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  1. Euphie added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    You people need to post your specs so they can pinpoint the problem, because this is not happening to everyone. 
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  2. Euphie added a post in a topic What are your other hobbies besides gaming?   

    I maintain large planted aquariums and do yoga when my health is ok. 
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  3. Euphie added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Would you be able to share this file for the hair? I've been messing with mine and am able to get one side close but the other side will not cooperate. 
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  4. Euphie added a post in a topic Would you want a magical girl skin for witches?   

    Who hurt you? 
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  5. Euphie added a post in a topic Sell used outfit - cash shop outfit coupon for the market   

    I support the first idea, but only for outfits that were originally purchased with pearls. I don't think people who buy outfits off the MP originally should be allowed to resell the outfits. 
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  6. Euphie added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Game forums are notoriously cancerous, the average player does not want to face the beast 
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  7. Euphie added a post in a topic Sunday node wars calph 1 shut down   

    @CM_Aethon The issue remains unresolved, as the towers are still there after maintenance. Would it be possible to push this issue? Many guilds are impacted by this glitch. None of us are able to defend nodes we already own because of it. It's no fun and extremely aggravating to not be able to war because of a glitch that is server-sided. 
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  8. Euphie added a post in a topic Sunday node wars calph 1 shut down   

    AND we could not place or fight tonight due to the forts still existing after the server came back up. Attempting to use siege buildings tonight that still existed from yesterday night resulted in the non-participant error. 
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  9. Euphie added a post in a topic Pet Chicken for cash shop   

    Also requesting special "chicken attack" function
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  10. Euphie added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    Okay, so you make a vague reference to something, expect everyone to know exactly what you are referring to, refuse to elaborate, and somehow that makes me the retard? Try again. You're not even a part of this, so why are you trying to hijack the topic and make it about you? You claim you didn't have enough time to gear yourself, but you do have enough time to be a forum warrior. "Odd" is a great name for you. 
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  11. Euphie added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    You sound like an absolute nutcase, people might take you seriously if you drop this attitude out of your posts. We're all on the same level here. 
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  12. Euphie added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    This just needs to stop. Most of Rage never got along with most of Support and vice-versa. Let's just go our separate ways. There's really no need to be vindictive and hostile toward one another. We are two different groups with very different mindsets and goals. Our merge did not work out for those reasons, but that does not mean we need to spread rumors, make threats, and hate one another. Stick to the truth and we can have a perfectly amicable departing. 
    I love my Rage family and I had a great time with the people of Support despite the hours of stress and frustration I endured. Just from the perspective of a regular ol' guild member - please stop ruining it. 
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