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  1. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    PvP toggle keybind - help needed
    Hey. I'm looking for a solution to a problem I have, which is the keybind to toggle PvP flag. It's set to ALT+C by default and I can't change it for some reason. Why is this a problem, you say? Well here's the thing.. C is also another keybind, as you may know, which toggles your awaken/regular weapon.. so what happens when I press ALT+C? I toggle my PvP flag on, ASWELL as toggle my current weapon. This is a huge issue for me.
    Why is it an issue? Because it's making me do something I never intended, or more than I intended, and it's causing stupid problems. I want to be able to QUICKLY toggle my PvP flag, perhaps even in mid animation, in order to keep my cards close to the chest. I don't want to alert my target that I'm going to murder him, by flashing the PvP icon while walking near him, so a quick toggle is often key to success. The less time they have to react the better for me. Now I have to do that AND toggle back my weapon before proceeding with my maliciousness.
    Another problem, that has happened quite often is that I toggle PvP flag and start doing some dank combo, but it turns out I am now holding the wrong weapon, and thus making all the wrong moves, I die horribly and end up looking like a clueless asshat who has just bought an account from ebay. Its a miserable mechanic and the fact that it registers two different inputs at the same time, is catastrophically bad thinking on the game developer's part.
    At least let me change the damn keybind. Please, for the love of stealth ganks. Help me.
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  2. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    +3 Trainers clothes with 0 failstacks, easy.
    After basically Never Lucky ™ with enchanting, I did a thing:
    Feels good man.
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  3. Naagauk added a post in a topic Temporarily Disabled Items - market place   

    So you are level 58 and don't know basic game mechanics, I have only one explanation for this and that is ebay account. GM can you investigate this guy?
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  4. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    Can't sell workers after 28.12.16 patch
    What is this.. I don't even... help?

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  5. Naagauk added a topic in European Guild   

    Looking for Guild and Chill
    Hello. I'm currently looking for a guild fitting certain criterias:
    English speakingRelatively big guild in terms of player roster and guild skill progressionCasual friendlyFocused on enjoying the game, not labouring toward being the best of the best.A little about myself:
    I started playing the game at launch, played it pretty hard for a while but ended up taking a very long break from the game, due to many different reasons.Am currently back as a "returning player" after a 6+ month hiatus. Trying to get back in the game and actually have fun while playing. I'm casual and progressing at my own pace. I do a little bit of everything and want to get the most of the game without pushing myself to the point where it becomes a job instead of a game.My current class/gear is main Musa, level 57 with 190 DP 150 AP. I have various alts: 52 Sorc, 53 Ranger, 51 Wizard, 51 Warrior, 55 Ninja.Are there any guilds out there for a lad like me? Give me a holler. Family name is same as forum name.
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  6. Naagauk added a post in a topic Extreme stuttering and chunk loading issues when riding   

    This has nothing to do with the snow. The snow is butchering the frames, but this is definitely not a performance issue but something with the way the game is  loading textures and chunks. And this issue has been persistant before they added that patch.
    I checked that my harddisk is not fragmented or anything, and I was monitoring the resource use of BDO while riding fast and it's slurping on a whopping 9 mb/s of disk usage while traveling fast.. this is -----ing retarded and it's so bad that I may aswell be riding a donkey and I'll get to my destination at the same pace..
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  7. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    Extreme stuttering and chunk loading issues when riding
    What is this shit, and how do I fix it? It didn't use to be like this before (and I'm only having issues with black desert, no other problems related to my harddrive or anything that I can think of).
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  8. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    Help with Camel aquisition quest
    Hello, returning player. I've set out to attempt to get myself a camel, but it is proving rather difficult. So far I've learned that camels are rewarded by completeing quest from NPC Bochlo.
    This is my situation:
    I've found Bochlo, spoken to him. He doesn't offer me the camel quest.I've realized the camel quest is unlocked by following a certain quest chain.The quest for the camel is called "Your Best Friend in Desert", as shown on the bd database here: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5700/30/To unlock this quest, I must have completed the previous quest "The Unusual Scar", http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5700/1/I have been unable to start this quest, or find the NPC that starts it as he is not in the location described in the database map.To unlock "The Unusual Scar", I must have completed "Delivery To Little Sister", http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5705/1/I have been unable to start this quest, or find the NPC that starts it as he is not in the location described in the database map.To unlock "Delivery To Little Sister", I must have completed "Lady Searching for Her Little Sister", http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5520/1/I have completed this quest and turned it in to NPC called Merrel.After completing Searching for sister... I was for some reason unable to progress further. The NPC's or quests for the next step is nowhere to be found.So I've been searching all over.. google, reddit, youtube, everyone says the same thing "just follow black spirit quests and it's easy as hell". However, the BD database tells me another story; the quest chain is absolutely endless, and the information on the database doesn't match the information and location of NPC's in game. I've tried to do anything I can of quests that are valencia related, and currently I'm on a mission from the King in Valencia.. I've already crossed the desert back and forth like 20 times and I still don't have a -----ing camel.
    It is apparent to me that whoever designed this quest chain has made a grave error in judgement and made it broken somehow. I've tried everything I can think of and searched everywhere I can think of and I still am unable to obtain a camel. Please help me. Anyone.
    I just want a -----ing camel. Come on..
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  9. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    My RNG is potato

    People telling me 60 failstacks is good. I have nothing. No money, no valuable accessories. What I do have, is a Liverto that simply refuses to go +15. I started to try for +15 at 27 failstacks and now it's all the way up to 60. People whispering me saying "Omg lucky you bla bla" as if getting 60 failstacks is an achievement. For me it feels like I've been ganged up on and the game is stating as clearly as it possibly can "You should take a breath and rest." So what the heck is this? Some guys get +18 in less than a million spent but I am probably atleast 200 million deep into this liverto and still only 14.
    Nice game. Cool story bro.
    Fox these potato rolls.
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  10. Naagauk added a post in a topic [Video] Musa speed demon   

    132 ap, 172 dp..
    liverto +14
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  11. Naagauk added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    Learn to play friend
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  12. Naagauk added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    Yes warriors are so bad in duels, right? Valkyries too. Super weak. Gonna be even weaker on friday when their damage is essentially tripled. Top kek, excellent post young lad.
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  13. Naagauk added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    This thread is too important to die in the sea of old posts, this is a really important issue. Pls.
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  14. Naagauk added a topic in General   

    [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix
    Elixir of Thorns : -10 hp on hit
    Elixir of Sharp Thorns: -15 hp on hit
    Video is self explanatory. Please delete this potion from the game, yesterday. Seriously. This is next level stupid.
    • 153 replies
  15. Naagauk added a topic in Musa   

    [Video] Musa speed demon
    Stacking buffs for this hilarious "hacker" speed. Attack speed +5 from items, speedspell from wizard and 200% black spirit rage buff for 40%. The speed is so fast that I don't even know what I'm doing, I get overwhelmed and can't even concentrate on my combos, but it's funny to watch.
    • 12 replies