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  1. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic PETS replacement/removal   

    There is no way to delete a pet.You can have 4 "out" at a time (after wednesday 5)The is no LIMIT to how many you may own that I know of. They just get shelved in your UI window and called out when wanted.You may "exchange" or breed like-types together (cats with cats) which reduces the amount you'll have: 2 will become one.You "may" create a ticket for the game managers to remove a pet from your inventory. I have no idea if they will do it. Tickets to support are accessed by button in the in-game Mail window.Hope that helps.
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  2. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic constant disconnecting   

    Entire guild on multiple channels have been DC'd. Failed to connect. Get DC'd again when able to reconnect.
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  3. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Guild Stable Keepers (Old Moon Guild) - Knowledge not registering   

    Amanda is still bugged  
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  4. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Old Moon Guild Member knowledge bugged?   

    Amanda Guild Stable Keeper near Altinova Entrance is still bugged after the New World. Unable to get her knowledge on multiple characters. Or even by doing Amity Game.
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  5. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    Issue: Marketplace Pre-order placed on UNO goes to mail of character logged into Orwen.
    Waiting for merge to get my eggs.
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  6. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic PSA - Decorations update - duplicate items do not add to interior score   

    Start a new post
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  7. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    7 months and we are still waiting to play the game without headache inducing screen flares. I really don't think the Devs or Kakao gaf.
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  8. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic 16 nov patch ready   

    If you haven't restarted your launcher yet, you might want to. Another small patch was added to original one from 2 hours ago.
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  9. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic 16 nov patch ready   

    Literally 5 posts above yours is a video of Boss explaining it. smh lol
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  10. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic 16 nov patch ready   

    We get new Turkey Boss!
    I think he has red ummm..."flatulence"  and fights with two excrements. Definitely weird.

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  11. S'Ly Kyti added a topic in General   

    Maintenance Extended 11-09-16
    Maintenance has been extended about an hour as posted on twitter:
    We're extending maintenance by an hour tops, if we go live earlier we'll notify you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    The patch is downloadable, we're extending our maintenance slightly to run some final checks.
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  12. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Red Nose Day - Why So Serious?   

    Agreed with the above poster (and many others) seeing this donation as passive-aggressive. 
    Disagree with all the posters that want to take away my right to say anything because the red-nose armor was free.
    No joke.

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  13. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Resource Node Workload Gradually Increasing?   

    Dear Mr Veterinarian,
    I saw your interesting and time consuming post today. The effort and passion you've shown as a forum newbie is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, using Google or the forum search function has become a lost art with many academics. 
    Investing in any node, resources or geographical, has no bearing on that resource.
    Investing in a node increases the small item loot drops from that node. 
    Having a rank of S on the mobs at that node helps with elite drops.
    The time a worker consumes when working a resource node is limited to that workers Race and Level and their individual expertise. Artisan workers are fastest...
    That said, the kids are fine, having returned to school and the dog is no longer in heat.
    Meows truly,
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  14. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Hellp, getting pushed off boat and it's wasteing my time   

    What is happening to you is a small humpback whale has collided with your afk Fisher. I have seen this many times. 
    You used to be able to hop on the boats wheel, but when Devs changed it so as to prevent players from scraping you off the beach with their boat we can no longer safely afk that way.
    There is a safe spot on your bow (front). Walk up there without your fishing rod, until your character does the almost-fell-off-a-cliff animation. Now you are safe. GL.
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  15. S'Ly Kyti added a post in a topic Medals?