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  1. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic [01/28/2017 Update] The Ultimate Valkyrie Gear/Skill/Combo Guide   

    Hey Andross, followed this thread for awhile now and can't say enough how much everyone on it has helped me learn more about Valks. I see you talk about the coral pieces a lot. Why do you like them over say WE, MoS, or Outlaw? And how do you decide whether to choose red or blue? Seems like you are going for 2x duo blue coral earing and 2x duo blue coral rings but why not red coral rings or a split as you have in the picture above? Are red corals better than outlaw?
    Thank you and looking forward to your response!
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  2. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Much agreed with this.
    I think the force to +18 is a great idea, the thought of losing an enchant level to a failed enchant makes me want to smash keyboards. I don't know how someone could consider that "fun".
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  3. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    I would find it extremely discouraging as a CM to know that the Musa/Maewha community literally circle jerked each other with endless tear fests and moaning that the class wasn't out, only to get it released (probably earlier than intended) by Daum so that they could play the class and now they wail to the high heavens that they are /rage quitting because of a DP issue that has been known about for only a week... Maybe you should find consolidation in the fact your class is out and playable (for the most part, I mean some of you are level 54+ so obviously it hasn't hampered you TOO much) and that the issue is known and will be fixed when a solution is able to be integrated in a  proper time frame. 
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  4. Lux in Tenebris added a topic in Suggestions   

    New Boat/Ferry Skins Eventually?
    Hey Daum,
    Really enjoying the game. I know you likely have a practically endless to-do list and you have been really great with your pace on content/updates but somewhere down the line could we get another boat and ferry skin on the cash shop? I am not a terrible fan of either skins right now as the options in my opinion (just an opinion) are A) looking like I am rowing around on a Disney princess boat or 2)fishing on the open seas on a viking chameleon/ghost war ship. With that said I hope somewhere down the line we get more options and diversify the open water some but until then keep up the good work!
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  5. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic Unable to pick easter egg exchange quests from priests anymore   

    +1 same issue, no priest is giving out the quest.
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  6. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic Autofishing option that doesn't require the computer to be on   

    Besides just how horrible of an idea this is just imagine the hardware server side that Daum would have to purchase and then how this would affect your actual in game play if they weren't able to do that. It is just a bad idea all around. They make AFK fishing easy enough as it is with the client running minimized.
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  7. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic AFK Grinding?   

    Everything else being 3 small aspects of the game overall? Come on man let's not jump the gun. There is so much more to do than fish, train horses, or build strength. Those are mostly quality of life, grinding mobs can net just as much if not more silver than both of those. It is really just a flavor change.
    Also once you get into skilled/professional level fishing the experience grind is immense because they know it is an AFK possible profession so trust me you will be thankful you can get some experience for them when you are sleeping. Daum is really just slightly easing the grind burden to experience the higher tier of the game to the more casual player and for that I will not fault them.
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  8. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic AFK Grinding?   

    You "were" going to put years of time into this game but now with auto-looping you feel you will fall behind? Please wait while I grab my violin for you... If you put years of time into a game you wont fall behind by any means and the grind for levels in this game to soft cap is ridiculously straightforward and hardly time consuming. Sorry that the influx of higher tier horses on the horse market are going to make traveling/leveling/trading/you name it easier for you as a falling-behind player to have an easier time. 
    Why buy and play a game or "put some years of time" into a game if you just want the game developer to AFK everything for you because they add a trivial AFK feature for two aspects that some individuals don't even bother to level. 
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  9. Lux in Tenebris added a post in a topic Now we got autopathing...   

    I don't mean to be rude but clearly you don't know much about computer hardware or how to adjust your settings in the game as you can set it to quite a minimum load. You will upgrade your computer before any of the hardware breaks under the load of BDO of this I can assure you. The only individuals I worry about are those with laptops that have poor cooling capabilities and leave the game full screen while they AFK instead of minimizing to the task bar or setting their visuals down. Although, even then the last 4 generations intel processors can tolerate high temperatures though skylake is arguably slightly less tolerant than it's predecessor. 
    As for the worker's they will complete the current round of collection they are on after you log off and then stop and start the next round when you log in again. 
    Edit: Having the feature to AFK task while you actually aren't running the client would require Daum to have more servers to both store the task you want repeated and repeatedly loop the task. They and just about any other gaming company could not afford this without putting a large part of the cost on the consumer. 
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