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  1. Galatia added a post in a topic Right click on remote app?   

    I use Splashtop and it works fine for this kind of thing - feeding workers, trading fish, repairing adn rerodding etc...
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  2. Galatia added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    Yep fishing for me mostly
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  3. Galatia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    I wasn't joking:
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  4. Galatia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Extended - announced on Twitter...
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  5. Galatia added a post in a topic Dark Knight unawakened Skills post awakening   

    I think the only way is to drag the skill icon from the skill window to the desired quick slot however some skills you can't do this with.
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  6. Galatia added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Yukimura @CM_Serenity @GM_Gemu @GM_Rhotaaz @GM_Huego @GM_Dew @GM_Salome @GM_Caramel @GM_Axion @GM_Vheena
    Please give us some idea on what is happening! This really is too long without any acknowledgement
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  7. Galatia added a post in a topic Cadry Ring Evasion?   

    I don't mind - I've finally sold the damn thing that I got about 6 months ago and has been almost permanently listed on the market place
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  8. Galatia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

    Less "kappa" when?
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  9. Galatia added a post in a topic Where do we go for the awakening quest?   

    Got this info from somewhere else but I'm sorry to the original person I can't remember where:
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wy4Xo9wo0w
    Quests (links are not active as database wasn't updated yet)
    [Dark Knight Awakening] A Disturbing Dream - Talk to Nellamorin (Behr Riverhead Node Manager)[Dark Knight] Cast Shadow - Find Herawen in Kamasylve Temple.[Dark Knight] Their Footsteps - Hear about the Dark Knight from Herawen.[Dark Knight] The Forgotten Sisters - Find Faceless Vedir (near Tungrad Forest Node Manager).[Dark Knight] Strong Will - complete 3 killing quests, the same as any other classDark Knight’s Quality, Dominance - kill 100 mobs in Hasrah DungeonDark Knight’s Quality, Abstinence - kill 3 Wilderness GolemsDark Knight’s Quality, Faith - get Intact Obsidian and Explosive Device from mobs in Marni's 2nd Lab[Dark Knight] Imperious Vediant - Combo - Switch to Vediant after using Unveiled Dagger.[Dark Knight] Imperious Vediant - Practice - Connect to Exploitation after using Wheel of Fortune.
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  10. Galatia added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    I'm a noob Valk and I know very little about my class or indeed other classes however, one day when I grow up, I want to be able to call other people arrogant, complain about my class with knowledge and then say 1 vs 1 is too easy and autowin.
    If I'm good this year maybe, just maybe, Father Christmas will turn me into Irrelevant.
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  11. Galatia added a post in a topic Green Vs Blue Awak   

    @FapperJack - ok cool man thanks for reply
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  12. Galatia added a post in a topic Zipp007's Official BDo - Formal Complaint   

    "I am a MMO-Gamer, who has spent the last ten or twelve years of his life doing nothing but gaming. I wake up, I game.. I eat, sleep.. dream, then wake up and game again."
    "They're intention is not to help you, there intention is to take your money..."

    Should've spent those 12 years studying basic English.
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  13. Galatia added a post in a topic Green Vs Blue Awak   

    I don't want to steal Plunge's line but source?  I'm genuinely interested to see any tests as I haven't so far and it would mean I'd have to change my plans and attempt to get Dande as the stats don't appear to back up the huge cost.
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  14. Galatia added a post in a topic Kami won't come out till Spring Cash shop over   

    @Azter - you should feel deeply ashamed of yourself
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  15. Galatia added a post in a topic How to survive - PvE   

    Agreed with @FapperJack - that DP is rather low!! Same level as you and I have 224 DP (Roaring Armour, 3 x PRI Agerian) and I can stand there and laugh at all Manes and not even worry about Elites either.

    I can happily grind Sausans without much bother as well
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