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  1. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    Its 1500 pearls, and lasts only 30 days.  hardly p2w.
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  2. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    Do you just wake up, browse the headlines of every news article and run around telling people that in the hope you are right without ever reading the information given IN the article?  Because you need to stop that, and learn things.
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  3. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    If you can force it, most will just do that.
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  4. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Please explain the gear rarity upgrade system.   

    It does not work, i've tried upgrading to Ultimate on every armor piece, 50+ times EACH piece.
    I've never seen a Yellow Ultimate on Uno server, just blues, i guess its locked of us still.
    You can only go up to random blues, it LET'S you try to get a ultimate, but it just won't work yet. 
    I wish i would of known this, i've literally spent over 500million SP trying to upgrade before i figured it was broke. 
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  5. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Staggered Maintenance April 27th - 28th   

    yah The whole world living all in the same time zone is a bummer...
    Because that is when they regularly do it.   Do you not understand thee phrase or the concept? lol
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  6. HEARTSPARK added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make storage and inventory UI screens save position please!
    The first screen is how the UI opens up when you access storage, the 2nd screen is how it should look if it saved position each time.   This might not seem like  big deal, but when you access storage dozens of times crafting items it is VERY annoying to move it around each time.
    I constantly run from storage to crafting tables, it resets back to the first image.
    Please for all that is good, fix this. 

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  7. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 20th   

    Because if they do, and then they decide during patching it won't work and don't put it in, everyone will cry a river on forum.   Waiting till its all said and done they can be sure.
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  8. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Alchemy stones/ shining powder   

    What a MMO time consuming you don't say??  Maybe consider a different game if you don't understand the basics of a MMO.
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  9. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Alchemy stones/ shining powder   

    No, the game is not suppose to be easy mode.  Why do people keep insisting on putting stuff in the game just because its hard.  That is the whole point of it, to make it a challenge.
    We already got lazy people auto-looping, etc.   Next you are going to want to just buy everything from every NPC.
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  10. HEARTSPARK added a topic in Suggestions   

    Random Potions/food effects to add more interesting crafting options.
    I was thinking how great it would be to be able to craft potion/food options that give random buffs or random death.   A RNG potion/food would add some interesting options.
    It plays in the Risk vs reward for MMO.
    Make them Artisan based, since it lacks many dishes/potions.
    I picture a potion that requires one of each type of crafting component for alchemy the same for the food one.  The idea being you craft a few at a time that you can sell on market, each one gives a random buff like +5stat, %5exp gain on horse, %5 damage demihuman, etc something for 60min.  The downside is it has a change to Lose %5 experience under level 50 or death above it with loss of trade items on you.
    I think this would add a nice bit of crazy into the game, and a all around "easy" thing to implement that will help crafting and the game.  You could even put in some funny animations when they go wrong.
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  11. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Ultimate Grunil set - worth it?   

    That is what RNG is.  Some get it quick, some take a long time.
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  12. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Where do you get Fruit of X from?   

    You can get them just from harvesting wild plants, i seem to get them more that way than any other method. 
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  13. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Ultimate Grunil set - worth it?   

    Yah that is a good advantage as well.  Plus it also works good for alts to if you want to swap out.
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  14. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Reached lv50! Ehh garbage game!   

    Thre is lots of mobs past level 50 to farm.  You got crafting, fishing, exploring, etc.   You are just missing out on lots of stuff with the attitude "I'm level 50, nothing I WANT to do."
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  15. HEARTSPARK added a post in a topic Ultimate Grunil set - worth it?   

    Remember you also have a chance to just get it crafting the set.  I've got one in just 3 tries, gloves took me 15 tries.    But it was not hard, getting the black crystals was the hardest part.
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