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  1. Arvalo added a post in a topic Revelation Online   

    aside from the RNG woes created by gear disparity, BDO is my favorite mmo I've played after lineage 2. It's also the one I've played the second longest (counting KR servers, over 2 years now) long way to go to catch Lineage 2 though, I played retail servers from 2003-2008 and private servers from 2008-2012.
    loooong time lol.
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  2. Arvalo added a post in a topic Revelation Online   

    Played it for it's KR OBT a long while back, after 2 hours the terrible combat pushed me to uninstall.
    just awful.
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  3. Arvalo added a post in a topic Thoughts about Dark Knight?   

    I was against the whip idea until I remembered Ivy's whip a couple weeks ago.
    now it's my prime ideal weapon.
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  4. Arvalo added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I've not played with real focus for over 90 days due to RNG. Yesterday after 3 months of gathering daily/weekly rewards and doing any karanda/zarka that pops while I'm at home, they released a new costume I really like and I felt a spike. I could feel a resurge coming on... I though all I need to do is finally get tri on my stupid juber talisman....
    nope it failed 3 more times raising my fail attempts on it to 17. The Resurgance feeling is gone. Back to casual I guess. I still have a dumpload of enchant materials but I just can't fathom using them ATM.
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  5. Arvalo added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    I was getting some terrible studder in Hidel last night (before the patch) on US servers, switched to KR no problems. Back to US studder city.
    They Borked something up.
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  6. Arvalo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    Snowflake costume? HELL YES
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  7. Arvalo added a post in a topic Nouver tomorrow   

    About damn time.
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  8. Arvalo added a post in a topic Dark Knight must be soon, it's already on the site   

    lol yeah I was laughing about that myself.
    anyways, having leveled my own DK on KR to about 55 now whilst juggling my sorc on US servers and 3 other games simultaneously, I'm pretty excited for DK to release here for many reasons.
    1. It's hella fun, the range on the sword is surprisingly long. It's combat isn't particularly like any other class in the game (don't listen to the buzz going around by people who've only watched videos) She doesn't play like Maehwa at all. (I've played both, Maehwa wasn't my kind of class, DK is.
    2. I want to see what it's introduction will do to the pvp meta overall. Especially once it's awakening drops.
    3. I'll finally be able to get cash shop costume for it, trying to get one on the AH on KR servers is nightmarish. Been trying since only 50 has been sold, last check it's sold over 1050, I've failed bids on around 300 or so. Losing my mind, the big dumb leather shoulder guard on one side of the grunil armor for DK clips through your head constantly. It's a huge pet peave of mine. Need a costume to kill that lol.
    4. There's a strange bug that causes the eyebrows on the DK (the newer ones that usually only male classes get) to not show up when you first log in until you reset your appearance in the character editor.  I'd like it to release here fixed in an ideal world but if not at least I can report that issue here lol.
    there's other reasons but those are all I can think of ATM.
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  9. Arvalo added a post in a topic Just remove the damn snow   

    I love the seasons. I have a mid range system and play on full and haven't noticed any performance issues.
    Keep the snow until march imo.
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  10. Arvalo added a post in a topic All awakenings released we need....   

    I don't know why anybody would disagree with what is otherwise a pretty reasonable request.
    As somebody who hasn't gotten a dandi or a zarka yet, I fully understand the desire not to resubject yourself to that RNG mess again.
    Placing a "high preorder" is awful (and still not a sure thing), but even if you liquidate your current stuff, Placing "high" preorders will take you half as far as you were.
    Other MMOs I've played generally through auction houses or player sales provided you with the equipment you needed at competitive prices to reroll if you felt the need in order to continue.
    Blatently, black desert just does not. There's no guarantee you'll ever make it back to Tet if you reroll,  that feeling of being unable to match the power of your other character will leave your new one feeling inadequate. That'll lead many some to a cross roads often resulting in departure from lack of drive.
    I don't need a weapon exchange coupon, but I strongly support Its addition in order to sustain the long term happiness of the existing players.
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  11. Arvalo added a post in a topic BEWARE Deleting items, game may decide to delete your TRI Muskans instead of the fish you selected.   

    I did this to my Liverto weapon a few weeks after launch, they returned it within 6 hours. It's Friday, so still a work day. Keep your fingers crossed
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  12. Arvalo added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes for December   

    Decided to check it out on my Dark Elf!

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  13. Arvalo added a post in a topic When are you releasing the weapon exchange coupons?   

    I'd support this as well so long as it's once per family.
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  14. Arvalo added a post in a topic Another Dark Steparu...errrm..i mean knight video   

    the thing is, BDO isn't about the grind. It's about keeping the spot you're grinding in.
    People say it's not a pvp game, but OW environments with no instances where you fight for everything .... kinda suggests that it is.
    That and the whole reason for powering up is to go help with nodes and sieges.
    that's KR, they're far less aggressive than we are.
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  15. Arvalo added a post in a topic Suggestions: 1 aura per Karanda/Kzarka   

    I honestly think this is more than reasonable. It's not like doing Karanda 100 times happens over night. Especially if you have any kind of stuff going on outside of the game. (Such as work, or family/friends etc)
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  16. Arvalo added a post in a topic Is there swimming exploration in this game?   

    Yes, more or less.
    is that Daisey from agents of shield? Lol
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  17. Arvalo added a post in a topic Another Dark Steparu...errrm..i mean knight video   

    Having leveled my own to 52 so far (even ran into steparu along the way) the class feels pretty different than any other sword user in the game.
    the thing most aren't also accounting for is the reach this blade has, on top of her mobility. It's pretty fantastic. She doesn't really use it like it's a heavy sword. She wields it in two hands as if it's just more comfortable that way.
    dont knock it till you try it
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  18. Arvalo added a post in a topic how many times did you fail going to tri?   

    Failed 2 or 3 times to Tri on my Liverto and Awakening Blue Scythe. Ive failed 14 times now and running trying to Tri my stupid Juber Talisman.... So much money lost on an OH i dont even intend to keep.
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  19. Arvalo added a post in a topic How to move furniture in placement mode?   

    Put it down in a larger room, rotate it, then grab it and drop it in the room you want it in. make sure to use the keys i mentioned above for rotation.
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  20. Arvalo added a post in a topic Dark Knight Gameplay & Skill Demo   

    yeah that's about my reaction.... oh well guess my DK will level easy.
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  21. Arvalo added a post in a topic Dark Knight Gameplay & Skill Demo   

    I logged into KR for the first time since last December and they gave me a free +15 zarka and awakening weapon box... that awkward moment when you have boss weapons on a lvl 12 character meanwhile your 58 sorc on local servers still has Tri blues...
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  22. Arvalo added a post in a topic Dark knight EU/NA   

    So as a random interjection, incase anybody didnt know, you CAN make the Dark Knights shades of Grey/Blue now.
    Theyre now a dark elf by any definition you want it.
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  23. Arvalo added a post in a topic Dark Knight Combat Trailer/Teaser   

    Repost! About a day late dude.
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  24. Arvalo added a post in a topic The winter theme is half-baked   

    If they give us a whole bunch of bald pine trees because of this I'm gonna be pissed. 
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  25. Arvalo added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    unfortunately one thread cannot separate itself from the stigma created by arguments of other threads regarding the topic.
    That Spite will haunt the idea until people learn not to be insulting when they put in what is otherwise a reasonable request. (Male genders for classes) but understand that Devving both at the same time delays content massively, releasing them staggered over time keeps the people's appitite for new content better satiated. Then from the dev stand point they have to release the one that's likely Togo the extra Mile first. I.e females.
    ive seen ALOT of warriors, musa, ninja and zerks who have no costumes at all, if they do it's just ghulli. Kinda hard to make money back from dev costs on classes who's demo I'll say "appears" to be less likely to buy costumes. 
    I know I hardly ever see any female chars in potato sacks.
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