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  1. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Anyone lagging? some channels only   

    Not on Ser3, everything's normal here and I'm using Optus from Melbourne. Might be your local ISP having problems.
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  2. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Where do you find cord to bundle up seaweed?   

    Are you need are 3 Seaweeds.
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  3. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Dark Elf Awakening Overview   

    Feels like K-Pop star dancing
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  4. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Forum meet up?   

    Pfft, IRL meetup or no balls.
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  5. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Ninja got Ninja-nerfed?   

    To my knowledge Bound and Knockdowns are on different immunity cooldown, if we have more variety in CC then we can rotate and prolong our CC chains, but with Bound and Float locks out each other we can't use them one after the other within short amount of time, if we can mix in more Knockdowns, which only locks out knockdowns and stun, our rotations can be more competetive. It just bugs me that we have so few types of CC to utilise when everyone else has all kinds of tools under their belt.
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  6. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Ninja got Ninja-nerfed?   

    Whhhhhhat...but but but...I thought we had knockdowns. So then are we the one and only class don't have knockdowns pre-awaken?
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  7. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Ninja got Ninja-nerfed?   

    Yeah, I guess, our moves are sexy and way too op for others to handle, we need nerfs.
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  8. Zzunbao added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja got Ninja-nerfed?
    Not sure if you guys have noticed, all our non-awaken skills have been stripped off of Knockdown and substituted with Bound. Even Drastic Measure are now Bound instead of Knockdown. Only Knockdowns we have remaining are Flow: Execution and Vaccum Slash and those are sitting at 5th attack and 4th attack respectively.
    So out of our entire skill set, we only have 2 none instant first-hit knockdowns left. Is this intended? Is this the same in Korea version? Or, is this another mix up by dear Kakao?
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @PM_Jouska
    Would you care to explain to us, please?
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  9. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Post your awakened ninja pics   

    Samurai here.

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  10. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Is it time to quit BDO?   

    And after quiting, you just can't find same satisfaction from mmos on the market so you then come back for more. This game is gambler's addiction I tell ya.
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  11. Zzunbao added a post in a topic downtime real life compensation   

    Fried food are bad for your health.
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  12. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Upcoming Content!   

    Ahh, so its a female only class with range magic and melee weapon skill. Kinda overlaping with old classes.
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  13. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    Well, the game just got way better than few months ago so everyone in my office joined. I'm sure there are others having similar experiences.
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  14. Zzunbao added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

    My ninja, modeled after Takeshi Kaneshiro.

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