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  1. Karmek added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    # K E B A B V O R T E X
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  2. Karmek added a post in a topic Trading - Magnate debuff removed from Velia/Finto Farm/Heidel/Alejandro Farm trade goods - Rolling to master 2 viable again   

    The main goal of this thread is to act as a PSA for those that are currently stockpiling on trashcrates to get to their M2, and making them aware of the fact rolling just became viable again. I'm not debating whether or not someone should do it to get from M2 to M10 as it is in my opinion a huge timesink for anything above master 4-5, as you will see here.

    Again, if those values are still correct, you would need 283 times as much XP from M2 to M10 than what it takes from B1 to M2.
    Admitting you need 35'000 crates for M2 at 116% lifeskill XP, that's 9'905'000 trashcrates which seems absolutely mental. To be honest, I don't know what's worse between 1670h of rolling or the idea of transporting nearly 30bil worth of trashcrates.
    EDIT : From a Reddit source, the values have been changed and this chart does not represent the current XP amounts required for M2+.
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  3. Karmek added a topic in General   

    Trading - Magnate debuff removed from Velia/Finto Farm/Heidel/Alejandro Farm trade goods - Rolling to master 2 viable again
    Hello there,
    The magnate debuff that reduces the amount of maximum trade items you can buy once you reach a certain amount has seemingly been changed with the 26/04/16 update on EU/NA servers, as you can see http://puu.sh/vyOFI/7449b84f0d.png
    I then started rolling between Velia and Finto Farm, Heidel and Alejandro Farm to check what was going on and if I could completely ignore the magnate debuff.
    Given the fact I haven't had the opportunity to roll actively for more than 30 minutes, I can't 100% confirm that it's correct, but I've been able to completely sell out my items on 3 channels (give or take 400 trade items) without getting affected by the debuff.
    On top of that, the amount of XP I won was absurdly high, which lets me think we never got the infamous "50% less XP on trades between managers within 500m of each other" nerf. Over 30 minutes of rolling, I was able to get 11% XP from Master 3 to 4 with 72% life XP bonuses. Rough summary : https://puu.sh/vySgi/df6e579665.png
    This would mean the technique used by many traders back in December (when the master 2 hype started) might be viable again to get to master 2.
    With that in mind, if the trading XP charts I found are correct (October 2016), it would still take 1670h of rolling to get from M2 to M10 which is kind of silly. I still believe trash crates are the most viable way of getting to master 10.
    EDIT : Guide on how to powerlevel master 2, courtesy of AsukiKuro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6uGfJQ7pKI - Just add Heidel>Alejandro back and forth inbetween channel swaps.
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  4. Karmek added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I prefer using https://hacked-emails.com/ as it gives you the origin and date of the leak aswell.
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  5. Karmek added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    inb4 a GM links one of those 500AP ring
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  6. Karmek added a post in a topic Decided to make my money farming Ogres long time ago   

    That trashtalking lmao
    On another note, still missing 20DP on TET bossgear, accuracy on Kzarka, and TET offhand, he's only halfway done.
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  7. Karmek added a post in a topic Zodiac sign = luck?   

    I first saw this info coming from my dude Eiene, the same guy who made fake accuracy charts to get people to sell their TRI RCE
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  8. Karmek added a post in a topic Zodiac sign = luck?   

    Fake news LUL
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  9. Karmek added a post in a topic Decided to make my money farming Ogres long time ago   

    After a year of playing the game and more than 4'000€ invested into the game, I will also join OP in his train of thought, with all due respect. I have a good background in terms of theorycrafting and competitive games (top 1 EU seasonal Diablo 3 player, top 1 FR / top 50 world Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas cup winner, etc.) and have lately been interested in philosphy, more specifically determinism (all hail our senpai Spinoza, everybody should read The Ethics).
    My research has lead me to get into the basics of how RNG is coded in games and other systems such as lotteries, poker websites and such.
    Long story short, as long as you don't have access to the source code and the machines running it, you can never truly know how anything works. BDO is no exception and theories such as timestamps no longer seem far fetched to me.
    Here are some good reads if you have spare time :
    And more specifically related to the gaming industry, the whole "Wi Flag Case" in Asheron's Call. Basically, an error in the code made it so people had worse RNG than others depending on the time they created their character; the agro on mobs was linked to an algorithm taking into account the character's SessionID and CharacterID, two values that the end client have no influence on.
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  10. Karmek added a post in a topic What will happen when Kamasylvia launches?   

    Since when do levels carry you on BDO ? :thinking:
    You can be level 64 with 400GS, you still won't be able to clear Kamasilve optimally
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  11. Karmek added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Reminds me of an example I used on the forums a while ago.
    They're smart as ----- though. You can't "buy" durability with real cash nor can you buy RNG boxes, so most of the RNG/hidden values related legislation does not apply.
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  12. Karmek added a post in a topic What will happen when Kamasylvia launches?   

    A few things will happen with Kamasylve
    - You will log in with more CP (CP softcap raise) ;
    - You'll be able to get more max energy ;
    - You'll go back to pirates/sausans once you're done.
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  13. Karmek added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    RPers also have a specific chat, top notch management on this side.
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  14. Karmek added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Because we already know they're both trash guilds and adding salt to a saltmine won't do anything ?
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  15. Karmek added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    1 Sharp Bundle
    1 Hard Bundle
    3 RCE
    3 Guardian Seals
    2 Ancient Weapon Core
    2 Witch
    1 Blackstones
    And I haven't done it today. Yes, 13 loots on 12 days because last week's maintenance reset the quest (2 eggs for 1 day).
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