants with a list of stuff they sell(furniture merchants for example)Locations of named WorkersAsking the devs to make an API so that some of this is 95% less painful to collectI'm trying to think of some way to feasibly mark pieces of knowledge, but it's tough due to how much of it there is with different types and some of them are tied to quest chains, so that would be iffy.From you:
    A search button that searches in the name and description of markers(say you search for "pig hide" you would get the locations of mobs that drop it filtered)How about a hierarchical thing for the Legend (like the way atm every marker is a "child" of the "All Markers" button) - for when we end up with tens of groups. (I'm thinking "Gathering" group, "Quest" group, "NPC" group, etc)An account system that was mentioned earlier to add custom markers that are tied to your account. This could probably be overdeveloped, so just keep it simple Good luck, can't wait to see future improvements, and I will contribute when I feel that I'm competent enough about the game.
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  14. Metemer added a post in a topic More Counter-Parts.   

    I see, and I think I understand.
    In that case, I'd offer a different solution that might actually be feasible to implement for the devs - some kinds of potions that transform you into the things you are missing. It was done in GW2 and I'm sure other MMO's. You could get your Old Man or Giantess Potion from the pearl shop or some RP merchant for cheap or expensive, limited or unlimited use, and it transforms you into whatever you want to roleplay. I think some system like this would be a much more reasonable approach than creating entire classes for no other purpose than the way they look.
    I'm not suggesting to copy the GW2 system, but copy the GW2 system.
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  15. Metemer added a post in a topic Allow more than 5 Residences   

    Do we know the reason this is limited in the first place? No system should be in place without a purpose, that much anyone can agree with. Unlimited residences just sounds like more places for decorative people to sink money out of the economy and increase pearl value. Sounds like something I'd want as a dev.
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