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  1. The_War_Ostrich added a topic in General   

    I just wanted to get your guys opinion on an idea I thought would improve the game. As it stands farming in my opinion seems a little lack luster  compared to other life skills. My idea would be implementing livestock into the game. How I invision this working would be letting people raise cows, chickens, pigs etc in fence plots like crops. These animals would level up like horses do. The higher the lvl the greater the yield on milk, eggs, etc. You would be able to feed them like pets to allow them to produce. Being able to breed them would also help grow or sell your product. If a player is not interested in milk or eggs, they could slaughter the cow/pig to yield leather, meat, or both. The higher the lvl the better the yield. Again just looking for a community opinion or @CM_Jouska if this was possibly an idea they were already toying around with. Let me know what you think.
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  2. The_War_Ostrich added a post in a topic Looking at them from the flat of my back   

    So when you land a charge, you can shield charge or chop kick to cancel the stab kick animation of the charge? I have tried every cancel and cannot seem to be able to do this. Which is a little frustrating since charge is an amazing engage move that we are supposed to miss with? So we can catch people it seems.
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  3. The_War_Ostrich added a topic in Warrior   

    Looking at them from the flat of my back
    Alright my fellow warriors I need some help. It feels like I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the class I've been playing works. I will start by saying I'm not a hardcore player nor am I a pro, but I have done my share of pvp. I'm sitting at lvl 52 with 100 ap and 180 dp. Not the best but I'm working on it. My problem is that in the red battlefield or any small scale pvp over 2 ppl, anytime I charge in, immediately after said charge I'm knocked on my ass before I can finish a grapple, ground smash, chopping kick, deep thrust, you name it. I see other warriors pulling this and much more off without being cc'd at all. So here are my questions:
    1. Why am I constantly cc'd immidiately after charge?
    2. Many moves say they can be used as interrupts at any time, why is this not the case when I've landed a charge?  The ending charge moves of a sword thrust and kick that seem to last forever and seem useless as people just dodge away right after them.
    3. Whenever I do land a deep thrust, my target appears to be slightly too far away to grab or kick, what am I doing wrong?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I adore the sword and board of the warrior. I understand it's a complex class with lots of combos. I'm just looking to get better. 
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  4. The_War_Ostrich added a post in a topic Black stones (armor) wont enchant Fishers clothes!?   

    You use another silver embroidered fishers clothes. They enchant like accessories do. If it fails you lose both.
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  5. The_War_Ostrich added a post in a topic Anyone know this armor?   

    Thank you! I haven't dropped the cash to get any of the costumes yet, not a big fan of any of them. But I am tired of the potato sack they pass off as "armor."
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  6. The_War_Ostrich added a topic in Warrior   

    Anyone know this armor?
    Is anyone able to identify what armor set is on the far right of this image? I love the look and have not been able to find it in game or even a name of the set/costume. 

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