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  1. Tillerzz added a post in a topic ADD-ON SYSTEM   

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  2. Tillerzz added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    Man some millennials are such crybabies
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  3. Tillerzz added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    I nice chill set of Future for the summer is what I'm listening to.
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  4. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Seriously... Is there a way to turn off guild flags?   

    Has this game just become Second Life? I'm sure next someone will use a BBC or a gaping vag for their guild emblem; oh wait they already used Trump.
    I assume It's mostly the Millennials who think this is funny tbh.
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  5. Tillerzz added a post in a topic such immersion   

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  6. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Kanye has taken over Serendia (Orwen server)   

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  7. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Project Manager Fired?   

    It's because MMORPG.com asked. Simple as that.
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  8. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Project Manager Fired?   

    I think he was reminded of his contractual obligations after this FB post hence his "I'm under NDA" comment. Either way I think they should just ban him from the forums for this; most companies would lol.
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  9. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Project Manager Fired?   

    Looks like he is just rumor mongering
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  10. Tillerzz added a post in a topic WHAT IS XIGNCODE DOING WITH MY RAM!?   

    Ok I see two problems. You said you have no antivirus software at all, and you are using Windows firewall. 
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  11. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Rollback the patch?   

    Gotta let it run live to see what the bugs are since there is no real TC.
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  12. Tillerzz added a post in a topic BDO becoming more casual? Please read   

    idk where the whole jealousy over people being able to level faster came from. It's not like what happened in swg where people were able to e-bay their Jedi characters for as much as 4k USD then overnight they just handed them to everyone. These characters have no actual monetary value since it only took what? 2 months instead a year to achieve something? You gamers these days have no idea what real time commitment is.
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  13. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Gee Thanks Duam all that hard work and time wasted I put into getting level 56   

    lol the op doesn't even play they game anymore and hasn't for a month now. You all have been trolled.
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  14. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Anyone buy anything through the pre-bid system yet?   

    How come a system like this works flawlessly in an older game like GW2 yet they can't seem to get it right in this supposed "next gen MMO" ??
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  15. Tillerzz added a post in a topic Why is this patch called Valencia pt 1   

    It's like watching an episode of The Apprentice
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