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  1. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic Glassy_Boi giving back to the community!   

    The point is to be special, how special and in which way? Well depends form person to person
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  2. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic Glassy_Boi giving back to the community!   

    Woah i go to sleep and I come back to so much love! I did, I fought him got him to 10% and he V's out, thats when I lost my cool and temper and started playing irrationaly, so then he killed me 3 times in a row and then swaped ch so pleb me
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  3. Squishy_boi added a topic in General   

  4. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic 7 Tips to Hopefully increase your FPS!   

    Accurate explanation, I do still stick with the fact of using 75 hertz monitors or higher
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  5. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic 7 Tips to Hopefully increase your FPS!   

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  6. Squishy_boi added a topic in General   

    7 Tips to Hopefully increase your FPS!
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  7. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic Low game performance.   

    Well I will actualy give a go re downloading and re installing game tonight just to test this shit, lets see what happens
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  8. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic Low game performance.   

    I actualy do agree, I was wondering why and how comes that when I had used PC with 8GB of Ram, GTX 550, I-3 Cpu 2.4k ghz, HDD I was getting 40-50-60 FPS on Optimized mode.
    Then Recently I bought a new parts, R9 290x, i7-2600k overclocked to 3.8k ghz, SSD, 2x 8gb Ram and I barely get 50 fps on optimized mode. While a friend of mine who has R9 280, i5-2500k overclocked to 3.9k ghz HDD, 8gb Ram, can run BDO, without upscale, AA, SSAO on both, medium texture and medium graphic option at 60 fps whilst grinding. It is beyond me.
    Like I did everything I could possibly think of, unparked my CPU to split load, (even though only 10-20% of CPU is used by BDO while in combat/town) used DDU and unnistalled drivers and installed latest, turned of Tessalation level, Turned of V-Sync refresh, yet it still gives me barely 50 fps in optimized, making me really angry and hard to PvP apart from desert 1v1's
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  9. Squishy_boi added a topic in General   

    What could be the issue?
    Alright so, I have an "Issue" basicly, i've been checking with a friend of mine He runs R9 280 Radeon with i7-2600k and he can run BDO with Medium settings Effects on Upscale on and most of the stuff like AA and SSAO on and still get 60 fps. He didnt overclock CPU he also streams and can get solid 60 fps while in combat with that settings while streamin. Now I run r9 290x Radeon, i7-2600k overclocked to 3.8k ghz and I can run BDO with Very Low and Upscale everything else off, barely getting 50-60 fps in Combat as In PvE not PvP, my question is why and how? He runs HDD I run SSD he runs 8gb of ram I run 16gbs or ram, my CPU load is only 10-15% changing priority doesnt help same shit. Anyone has a solution/fix?
    I've turned off Tessalation level, turned off forced sharpness, idk what else can I do unparked my cpu
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  10. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    I wouldnt respond to retards as yourself for saying group farming is failing at the game, cus if you get 2-3 players who KNOW how to grind pirates are 5 times more exp then it is if you are solo.
    Wow read the post before comenting shit dude kay? 
    Can you tell me where you grind, i'll come right as server come live and show you how easy it is to grief person's rotation with you just STANDING on 1 spot and KILLING only 1 farm where I am standing. Slows you down a bit, but in long run u'll see how frustrating it is. Besides he never killed me, at least untill 4 other players who just wait for me to go red karma came and attacked me, by then I solo went -1m karma on the cancerous pleb.
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  11. Squishy_boi added a topic in PVP   

    Solution to Karma Griefers by Players
    Hello today again i've experienced huge anger and adrenaline drive, why? Well again a pleb who is a karma griefer showed up on my Main spot on pirates where im grinding with a full group for 4 hours and pops in kills mobs, I nicely said hey its taken and we are full otherwise i'd invite, please leave. He doesnt do that and continues, so my group starts farming him, untill we went red, once that happend the guy comes around and hits us worst part is he is conviced he is awfully strong as he can beat us and we dont kill him right. Well I've been thinking of a way to Stop this from happening, it might take a while and whole EU community and NA to contribute to actualy get rid of them.
    Here is the idea, using this thread we can write down names of known griefers with proof (whispers, deaths and such) and then all the players who have their names could, should bully them, outside of safe areas when they are spotted, be they on alt gathering or main grinding or bosses we should all do this and contribute to getting rid of the awfull system daum put on us.
    I will be making a discord for this, as Name and Shaming isnt alowed on forums.
    If everyone agree's i'd start with making discord.
     I'll be editing this thread with names of each and every griefer added and so people can actualy work against them. Please do join in on this and help us get rid of cancerous plebs.
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  12. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    The guy is buying an account, my bad for not saying
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  13. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    @Riiip  I was casually browsing the web when I stumbled upon this!
    what do we have here Sir Rip, is this one of your fellow friendzors from AA? 
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  14. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Not one person there uses whale pots, number were right and we aint to be blamed when we first did 4v15 and wiped you few times to bait you into final war. Are you that kid who died over 20 times to me after final war and was spawning using elion's tears? How did that 20 $ feel when you were ripping them in 5 seconds and not being able to kill me? #Saltkku
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  15. Squishy_boi added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    If I said it once, i've said it well only once. Im Serbian and alot of Resi guys are from Balcan our Christmass is on 7th of January
    Will there be podcast, idk if Swiper will be around? Even better what about New Years eve, GF's coming over for me so thats a deffo no no for me otherwise i'd pop in on 31st #hardcore
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