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Miamorea Cadenza

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  1. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    It was working fine for me up until a few days ago, Now I can't go 10 minutes without my horse stopping.
    The game is fine when it is running in borderless windowed mode, but when its minimized to tray I get the issue. This is annoying because I like to train horses during the night and when I'm not home, and minimizing to tray removes resourse usage.
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  2. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    "Gender will now be shown before naming a horse."  BEST PATCH EVER!
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  3. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic You are killing this game   

    Because every sane person is on reddit.
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  4. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic You are killing this game   

    Then uninstall and go play another game.
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  5. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic You are killing this game   

    Dude you said "I have two accounts" as in YOU. Don't blame someone else because you didn't explain yourself properly.

    This game is fine, there is nothing that breaks the game, yes there are a few small issues but EVERY games has them.
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  6. Miamorea Cadenza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Move entire stack
    Having to press f then r/space/enter really gets annoying.
    Could you make it so when you Shift Right Click a stack, it moves the entire stack?
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  7. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Horse skills   

    My brother got sidestep (sideways move) on his tier 5 on the NA servers.
    Basically you can knock players off their horses, you must have a chanfron/champion equipped (horse helm). Most of my horses have it but I have never used it, I'd assume there is some sort of animation, but there may not be.
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  8. Miamorea Cadenza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Character name's don't need to be unique
    Because of the massive amount of 'characters', it is very hard to find a name.

    I don't know how hard it would be to change, because the game is set up to use character names.
    But because family is also required to be unique, there is no reason for character names to be too.

    Anyone should be able to use a character 'first' name even if its already used. For example there might be a Sonata Miamorea and Sonata Cadenza on the same server, because of the Family name that is unique, the system and other players can tell the difference.

    This system works wonderfully in EVE Online.
    Obviously a family can't have two characters with the same first name.
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  9. Miamorea Cadenza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Player direct sale
    Not quite a trade, but add the ability to sell directly to a player, say a friend, but they still have to pay the market value for the item.
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  10. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    I don't see any threads on the EVE Online forums about getting killed my players in a corp... So what is the difference here?
    If you don't like PvP and don't like getting ganked, I'm sorry to say, play another game.

    It would be nice if they added a PvE only server, not a channel, it needs to be a separate server.
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  11. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Make pets + dyes free and compensate those who purchased them   

    Yeah no...I don't think you understand what it takes to run a business, they still have to pay for things like, the licence for the game... server maintenance and staff, and a lot more. The game is only $30 USD, with no subscription... the cash shop is their only long term revenue.

    But yes the dye system does need a rework, maybe, pay, get RNG dye that is permanently added to your account/character.
    But no, they should not be free.
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  12. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Dye system revamp   

    Sub for dye? yeah no thank you.

    I had the same idea of buying rng dye from the store and getting it permanently added to your pettet.
    I don't think we should get dye ingame tho, the game was only around $30 to buy into... remember, GW2 was $80, and they charge for some DLC.
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  13. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Cash Shop: Character Name Change   

    I am aware they are looking into this, and would like to offer it. But Daum are trying to keep the game and community honest. They don't want people who have a bad rep for whatever reason to be able to change thier name. And that I understand.
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  14. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Premium Membership Status (Suggestion)-UPDATED 3/22/2016   

    Personally I wound't mind a 'sub' model to get extra 'stuff'. I'm all for supporting the developer's.
    BUT, there is a butt here. the developer's (Daum) actually fought to get the current (Buy to Play) model. I don't see them implementing this.
    If you want to support them, spend money on the cash shop.
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  15. Miamorea Cadenza added a post in a topic Bumping into Npcs   

    Yes I can understand that the slow can get a little annoying, but I think its minimal. Also it works with players.
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