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  1. 50West added a post in a topic Weapon exchange coupon   

    The Coupon can only be used 1 time on your account, and being that class balance can change entirely with 1 patch, I'm not too worried about that aspect.
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  2. 50West added a post in a topic Is this game designed for hc players only?   

    DESIGNED for?  Yes.
    Can non Hardcore people play it too?  Yes, as long as you realize that you won't be the top tier player on the server without playing it excessively.  Go into it with that mentality, enjoy the game for what it is, and you will have an enjoyable time.
    If you are New / Returning than join the Olivia channels.
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  3. 50West added a post in a topic Your daily fame   

    982.  494 / 125 / 363
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  4. 50West added a post in a topic Trading EXP   

    For leveling trading to Master 2, how many nodes of Ores connected around Calpheon do you recommend? I'm only at 180 CP but I'd like to start leveling it.  Or do you think buying everything in Velia and going to Finto would be better XP to Master 2?
    Also, just for leveling it, do you recommend selling it Ancado (since you can just ship the crates from Calph > Epheria > Ancado)? Or do you recommend running them all the way to Arehaza?
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  5. 50West added a post in a topic New Pearl Shops Items (Jan 11)   

    I still don't get why we are so far behind the Cash Shop in KR, in terms of outfits.  They still have a handful of really cool outfits for each class that we don't have.
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  6. 50West added a post in a topic Was it Worth It?   

    Absolutely.  There are some aspects of the game I don't like, but in the end, this is a fantastic game.  If you like RPGs, you cannot go wrong with it.  Having said that, if you are a hardcore player and take this game extremely seriously this game may kill you with its' RNG.
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  7. 50West added a post in a topic [NODE WARS] HYPPPE watch this kr wrect   

    My only question is.... who in the hell at Pearl Abyss thought giving a horse an ability like that was a balanced and good idea?
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  8. 50West added a post in a topic 4 Days left on Olivia, Which Channel do you recommend and why?   

    Don't worry about getting PK'd - it isn't as bad as people make it seem.  The only real time you'll get PK'd is if you're in a highly contested grind spot when you're high level (e.g. Sausans, Pirates) and it is during a big bonus XP event (i.e. weekends).  Other times people will mostly always leave you alone.  Even if you do get PK'd somewhere, just leave or change channel and go to another spot.
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  9. 50West added a post in a topic anyone have any remote access software recommendations for BDO?   

    Are you running Fullscreen, Borderless or Windowed mode?
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  10. 50West added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Seriously.... I used my 7 boxes because I wasn't going to have enough Pearls to get the Splendid Box by the time it ended, and now I just hear it gets extended.  Ridiculous.
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  11. 50West added a post in a topic anyone have any remote access software recommendations for BDO?   

    Can you provide some information on how you got BDO to accept keyboard and mouse clicks through remote access?  I have been trying to remote access through my laptop, and the game appears through remote access, but I can't get any mouse clicks or keyboard commands to register through it.
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  12. 50West added a post in a topic Remote game control software   

    So how did you get the buttons to work?  I have been trying Chrome RDC on my laptop, remoted to my PC running BDO at home, and I can get the game pulled up onto my laptop but I can't get any in-game buttons to click.  It is as-if the the remote desktop doesn't recognize BDO at all.  I have tried Fullscreen (which produced a full white screen), Windowed Borderless and Windowed.  The game shows up on the screen in the Windowed modes but I couldn't get any mouse clicks or keyboard commands to work inside the game.  The mouse and keyboard work perfectly fine in remote access for normal Window applications (Word, Chrome, etc...) but not BDO.
    Any help?
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  13. 50West added a post in a topic [Valkyrie] Sting Note - costume   

    Sorry to resurrect this, but has there been anymore information about this costume coming to NA/EU?  I just started a Valkyrie and love this costume!
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  14. 50West added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    Now that's funny.
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  15. 50West added a post in a topic Some Field/World Boss changes I just noticed   

    What's the point of dropping the Awakening Box when everyone gets a Blue Awakening weapon from the quest anyway?
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