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  1. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    Not sure why you posted a power leveling map to prove a point. The world's opportunity is not invalidated within a day because it's impossible to do so. In terms of monsters, that might be the case, but if that's so, how would killing 2-5x said monster validate the game's content? I still can't believe people like you are still connecting grinding=game's main/only content. There's more to the game than just grinding. Making it easier or harder has no affect on anything else except your combat level, quite literally. If you read the other posts I have made, I have said many times that there's a good reason exp rates shouldn't change, and if so, not as drastically because it doesn't actually "help" or justify the actions of people that want to increase it besides their own selfish desire. I just pointed that out because the 25-35 exp rate and the 9-10 exp rate already exists. It's not wrong to want to choose one or the other. Now, if we bring numbers lower or higher than that, that's just trying to satisfy one's self by asking for something that doesn't exist yet.
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  2. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    There shouldn't even be any gratification reaching 2-49. The real gratification is indeed 50 and beyond. It also depends on the class that is played. I personally become very happy when I reach 41 as an archer. Saying that the people asking for 10 hours are pretending to be interested is highly opinionated in itself. Everything has a different worth for everyone else. Potions scrolls or an instant boost to 50 does sound nice, but the rest of the people like you would be complaining about the game being p2w, then this will start all over again. I haven't met anyone/heard anyone that thought this game is a MOBA, maybe you're thinking it out too seriously.

    We would be shunned upon if we didn't know that the game won't have future content during release. Every map does have optimal level ranges and not a single one is 50+. All that means is that it'll be harder to reach levels past 50. That's literally it. Everyone has their own way of playing the game. Some like to get ahead then go back, others like to enjoy it while they're at it.

    Changing the amount of hours it takes to reach the soft cap does screw over new customers, but they're not the type of customers you're referring to. The ones that would leave would be the ones that find it too hard to level or not worth the effort rather than the ones that want a slower pace. Why does everyone have to be thick-headed to not realize that the game itself, no matter what exp rate it has, does not change one's leveling pace. If 10 hours in and people realize that there's not enough programmed activities, then it's not a problem of exp rate but rather a problem in the lack of content the game has. What we're asking for (people that voted for 10 hours like I did but like I said earlier, I don't mind CBT-1 rates) isn't ridiculous because it's already been tested and it has been great. Anyone that had played CBT-1 and then the Korean version (for an extensive amount of time rather than just reaching 50 and log out) can agree that the Korean rates are better.

    Oh trust me, people will bot in Black Desert whether they like the game or not. Besides, In both 10 hour and 35 hour exp rates, I'll still be one of the first to hit 50 anyways without a bot. I rather do everything myself which is quicker rather than rely on a bot that can potentially get me banned.

    Some people need to understand that there are facts in what we say BASED on the actual game in a different version. Meanwhile, everyone else is basing it off of past MMO failures/successes. Honestly, if we wanted the game to fail, we could just agree with everything you say. Tbh, I liked you for a while when we had a similar talk but then you suddenly turned a 180 on me. I don't know if it's the anticipation or the need to throw things out there to make the forums more interesting, but it's sure working.
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  3. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    Let me fix some of the false info you are throwing out there.

    50-52 does not take 2 hours. One way to explain why is the fact that going to Mediah after 51 for 52 would still take more than 2 hours by itself. If we take into account only catfish is available on NA, 2 hours is probably 4%-6% into 50. This brings me to the soft cap. Sorry to break this to you but soft cap is 50, not 55. It's not even 55 in Kr because it's 60. That being said, it will literally be impossible to get to 51 from 50 in one day's worth of time. Also, Korea changed their rates to make 51-55 faster. Even if we adopt Korea's exp rates, we won't be able to get that rate simply because we haven't raised the soft cap we don't have Mediah unlocked.

    Food for thought: It actually might take around 2 hours currently in Kr from 50-52 based on 3x exp, exp boosts, pre-enchanted gear, etc. But that's way unrealistic in NA.
    This man knows his stuff. I applaud you for supporting me. People need to understand that numbers don't mean everything. For casuals, 9-10 hours vs 25-35 hours can still equal the same total time to reach soft cap. Non-casuals will literally have it doubled and even tripled. I personally am for 9-10 hours but I wouldn't be mad if they kept it 25-35. But tbh, that's because I have kr experience coming into the game. In 24 hours during CBT 1, I could only get to level 30 within 24 hours based on no experience. With kr experience, I can definitely hit 50. People also have to understand that 9-10 hours should solely be based on hardcore standards rather than casual standards. With 9-10 hours enabled, that's the time for hardcore players only. Casuals won't be able to achieve 50 within 15-20 hours if they played at their own pace. If we take into account everything else outside of grinding. Am I wrong to say that Hardcore players will get to 50 in 9-10 hours and casuals would get it in 25-35? Based on that, people fighting for longer times aren't really fighting for that specific time. It's almost as if people that voted for way more than 35 hours are simply too scared to be behind the level curve and miss out on a lot of opportunities. If you're scared, then that's a personal issue.
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  4. Soshi added a post in a topic You can't be serious with these servers.   

    League of Legends had this problem, they tried fixing it, and it worked . Just kidding.
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  5. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    Or maybe they're too hardcore for you to realize that there's truth in those 65 votes. Being a casual or not has nothing to do with the time it has to take to reach the soft cap. Whether we are casual or hardcore, it's strictly based on preference and self actions. No one's pointing a gun at your head forcing you to level to 50 within 9-10 hours even though you did not want to. Hardcore plays want to get to soft cap within 10 hours. Casual players want to hit soft cap in a month. In the situation of 9-10 hours to cap, both players will not be hindered and could both be met. Halving the exp rate will FORCE hardcore players to double their time to hit the soft cap while the casual players will probably spend another month to reach it and they might be fine with that too. In that situation, it's a loss for hardcore players and casuals don't lose anything. Setting the exp rate as high as possible (Korean rates being so) won't interfere with anybody else's leveling. Setting the exp rates lower than that will most definitely cause problems to parts of the community that simply want to level and move onto bigger and supposedly better things.
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  6. Soshi added a post in a topic Player Trades: The Elephant in the Room v3.0   

    We're missing one of the biggest cons because this is allowed. Every end-game item that will be most sought out for or want will then be simply circulated around from person to person through player trading. What that means is everyone that has the best items in the game can literally control the flow of said items. They can choose who they want to sell it to and when that happens on multiple occasions, only the top percentile will actually be able to own these items. Everyone else that has the money to buy it wouldn't have a chance to purchase it because it'll never be put in the auction house. Based on Korean experience, this is one of the most important cons of your form of player trade. Pearl Abyss made a good job with the Auction House system in which all buyers/sellers are anonymous. You can't pick and choose which one to buy because you have to buy the lowest priced one (That's one way to work around buying/selling to people personally). Now onto the more rarer items, Anything higher than a +15 Liverto (in terms of enchantment and price in silver) are fairly rare. Using a +16 Liverto Bow as my example, it would only be sold roughly once a week if i'm lucky. Not only that, I had to fight against not only other players, but also South Korea residents as well. Even against all odds, (not really, some people have worse ping than I do) I still managed to get a hold of this wonderful weapon on my ranger. Enabling player trade would not give me this opportunity unless I personally know people that have said items and willing to sell them. Instead of making the game more sociable, it forces players that like to solo or who are more reserved (people in general that don't socialize in the game) to become familiar with other players and only that will then give them the chance in getting these items if the other party has them. For popular, rich, and well known players, items like these come up for them all the time. For others, they are too rare to even be considered worth waiting to buy.
    On a brighter note, I'm completely fine with this enabled as I believe I have what it takes to be within that top percentile. Even then, I still take into consideration the other players in the same position as I was in Korea. It would be nice to be able to buy/sell to other people but if that's the case, it should be limited to Guild members only. I know it doesn't stop the cons I said earlier but I still prefer guild trade>all trade. Maybe one way to fix this issue is to limit the silver worth of what people can trade to each other. e.g. Someone can sell someone else a Witch's Earring (worth about 8m in Korea) but the next trade, said person would not be able to sell off his +16 Liverto Bow that has a value of 54m because it's worth more than the limit (let's say it's 10m)
    My decision: Even though this would ultimately benefit me and my friends/guild mates because the positives outweigh the negatives, when in everyone else's position that aren't up there, which is the majority, the negatives outweigh the positives. Therefore, it's a no for me.

    Tl;dr I would not wish for player trade to be enabled.
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  7. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    There's a reason I put "Kappa 123". I somewhat know this Arrogance kid so I was simply correcting him in a jokingly manner. No harm done in both our posts so please move on, nothing to see here.
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  8. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    Without testing it in CBT-2 because it's not out yet, 5 man parties might be faster. Obviously you're going to be soloing during CBT-2 to test this theory out. 
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  9. Soshi added a post in a topic Would you pay a small fee to enable player trading and crush gold spam?   

    What. I think you're missing something. The auction house is 100% gold selling proof. There's no way to abuse any part of the AH in terms of gold buying or selling. (This is based Kr's Auction House so i'm sorry if you're missing out on other info). Players can only sell their items for the lowest if they want it to be bought within a reasonable time, unless they're the only one selling it. I made that phrase up there in bold because assuming it has to do with player trade, there is no such thing as player trade in Black Desert.
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  10. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    Just because someone got power leveled, that doesn't mean they miss out on energy and knowledge. I personally find it faster to just reach the soft cap and then go back and do everything that was missed in terms of energy/contribution. But nonetheless, you are right. being power leveled isn't for everything, it should be for those that know what they're doing and have sufficient knowledge of the class already.
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  11. Soshi added a post in a topic [Poll] EXP Rate   

    Seems YOU haven't play(ed) the game much. You can't power level people anymore to that extent. Party members have to be within the monster's level before they out level them in order to get exp. 
    P.S. Kappa 123 don't kill me when I get on Discord.
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  12. Soshi added a post in a topic Would you pay a small fee to enable player trading and crush gold spam?   

    How can the game have gold sellers when when you can't even sell gold. If there are, they are simply scammers.
    I highly doubt they were gold sellers. They were most likely power leveling sites that sold power leveling services or at the least, accounts pre-leveled.

    Edit: On topic, we already went over this in Arrogance's thread. No matter how much money is given to Daum to provide us with Live GMs that can magically have a button that "zaps" gold sellers and botters, it won't work like that. Realistically, we can't do anything while Daum themselves should be doing the best they can to at least minimize the damage that is dealt by those people. Judging from CBT-1, we did somewhat have "Live" GMs. In some games like Elsword for example, there were GMs that play the game or monitor it in-game at all times.
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  13. Soshi added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

  14. Soshi added a post in a topic CP to link whole map.   

    Darn, that really sucks then. But it might just be enough to get all nodes connect but left with zero maybe?
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  15. Soshi added a post in a topic Let's Trust DAUM   

    In Korea, there are dye boxes that consist of only 1 color. Let's say you buy a black dye box, you only get black dyes out of it. The only RNG factor in the dye boxes is the shade of black you want. If you want one specific shade of black which is dark black or something, then I guess you can say, "Good luck and have fun." The point i'm making is that it's a lot easier to get the color you want (actually it's guaranteed, except the shade of the color you want) than what you have said, "random dye box which selects from 100+ dyes". I have to admit, the dye system is very confusing and does require a lot of dyes, even more than dyeing in Vindictus sadly. But, Korea had a workaround with it by bringing in the palettes that give us 1-15/30 days of infinite dyeing to our heart's content. As long it can't be sold on the auction house (unlike korea) then it won't have any affect towards people against p2win. Another problem I found was the extreme price differences of dyes. Like Vindictus, True -insert name of color- are always 20m+ while all its other shades are 6m and under. But like I said, if they don't make dyes tradeable then that problem's out of the way.
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