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  1. Arvalo added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    More like about 20 seconds, body customization isn't that complicated? (Yes they're at max, but that said she's no plum... They have like.... A shelf.
    seriously though I did spent at least 30 hours on her, minimum one hour a day for the entire 30 day custom appearance changer, didn't even finalize her until I bought a 2nd one and had done a lot of work on my other chars, which gave me inspirations ect for things to try.
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  2. Arvalo added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Can't believe I didnt catch this thread before now.
    Here's my Sorc, spent I'd estimate around 30 hours working on her (not including learning time on the editor tweaking other characters ect)


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  3. Arvalo added a post in a topic Guild names too short   

    Agreed underscores are horrible. Standard spaces are natural and should be allowed.
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  4. Arvalo added a post in a topic Guild names too short   

    Obviously to those who were thinking i was saying you need to have at least 16 characters in the name, i was saying its a CAP. You can have it as short as you want.
    .... what even.
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  5. Arvalo added a post in a topic Only thing that's missing for me   

    Theres already an Animal race in BDO, the Faun. They're just not playable.
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  6. Arvalo added a post in a topic Post pics of your Sorceress   

    This is my sorc from Kr-BDO but she'll be exactly the same on our local release. Spent alot of time on her appearance, it'd be a horrible waste to toss that away

    2 New ones, taken tonight!

    Decorating the tree.

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  7. Arvalo added a post in a topic Secret Combos~   

    I general i find that particular combo to be quite useless, you have to spin up 2 kicks that do almost nothing and make you vunerable in order to insta cast a spell with a really fast cast time anwyays? I.E you waste time kicking twice in the same time you could have just casted it in the first place.
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  8. Arvalo added a post in a topic How do you feel about PVP as Sorceress?   

    Overall Sorc is versatile and agile in PvP. Shes not the best, but shes not the worst either. Managing your knock down abilities to utilize that extra damage on knock down targets. (many of sorcs abilities produce knockdown)
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  9. Arvalo added a post in a topic Guild names too short   

    I really don't want this bumped down beyond reading right away.
    short guild names destroy community guild name divisity! You basically can't make anything meaningful with 10 letters.
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  10. Arvalo added a post in a topic Petition to move the server to chicago or texas   

    +1, agree with the OP.
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  11. Arvalo added a post in a topic Vigor/Energy System [DETAILED Breakdown]   

    sure it is, they showed us this beta was basically meaningless by having the same beta client as RU. Again I stress that this issue had already been resolved and thinking that they won't give us such a core update is "bluntly" ignorant.
    that'd be like them ignoring the train coming whilst standing on the tracks. The recommendations on this thread have been more akin to knee jerk reactions, "remove it" is the same solution they used to prevent bots... They REMOVED the trade system. This was a bad solution for a million reasons. thankfully we've convinced them to make a regional concession for consumables. 
     Going them to further water down this game and make it easier for casuals which is bullshit.  
    Everywhere on this forum I'm seeing people make requests to have the game become easier than it already is it's too easy in Korea and I've seen people asking for them to make it at least as easy as Korea if not easier which is ridiculous.
     This game is not World of Warcraft let them give us their vision.  BDO in the original Korean closed betas was a work of art and feedback watered it down into a game thats really pretty but doesn't have a whole Lotta saving features outside of that and it's combat system.  Today we can watch this community attempt to water it down into a game that's even easier than the Korean client, which was largely not very well received By their community or ours.
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  12. Arvalo added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild names too short
    Currently in CBT 1 guild names were limited to 10 characters utterly killing any room for creative name oppotinities. 
    I feel strongly that 16-18 characters should be the minimum cap for guild names.
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  13. Arvalo added a post in a topic Vigor/Energy System [DETAILED Breakdown]   

    jesus christ, you know this is a beta client thats just not upto date with later patch changes. They're going to implement that stuff here its stupid to even assume that they wont. They altered the system for a reason, basing your complaints on a pre tested RU client that they basically carbon copied and threw at us is totally meaningless.
    Latch your teeth into something that matters and hasn't already been resolved to the majorities liking.
    One of PAs #1 issues for BDO was regulating the market so that the supply and demand stay balanced, eliminating the system entirely so the new players/altaholics and script genius' can abuse the hell of it will kill the market faster than you can blink.
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  14. Arvalo added a post in a topic Leveling is too GRINDY early   

    We've also seen quest mechanics in MMOs fail.
    Thats a moot point for quests vs grind.
    You guys are complaining to make the game easier, youre going to ruin this thing before it ever gets in our hands STOP IT. Your bitching and moaning about something that takes all of a week to get through then the experience is a grindy mc grind fest anwyays. Who gives a rats if it takes an extra day to get to 50 before you begin that?!
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  15. Arvalo added a post in a topic Leveling is too GRINDY early   

    There is no confusion as to where to go, do the quests until you've got none then grind on what's white or red to you till you get a new quest from the black spirit. To find things to grind on EXPLORE!!!! the world is fantastically beautiful and ornate, look around for a bit. To further guide you in that use the nodes as a system of path finding, this will ensure you go to each area and see the respective hunting areas.
    i.e once you're out of quests use the connected nodes buttons from nodes you've already discovered to trace new node locations and find your grind spot. Even with the curve as is it doesn't take long per level at all.
    additionallt this early build doesn't have the full compliment of quests yet so your complaints that you're running out are idle. They've already solved that issue, but it's worth noting that this isn't WoW and the game is not designed for you to level primarily through quests which is why the vast majority of them give you only contribution or skill points (both good reasons to do them all)
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  16. Arvalo added a post in a topic Night time is to dark   

    that doesn't make sense. It gets darker the further from your body even with a lantern. A ranger won't be able to see mobs at range and have to reduce distance from them where a melee has to be near them already having tools to use for mobs in close range unlike Rangers.
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  17. Arvalo added a post in a topic Vigor/Energy System [DETAILED Breakdown]   

    The vigor system is enhanced by doing the quests in the game, or by doing your diligence to get the knowledge on most mobs as you encounter them.
    on KR I have about 200 contrib/ nearly 300 vigor. I've rarely if ever managed to burn that stack in one shot, when I do I simply put my character to bed when I go to bed. Replenishing that pool while I sleep legitimizes the system making it something you have to plan with rather then use wastefully like in most games.
    sure it's not built for casual play, and that's awesome. BDO isn't WoW nor should it be. You start with low vigor and increase it as you play intuitively just like your physicality and skills in leveling up. It's fantastically unique and realistic. If you want to gather large amounts of something get workers to do it for you. Even on the current system there is a lot of every material for sale causing spiked price drops regularly, which take weeks to recover from. With an unlocked gather system the rare gather items will become cheap too, and the spikes for the normal mats will simply never recover. All mats will be worthless making sales of them fruitless. There is no point in supplying more of what is already in endless supply.
    please please please do not alter this system. It is already working in an ideal fashion. These people will adapt as they level and play thusly increasing the vigor stay to a point where it does not hinder them. Removing it entirely completely destroys the challenge of the games crafting system since it does not really level up to unlock higher tier items like other games.
    stand by your development choices, keep this world true to its vision and take a stand against what WoW has done to this once great genre. Help make it great again, don't contribute to the watering down trend.... These games are so thinned out at this point they're all 90% clones with differnt art styles. This watering down is why P2P is no longer valid, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
    developers once did stand by their decisions and forced players to exist within the vision of the world rather than allowing them to exact their laziness and emotional rage upon it.
    BDO is not perfect, but it is good. The vigor system is one of the good parts. Limitations create demand in the same way a country only prints so much money a year. 
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  18. Arvalo added a post in a topic Jump is strange   

    It's fast because it's realistic. Gravity pulls you down quickly in real life, you don't float in mid air like a feather as in most games. 
    Of of all the MMOS I've played BDOs jump animation feels the most natural.
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  19. Arvalo added a post in a topic Leveling is too GRINDY early   

    Ugh more time to reach 50 is good not bad.
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  20. Arvalo added a post in a topic Hopefully Helpful things from Chiago: Costumes(sorceress, blader, warrior)   

    Anybody have source on this? I'd love to see the Christmas costume for everybody else.
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  21. Arvalo added a post in a topic Pros and Cons of a Sorceress - why would you main a sorceress?   

    I have been playing Sorc on KR since last December. Here re is a breakdown on how I evaluate her. (I may make a guide video before I put Korean away for the NA server.)
    pros: highly mobile, versatile, most unique combat style for a magic user in a while making playing one really fun, but challenging. Lots of knock down/back options. Strong ranged abilities.
    cons: limited ranged abilities. fairly weak grinding ability overall before acquisition of awakening weapon. Best health drain ability leaves you quite open to attack for anybody brave enough to try to hit you while casting it. (No problem for ranged chars)
    strategy: don't stop moving. What I generally do is round up my mob groups using the chain lightning ability, then once they're sufficiently close hit me with the big shadow bomb, immediately follow up with the ground spike 2 part combo. This exhausts all but one ranged ability but also knocks down most of what you hit. I'll teleport in for 3 hit bursts of s+left click and the follow through combo that catches enemies on fire. 
    Alternatively you you may also follow up that knockdown barrage with conical shaped ranged shadow attack for some big big damage on knocked down enemies.
    for thicker enemies (ones that survive the above combos) I'll throw in a spin kick with the follow through be uses its a quickly executed nearly guaranteed knockdown in most enemies. I'll use that every time they get back up.
    I find your best strategy is to weave ranged attacks in from the outside to knock them down then teleport in and rip them to shreds while their down. Sorc does fairly lackluster damage to enemies while their upright. Fortunately its knockdown toolkit is pretty awesome.
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  22. Arvalo added a post in a topic Some underwear doesn't make sense   

    That costume had a specific underwear released with it on KR servers. It first perfectly.
    the default spec underwear you're wearing in that picture doesn't really look good with much at all unfortunately, which is done to push you into buying new undies.
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