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  1. Halcyrus added a post in a topic Plum/Blader is broken and not playable! Needs rework and bugfix ASAP!   

    Yeah I feel you. Honestly I'm pretty demoralized that we haven't even heard anything from daum about this yet.

    Right now we've lost our biggest (read: only) defensive capability and it hasn't been made up for in any area. I really love how the class plays and feels and I REALLY want to keep going with it, and if they so much as acknowledge that yeah it's messed up I'll be happy to grit my teeth and struggle through the BS until it's fixed.

    The silence, however, just makes me wanna main a fisherman.
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  2. Halcyrus added a post in a topic Plum/Blader is broken and not playable! Needs rework and bugfix ASAP!   

    Chill Fearce, it makes sense that Kasathar would ask why we don't block more. Our class, on paper, has a block. That means on paper it should be actually good, right?

    Kasathar, I'm sorry but that just doesn't help us. Our block bar is basically nonexistent, it can stop maybe one of two hits of 100 but other than that it may as well not be there. Also, we insta-retaliate with a slash after receiving an attack during the block, which actually DROPS the block. This makes it useless against ranged attackers as well.

    Basically, yeah Musa/Maehwa has a block on paper, but it's less than useful. The class is balanced around the iframe dash we can use repeatedly in RU/Kr, it's basically our only survivability. Nowadays, it only gets an iframe once, every 4 seconds, and we typically have to use the dash multiple times in a row to survive. Imagine a Sorcs teleport iframe only happened every three/four teleports rather than every time? That's basically what this feels like, and it's messed up.

    I don't say it's messed up from the "I want to be OP" standpoint either. We were nerfed ridiculously to the point where we basically have no way to save ourselves from a terrible situation other than to go offensive, and our damage currently doesn't make that a viable solution.

    I hope that clears things up?
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  3. Halcyrus added a post in a topic Armor in the Costume Slot   

    My name is Halcyrus, king of bladers, and I endorse this message.
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  4. Halcyrus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Who do I gotta fellate to get my Musa?
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  5. Halcyrus added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    Right, and so rather than go find another game which does appeal, you all want to change this perfectly fine one to suit the image you want it to have?

    How on earth is that healthy for a game? It's succeeded in two entire markets so far, and now the West is saying "Actually, no, it's shit, please change everything."
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  6. Halcyrus added a post in a topic PVE Player Strike   

    I already do. What now?
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  7. Halcyrus added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    I take issue with the image that the pro-PvE-only players seem to be propagating of that all that PvP guilds want to do is gank mercilessly for no reason.

    We try and farm too, just like you, we do PvE, kill world bosses, do scrolls, grind mobs, fish, farm, train horses, we do ALL of that... but we do it with the acceptance that PvP is out there. When we see a group of players hanging around us watching us kill mobs, we discuss if we should tag up and attack them or just wait to see what they do. We watch each others backs if someone needs to go afk, we come to each others help if a rival guild ganked one of ours, we're friends. We love this game and want it to remain the way it is, it's your camp that is calling for radical changes. All the PvPers want is for the game to remain exactly the way it is. These people are painting a picture of this bloody warzone of ganking and BM, but it's just not the case.

    In the wild west everybody owns a gun, but it doesn't mean that everybody is a bandit.
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  8. Halcyrus added a post in a topic All these threads about PvP vs PvE   

    No, you aren't the only one. I like them both too.

    The big issue is that what the 'PvE camp' wants to happen will significantly change the way the game works as a whole, and what the 'PvP camp' want is for the game to by and large remain exactly the way it is. This puts me, by default, in the 'PvP camp'. I like both, I want both, and I want them to coexist. That's how it currently works ingame and that's how it should stay, the 'PvE camp's demands would ultimately be detrimental to the entire game because they want PvP basically removed from a part of the game. Be it by splitting channels, double-consent toggle, or anything else - it'd change the entire makeup of Black Desert and I don't want to see that happen because I f-ing love this game the way it is.
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  9. Halcyrus added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    I'm baffled as to how people think that segmenting the playerbase into PvE and PvP channels is a good idea in any way.

    The entire APPEAL of the endgame grind is the sense of danger, the possibility of PvP. It adds consequence. If you mess with someones grind they're able to try and kill you, or you them, and so you have to be mindful of the players around you and either find a way to coexist or tag up and try to make them go away. It's an element of diplomacy and interaction that would be completely LOST if the playerbase was segmented! I love PvP, but I wanna grind too, and some of my favorite moments of "I really love this game" have been from high noon standoffs between my guild and another over a farm spot where we eventually decide to just grind different parts of the same area rather than let it break out into war.

    That would be completely GONE if there was a PvE channel! People would just go there and be able to be as much of a butt a possible to other players without any hope or chance of recourse. You'd have the big guilds not just rolling over other solo players who try and occupy grind areas, they'd be dominating farm spots and there would be NO WAY of possibly moving them via bringing in your own guild to root them out. PvE is easy, the challenge comes from trying to monopolize in a world full of people who can and probably will try and take control of that farm spot, and that is fun. Splitting would ruin that element of the game beyond repair, because even the big PvP guilds would swap to the PvE channel when it game to grind time. Why? Because it's easier and their XP would come quicker and people will always choose the path of least resistance to progression. That's WHY you get entire guilds grinding together sometimes, because it's safety in numbers, monopolization of grind spots is inherent to that as well. The entire aim of that is to make a spot 'safe' for their members to grind in.

    The PvP channel would only exist for organized GvGs, and half of the fun in guild wars is catching members of the enemy guild unawares winning outnumbered fights because you surprised them with a guerilla hit and run. That can only happen in an unsegregated world like we currently have. Splitting would irreparably kill a lot of the games appeal to a lot of people, and that's not okay.
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