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  1. Xery added a post in a topic Was the "new" patch tested?!!!!! [patch got major issues]   

    You are right. I had the Lv 30 Cooking Quest in my Log. It is gone now. Luckily I did all other advancement quests already lol ... 
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  2. Xery added a post in a topic Was the "new" patch tested?!!!!! [patch got major issues]   

    Advancement quests dont work? News to me. You smelted 100 melted Shards? so you crafted 10 times or you crafted iron ore to 100 melted shards? either way, I dont know what skill you are at, but 1% for that little is not unusal ... 
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  3. Xery added a post in a topic Elixir of Time   

    The pattern for each elixir is almost the same. I tried to craft this recipie like this: 1 Wise Mans Blood / 2 Powder of Time / 5 Maple Saps / 1 Special Fire Flake Flower (Or 5-6 Normal ones) .. I already crafted 150 crafts without fail. I am Master 1. 
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  4. Xery added a post in a topic Market Bidding/Reservation system not working?   

    I dont understand the system as well ... i noticed something strange with silver as well, but i didnt look closely into it and didnt connect it to the preordering. 
    It would be of utmost importance to clear us up about this system. 
     Like this 
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  5. Xery added a post in a topic Stopped getting milking quest in Olivia @ Pro 6, is this normal or did I break quest?   

    The quest you mean is not a gathering quest. You probably just have life quest active so it doesnt show. 
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  6. Xery added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    It is called "fix". 
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  7. Xery added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    I couldnt be more happy about the removal of processing energy cost. It would have been enough to remove the costs to process tier 1 mats, but thats fine as well. Finally I can get rid of all the 100.000s of tier 1 mats in my stashes  

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  8. Xery added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    You seem to be stupid, dont know where you can muster that much courage to call me retarded fanboy... Stupidity is some kind of amplifier to create unreasonable judgement over anything that angers the rabble. Never underestimate the power of stupid people who share one oppinion. As long as people enjoy playing the game, it wont die. I dont know when they change da costume, but i dont even care. (I hope you arent refering to the ghillie suit changes, because they are reasonable)
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  9. Xery added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    I dont see how. I enjoy it and it gets always better. What is there you people want? Little spoiled brats. 
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  10. Xery added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    Äh ... Rankings = Competitiv 
    I can do what I want = Sandbox ... 
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  11. Xery added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    You are so annoying ... Just go already. These people quitting because of this are idiots. W / e ...
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  12. Xery added a post in a topic Alchemy Stone system is broken - Alchemy in general is broken   

    Everything is fine... 
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  13. Xery added a post in a topic Which is the best strategy for someone who wants to concentrate on Professions?   

    Well ... My Main is Artisan 6 Gathering, Master 2 Processing, Artisan 2 Cooking and Artisan 4 Alchemy. I have 8 Alts of which 6 are at least prof 1 in processing, 2 are prof 1 in cooking. My Energy is at 214, Contribution at 270. 

    If you want to start being a crafter, you need to max out your contribution and energy. You need to connect all important Nodes and send workers there to gather key ressources like Trace of Savagery or Trace of Earth. My main income is due to processing and alchemy. I create stuff for my workers so they produces other stuff. (Yea, a bit vague xD) 
    But I would suggest to you to do all the daylies in Olvia, the hidden ones as well (You need to unlock them via amity). To do the alchemy and cooking daylies you need to be at least apprentice 1, they are the most porfitable out there. There are 4 main daylies for gathering around Velia, i suggest to do them as well, especially in the beginning. 
    Your goal to be efficient in crafting would be Prof 10 in Gathering, Prof 1 Processing (Artisan is better ofc) and Prof 1 Alchemy. 
    This is ofc my way of playing and just the way I think is the most efficient. I dont even know if thast what you were asking for, but if there are any questions, I am happy to help. 
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  14. Xery added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    Lame ... 19 and 20 should still be something special and hard to achieve ... just play pokemon. 
    Lame ... 19 and 20 should still be something special and hard to achieve ... just play pokemon. 
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