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  1. Dorsai added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Dont joke yourself guys, almost noone is playing BDO seriously anymore.... Most of you guys just afk life skills most of time while playing other games or doing other stuff on internet/real life...
    How processing afk most of time is considered playing mmo game? Since when mmo become so trash that being afk 24/7 is enjoyable game experience?
    Stop lieing to yourself guys... We cant quit, cause we play this game for 1 year already and there are no other mmo on market that could make us hype enough to switch to them. but we not playing this game anymore, we just hold on...
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  2. Dorsai added a post in a topic Here is what I don't get about these Pearl Shoppers!   

    If getting item or not depend only on buyer why he would ever need to give seller any pearls in this place? If he have enough silver to win preorder he can just put it on MP and wait, ppl are selling rare items everyday... Especially if its about tri or tet, there is completely 0 reason to pay pearls for listing tri or tet on MP, since seller with tri/tet dont have any tools to make it easier for you to get item (cheaper)... If its unopened box then its different story, seller can enchant item for you to like +10-15 and it can be worth for some players to pay pearls, cause thx to that they can buy item with a lot lower preorder (there is really low chance that anyone have preorders on +10-15), but for tri or tet? 0 reason to pay any pearls for that....
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  3. Dorsai added a post in a topic Actual situation of our BDO   

    You thinking about coming back to game?;p
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  4. Dorsai added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    Are you idiot? It was obvious that you buy weapons for two chars, but you cant play using two chars in same time, right? Noone care that you prefer to build up two different chars, its your choice... But in mmo you gear up for pvp mostly and most players prefer to spend all their silver to overgear one char then to have two with average eq... Anyway even 1 item per month is too slow for any mmo and you still need to enchant that item to TET min...
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  5. Dorsai added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    Hahahahaha like mere 6 items in 6 month is sth special worth mentioning (actually 3 items, cause rest are doublets)... Ofc i not count red nose and horse, cause they are sh1t not worth mentioning... Men if everyone would progress that way (mere 1 item per 2 months) most players would quit this game long ago!! Just three weapons after 6 months? Thats not how you progress in mmo...
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  6. Dorsai added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Like i said to me it looks like only pirate spot is bugged, in gahaz or sausan i feel like i got more green items/scroll parts/blackstone drops with lvl 9 (i never lvl up to 10 though), but someone need to do test in that spots to confirm it...
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  7. Dorsai added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Lvl of node has exactly same effect that kamasylve buff (increasing quantity of rare drops) thats why its best to use them both together (along with increased blackstone event)... Chance to drop green armor/pirate accessories/scrolls parts/shards is quite high compared to yellow accessories thats why they are best to test lvl node effect on them... Thats why crescent spot is stupid place to test it, but sausan/gahaz/pirate are good for that... Only yellow accessories wasnt really tested (cause chance for drop is too low anyway), green items drop on different lvl node ppl test for themself all time...
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  8. Dorsai added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    Guys look at screenshot properly pls... We all know that node lvl, mob knowledge is supposed to have effect on rare drops only like: green items (armor/weapon), blue items (accessories), blackstones and scroll parts (same with kama buff)... Compare only that then... On pirate in 135k kills he got 239/86 green armor/accessories on lvl 10 compared to 228/100 on lvl 1... Thats only thing you should look at from all his testing!! Aournd 300 drops in 135k kills should be enough data to compare... Well at sausan or gahaz i feel like i got more rare drops on lvl 9 then on lvl 0-1, maybe only pirate are bugged in that case... Someone should do that test for gahaz and sausan too...
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  9. Dorsai added a post in a topic Peace!   

    He couldnt get more resources then i said in that 3 days also i watched whole stream for 3 days and i saw whole process thats how i know about how much resources he used... Also he probably didnt enchant offline that bheg gloves, cause sole purpose of that stream was to highlight that fail streak on that gloves... 
    Cant you read? Im not judging if its right or not for viewers to send him gifts, i just simply state a fact that even  with his really low amount of resources (doing 6+ tet tries with just 150 mems? Really?) and quite big fail streak it was easy for him to get his bheg gloves, cause of AM... Simple as that...
    Tri accessories depends on silver only... If you can make silver using AM (like me in my examples) you can save enough to make tri accessories easy with average luck...
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  10. Dorsai added a post in a topic Peace!   

    Man you play on JAP, not on our servers... Our preorders arent that high yet...
    Cause you dont know how to p2w properly not means that its not possible to make easy silver with artisan memories... My last enchant results with AM:
    2 months ago tet weapon i sold for 829m and tri i sold for 305m i got with just 20 AM... 1 month ago tet weapon i sold for 820M i got with 30 AM (like 8,9 tet fails before i got tet, then it wasnt really that lucky. but i did it on four differrent stacks, always stopped at 57 FS and thx to that i got 3x57 cheap FS i saved for tet on my boss armor)... Easy...
    Also look at Lacari stream for example... That noob were crying for few days with 5 hours daily stream sessions how all his bheg tet tries failed... How many times he failed in row? Like 15? How many times he failed duo or tri on that bheg? A lot... Looks like big loosing streak and a lot ppl will consider quitting after that, right? Except fact that this noob started that all with just pathetic 300m silver and 150 mems in his storage!! In that few days he probably didnt used more then just mere 600m in silver and resources!! Then how he was able to afford so many enchant tries in few days with his pitiful resources? Answer is simple- his viewers were sending him artisan memories all that time!!
    His pathetic amount of silver/mems/stones/shards in storage, his loosing streak while enchanting didint really matter, in the end he still got his tet, thx to p2w from his viewers
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  11. Dorsai added a post in a topic My wallet is lagging   

    Thing is he said directly that all of his 100 friends said that they dont experience any lagg... When we dont have any proof that he even is in any guild or even play this game... In other topic he said that he train horses 15 hours per day and in same time in another one that he process wood 20 hours per day...Seems like to Plunge magically day have more then 24 hours...  Same as his other claim that when he process wood he always got 4 planks from 1 action (never less then 4 when 4 is max you can get)... Why anyone would believe in  any Plunge words when he constantly lie on forum?
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  12. Dorsai added a post in a topic My wallet is lagging   

    Like you lieing about your 100 friends saying that they not lag and stopped answering when we demanded prove of your words?
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  13. Dorsai added a post in a topic Where BDO fails.   

    If max 50k players per server, which most of them play game in afk mode 24/7 is success for you then we have difference understanding of success  But ofc its not failure too, 50k players is enough to be average...
    E: You obviously will ask for my source- its on BDO website... From number of lvl 56 chars (90k per server) we can easly assume number of active players...
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  14. Dorsai added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    Perhaps you should learn what sandbox term means... Cause i not like to repeat myself... Comparing games from different genre is just retarded...
    i said already check Ultima Online, BDO pale in comparison to that queen of sandbox genre...
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