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  1. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Weapon repair balance discussion and polls   

    For rangers you need a 30-45 minute option. Branded awakening weapon I can do a max of 1.5 hours at Gahaz.
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  2. GroovySauce added a post in a topic NA Server latency   

    I've been having lag since 3PM PST
    This is what my BDO experience has been since then. mixed in with me trouble shooting. Everything else works fine except BDO.

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  3. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Intermittent Freezing and Lag FIX Thread!   

    @rockett That is exactly what started happening to me today on a fresh install. went back to my old computer and same issue.
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  4. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Stuck at "Now Processing"   

    After having terrible FPS in Siege war (optimization mode all effect and other crap off with scaling.). I restarted my computer. now cannot get back in.
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  5. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Storage Maid Weight Limit Decrease and Potential Bug   

    This just started happening to me. 
    I was transferring 333 junk drops consistently for a few hours.  Now I can only do 142.
    I can transfer 40 XL mana pots but only 22 XL HP pots. 
    EDIT: Typo
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  6. GroovySauce added a post in a topic AP vs. Accuracy?   

    57 ranger.   TRI Kzarka TRI liverto TRI steeldag PRI bronze
    Still trying for bhegs.
    what I have done is switch between the steel and bronze dagger depending on what I am doing.   
    In valencia I still switch to my bronze for some mobs. Interestingly at 192ap or 170ap the Valencia mobs die about the same speed between bronze and steel. Why I still use bronze is because I run an extraction gem and  I get more mana regen with bronze.
    My suggestion would be pick up a really cheap +13-15 bronze dagger(uno +13 at 7.8m) and put it on the hot bar and switch between as needed.
    EDIT: I agree with the above posts.  I have 1 duo ring of good deeds. I actually just bought 20 rogd to try for a TRI for some extra acc in PVP
    Eventually you will want full AP accessories that is another reason I suggest the Bronze dagger route.   Really comes down to how you play and want to play in the future.
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  7. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Durability problem   

    I have two main and off hands.  Seems to be the ticket for staying in the desert longer. 
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  8. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Steel vs Bronze   

    Lvl 57 ranger with TRI Kzarka TRI ULT steel I can farm pirates and most of Valencia with out ever having mana problems. Centaurs I still switch to PRI bronze.  
    With TRI Liverto I still use my PRI bronze.  
    PvP I'm still torn on the daggers   I have them on quick slot so I can change mid fight.
    I do use an extraction crystal.  When grinding with the Liverto I can really feel a difference with mana return when using the bronze.
    I have a fat pre order in for Bhegs and camp the market regularly. Once I get them I might sell my bronze after some pvp tests.
    use bronze until Bhegs and Kzarka 
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  9. GroovySauce added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Custom Quick Slots Keep Moving.
    The quick slots keep moving over the day. I think it is when I switch characters they also shift a bit. using /reloadui doesn't help. This is super annoying. Pictures are of 1 day of playing. Any solution?

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  10. GroovySauce added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    Seems it can be hard to build fail stacks in KR. Was watching his stream before this.  He kept successfully upgrading when trying to building fail stacks.  
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  11. GroovySauce added a topic in Suggestions   

    Speed Up Relic Shard Boss Summon Speed
    Doing a 5x5 group with level 53+ is a joke. Most of the time is spent waiting for the bosses to spawn and then be targetable. I end up collecting 100+ deer blood while waiting.
    I'm on my tablet and don't know how to put spoiler text is so warning this is all spoilers!
    Few suggestions:
    1. If everyone in the party has done the scroll 5 times make them instantly spawn and be targetable, no 5 second wait.
    2. Have all 3 bosses spawn at the same time.
    3. Combine 5 scrolls into a super scroll.  Bosses are tougher still same amount of drops and packages from 5 individual. 
    I'm sure there are some other good ideas out there too. 
    I started to rant about how boring and miserable it is to do the scrolls. I deleted it and put this in stead.
    Please can we get a solution to make getting memory shards enjoyable as the rest of the game.
    EDIT: Fixed formatting issue
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