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  1. Cronus added a post in a topic Kakao is either kidding themselves or we don't understand their plan   

    I was mainly talking about swiping for costumes, inventory sluts, etc. 
    That said, 100 mil extra per week from selling cash shop items aint nothing to scoff at tho. 
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  2. Cronus added a post in a topic Kakao is either kidding themselves or we don't understand their plan   

    Some plebs who have a ton of time and money and want to always be the most OP class will do it and go on a swiping spree. 
    They will make a good enough amount of money from the staggered awakenings whether they specifically planned for it or not. 
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  3. Cronus added a post in a topic This game better be worth it   

    That's just one of the many drawbacks of living in Australia.
    Dude might as well be living on the moon. ^^
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  4. Cronus added a post in a topic This game better be worth it   

    Perhaps you should move from that infested island in the a$$ end of nowhere and your down speed might improve. 
    Wonder what your ping will be. ^^
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  5. Cronus added a post in a topic [Video] Weeaboo problem and solution   

    I will smite this infidel in the name of my waifu!
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  6. Cronus added a post in a topic Guide: How to get hard to obtain cash item listed in AH (✿◡‿◡)   

    Nonviable method as it would require 2 unbearable acts:
    1. Going outside
    2. Interacting with normies

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  7. Cronus added a post in a topic why is something like this allowed to happen anyone and why the hell did you release the game if you knew its that bad?   

    This is like complaining that you never win the lottery while others get insane multi million jackpots every month. 
    If you can't handle the RNG then just farm the silver and buy the stuff lottery winners put on AH for 1billion++
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  8. Cronus added a post in a topic Value Pack question   

    Been away from the game for the summer so i have no idea what was done in recent updates and how the new cash shop items work and I am far too lazy to dig through 3 months of forum posts to find out. ^^
    When hovering over it the pack says "30% to the marketplace sales collection amount", since the tax is 30% I simply thought that it was another poorly translated description about removing the tax. How does it work exactly then?
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  9. Cronus added a topic in General   

    Value Pack question
    Tried spamming this a few times ingame but i guess most breeders are just afk running and don't pay attention. ^^
    Wanted to sell a few higher end horses and was wondering if the Value Pack also removes the 30% tax from the horse market or if it's just for the regular marketplace.
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  10. Cronus added a post in a topic Some basic info on the current state of taming/breeding   

    Thanks for the info.
    Have a bunch of T6s ready to breed as I didn't want to waste them back when they possibly had 0% chance of producing a t7. Good to know i can finally get some payoff after the 3 wagons i destroyed leveling them. ^^
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  11. Cronus added a topic in General   

    Some basic info on the current state of taming/breeding
    Been away for a few months so I was wondering how the patches have affected breeding and taming since then. Too lazy to look it up so might as well ask. ^^
    Back when I quit we could only tame t1 and t2 horses, there were only 3 t7s that were possible to breed and people claimed you needed specific colors to do so.
    Was wondering if they finally released the rest of the T7s as well as T8s and if they also need specific color combinations (or if the whole color theory thing has been debunked). Oh and what is the highest tier that can be caught now? I have a bunch of t3s and t4s cluttering up my stables so if we can actually catch t5s like in Korea now I could finally kick em out. ^^
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  12. Cronus added a post in a topic Quality service   

    Truth hurts eh kiddo. Always trying to change the subject when getting completely destroyed.
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  13. Cronus added a post in a topic Quality service   

    My guess would be 200 euros or more. You seem like the type to powerswipe and then shill all day to justify your purchase.
    Yup, expecting a service that has been provided by nearly every pleb tier MMO for the past 5 years is soooooo unreasonable.
    It's truly sad to see idiots shilling against their own interests. 
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  14. Cronus added a post in a topic Quality service   

    Considering that even trash tier publishers like Trion can manage adjusted maintenance times to avoid downtime during the day it is a laughable excuse.
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