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  1. Nephiral added a post in a topic ☼PvP and PvE: ELIMINATE THEM!!!☼   

    Someone needs to go play the new sim city
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  2. Nephiral added a post in a topic MMORPG.com interview with Pearl Abyss and Daum games.   

    Disappointed in their answers myself especially on the player to player trading note as there are ways to get it to work and get rid of said monetizing. Good questions by an MMORPG interviewer for once though as it seems to actually meet with what the player base of this game is actually wondering about. Guess Daum/PA is gonna need time to learn about their western audience a bit more. Needless to say still a fun game and I'll likely play it for a decent while but if they have put their foot in the mud on key issues then I'll be waiting for Elyria. <3
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  3. Nephiral added a post in a topic "I don't have to be nice to you"   

    Well killing AFK fishers in a combat zone is on the AFK fishers, glitching to do it is mean and not so nifty. The fishers had the choice of not wanting to be aware of their surroundings in said combat zone for the standard and there is a very valid reason to do so if the resource node is exhausted due to there being too many of them.
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  4. Nephiral added a post in a topic "I don't have to be nice to you"   

    You should watch some of those youtubers that pull pranks on their local surrounding areas. Your point of the plate stealing isn't very common everywhere but for some people that is a thing.
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  5. Nephiral added a post in a topic So dear friends//community...   

    Such afk dependence is bannable in most games. So I agree in dumbing down AFK fishing even more.
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  6. Nephiral added a post in a topic @CM_Jouska, @Daum Maehwa heels   

    Agreed, lets have normal lady feet not 'trying to break our ankles' feet
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  7. Nephiral added a post in a topic CC-centric Class?   

    Though I will say with CC-centric classes in games there is rarely a balanced counter for such things.
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  8. Nephiral added a post in a topic What is Wrong With this Game (imo)   

    OP made the mistake of putting consensual-PVP a lovely SJW term into the explanation. Respect immediately lost.
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  9. Nephiral added a post in a topic Something i've noticed...   

    it happens occasionally. I generally just edit out the double post and continue on.
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  10. Nephiral added a post in a topic guilds way underdeveloped?   

    Love the attitude of actually supplying options for application instead of just whining like most of the forum anymore. <3
    I agree with this, it should definitely be expanded upon.
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  11. Nephiral added a post in a topic Would you buy a $60 "Deluxe Costume"   

    if I liked it enough yes I would.
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  12. Nephiral added a post in a topic A Cautionary Tale: DAUM vs. PVE   

    Well I think it's getting close to thread locking time honestly with all this bs being tossed about senselessly.
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  13. Nephiral added a post in a topic A Cautionary Tale: DAUM vs. PVE   

    That's a horrible accusation over a video game. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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  14. Nephiral added a post in a topic A Cautionary Tale: DAUM vs. PVE   

    I will say with the way kat has consistently posted for as long as I've seen her name pop up she's on the road to not being part of forum discussions if it keeps up.
    Never helps the discussions to sling random insults.
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  15. Nephiral added a post in a topic A Cautionary Tale: DAUM vs. PVE   

    I don't want people to stop talking, I want people to learn a little and be smarter and better for it.
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