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  1. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    +1 get it done
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  2. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Mega server   

    You literally make no sense at all and have no idea what you're talking about.  More people and channels yet somehow less lag?  Just as one example:  server wide chat.  Supposedly you're claiming more people will spead out over more channels except the fact that that massively larger 'mega server' population will be aggregated onto the global chat systems. 
    They can't even optimize the current architecture with the current population... and you want to double down on it.  Daum / PA has proven at every turn they are not capable of fixing these problems.  No idea what evidence based foundation your building your confidence on but I'm guessing it's all hope and faith. 
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  3. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Mega server   

    They can't even manage to establish a quality play experience with regards to lag and disconnects on the current server + channel architecture.  I'm not sure why anyone would ever consider asking them to build a 'mega' server with more shitty channels that can't even handle the current population. 
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  4. RallyPoint added a post in a topic EURO 2016 Events   

    It's not egg shaped you -----ing moron. 
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  5. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Energy investment in nodes - if there is no benefit for certain nodes, why let us invest?   

    Totally wrong.  In the Q&A they clearly asked and were told No; does absolutely nothing.  They didn't say anything about rare drops, drop rate, normal mats, or any caveats... it was a flat out "No".  The only thing he went on to explain was how they are TALKING about what they MIGHT do in the FUTURE. 
    Doesn't do anything at all; totally useless and a complete waste of energy. 
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  6. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Tired of The Greed   

    YES!  So sick of this not being the case. 
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  7. RallyPoint added a post in a topic life skills not in game to make money then why can you make money off of afk fishing   

    AFK fishing is really just a honey pot.  It's meant to be this way by design.  They want you to AFK fish for free money *HOPING* that most people will do this instead of botting / cheating.  It keeps the honest people honest, lets them get some easy AFK silver, and quells their temptation do unsanctioned AFK things.  Also undermines a typical excuse cheaters use. 
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  8. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Sugestion: work node interface improvement   

    Please also show the last task a worker did.  When I open the All Workers List, recover them all, I see their home city but I have no idea what they did last. 
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  9. RallyPoint added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please develop collaberation without trading! Example...
    Community makes an MMO; it's truly what keeps people hooked for months and years.  I've played them for decades; ever since MUDs on BBSs.  It surprises me how often people even stop liking the game yet keep coming back day after day because of the community.  These communities are built on more than /guild chat and killing monsters.  People build memories collaborating around all aspects of the game.  With BDO I've never felt so disconnected from all the people around me.  I feel like the game punishes me at every turn when I try to game with my wife or RL friends.  We had big dreams of helping each-other build our empire when watching all the hype around beta.  Now two of them stopped playing plus my wife and I rarely play together anymore. 
    Sorry not trying to delve too far down that hole... I get why they implemented the limitations they have in place.  That's not what this is about; let's not debate them or suggest removing them.  I have a different idea that will allow players to collaborate without trading.  It's not a perfectly laid plan, feel free to discuss and improve it, but I want to convey that there is a way to build systems of collaboration that don't require people to 'trade'. 
    Lets take ship building as an example but this could be for anything a worker + workshop can do.  Perhaps it could even be used to create extended, longer term, guild missions?  We'll see...
    This idea is built around the construct of a Cooperative (Co-op).  A group of players will form a Co-op (maybe it must be guildmembers? not sure why but I'm OK with that).  In your "Friends" list you'd have a new section heading titled "Cooperative" listing your members.  Each member of the Co-op will invest Contribution Points (CP) into a workshop.  Each Co-op member must have their own workers, lodging, and feed them.  As finished products are created they are distributed round-robin to Co-op members storage.  If a member contributes zero resources or workers then they get skipped.  Perhaps there could be some logic around a minimum amount resources required to stay in rotation (someone putting in a total of 5 pine sap while everyone else puts in the rest doesn't really deserve a ship; do they? 
    In our example they all invest in the shipyard at Iliya Island so they can build Fishing Boats for each member. Each Co-op member must also assign a worker to that workshop and that worker will be exclusively assigned to that workshop until disassociated (which would trigger that Co-op member leaving that rotation).  Everyone must agree on what to produce by voting on the product they want from that workshop.  You do this by using the map > workshop > manage work button and selecting the product you want to produce.  Co-op members will now gather resources, put them in storage at Iliya, go to the map > workshop > manage work > and contribute resources into the workshop.  These resources will be removed from storage and can NOT be removed from the workshop by ANY member.  Once the minimum requirement for a single product is met production begins automatically.  Workers are programmatically selected (not by members) round-robin to do the work which will ideally distribute the work fairly even.  Production will continue even if one or all members are offline. 
    Co-op members can be voted out.  By going into the Friends > Cooperative section everyone can vote on kicking someone out.  You may want to do this to people who refuse to form a consensus around a product to build (everyone wants to build Merchant Wagons but they want a Noble Wagon and refuse to vote on Merchant Wagon which is holding up production).  Perhaps someone keeps doing the absolute minimum, you all talk to them about stepping up and pulling more weight, yet they refuse.  Whatever the reason; you don't want your Co-op held hostage by someone who refuses to work together or do their share. 
    I'm sure I missed some details and it's not perfect.  However you get my point... systems of collaboration can be built that don't require the direct trading of materials.  I think something like this would be some next level features that not only go hand-in-hand with their other production systems but would be another great example of how BDO stands out among the MMO crowd. 
    What to do if someones worker runs out of stamina? They drop out of the work rotation or production stops?  If the worker is always skipped does the member deserve produced goods?What if a members storage is full? Skip them and hopefully next round they have room?  How do they know they are always getting skipped for that reason?  Not everyone watches their storage capacity at every town so closely. Production pauses, error message indicates why and who's storage is full?  What if they never come back online or are on vacation for a week? Should Co-ops be able to do this at multiple workshops at a time?  The UI in this game is already terrible... how would they even keep track of all this?!Limit on amount of people in a Cooperative?  If so how many and why? At some point it would be too big and unwieldy to manage with out further UI tool development.  I want to keep this fairly small, simple, and easy to implement... relatively speaking. I'm thinking 5 is about right. Should this be eventually open to all workshops?  If not... why?I'd first like to see at minimum the 'big' things implemented.  Fishing Boat, Merchant Wagon, Noble Wagon, and stuff like that. 
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  10. RallyPoint added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Show ALL stats and explain them better!!!!   

    Better explanations would go a looooooooooooong way.  I don't need to see every formula but jeeeez some of these descriptions range from totally useless to completely deceptive!!!
    You know the descriptions / translations are bad when vet players have to regularly tell new players "oh, yeah, that's just a bad translation... here's what X really means..."  You see it all the time in game, on reddit, and on the forums. 
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  11. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Cat Special Skills   

    YES! THANK YOU!  I even submitted a ticket about this.  It's totally stupid.  Yeah... thanks cat... I KNOW ABOUT THIS ROCK I'M ALREADY MINING !
    To top it off they love to mark it right as you're finishing.  So you have to wait 10 sec for them to run to the next node... shit, in 10 sec I can spot the next node before the stupid cat.  He should be out pinging things while I'm gathering so I know where to run next.  The cat should always be one step ahead of me. 
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  12. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Guild Missions are not worth it very much for the individual.   

    I get what you're saying.  Maybe we should have a means of picking what we want to do?  Even gathering missions are like this... nobody wants to run all the way to freak'n Epheria for some rough opals; it's stupid... nobody likes fishing for 2 rare fish; it's annoying.  Perhaps we could pay a premium in silver to select the mission AND select what we get to gather/fight/trade.
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  13. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Storage Manager in Florien   

    Totes support this.  It's not a camp; it's a village... it has permanent structures. 
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  14. RallyPoint added a topic in Suggestions   

    Screenshots Illustrating Rediculousness of Beetles Around Olvia
    Please look at the screenshots as evidence to support my request to drastically reduce the amount of grass beetles around Olvia. They make milking cows in the pen for the daily quests a frustrating experience. Getting g-----s, sap, or otherwise cutting through Olvia in an effort to move across the town quicker are all hampered by all these pests.  The ones in the road block you during autopathing so you come back stuck on some stupid beetle. There's no reason have *THIS* many. There's also a stupid amount of parasitic bees around there too.
    One might also argue that cutting these down would improve performance both server and client side... if one were so inclined. 

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  15. RallyPoint added a post in a topic Have not been on BDO in a bit...   

    He's not top tier... that's the -----ing point moron.  You didn't even understand what he said which we can tell by your stupid response.  He's saying you're a turbo nerd for thinking you have to be "level 55+ and competitive with the best gear atm" in order to enjoy the game.  NEWS FLASH: By your standards the vast majority of all players are, and always will be, "behind".  Get over it; we have...
    Actually you said you were thinking about going to play ESO..
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