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  1. Veldan added a post in a topic The Megaphone Was a TERRIBLE Idea   

    I very much agree with the idea behind this not-so-nicely written post. Making sure that chat channels are decent is the job of moderators. Blocking is a band-aid fix, not a solution.
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  2. Veldan added a post in a topic Server maintainance time for Europe   

    Tbh I don't even get why anyone would vote no on this. American haters who don't want anything to be convenient for Europeans?
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  3. Veldan added a post in a topic There's no empty slot   

    Super annoying indeed. With quest rewards, this often happens even if one or two (!) empty slots are available. Even when the quest doesn't give any items.
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  4. Veldan added a post in a topic How to best deal with the toxicity?   

    The state of general chat is abysmal in any online game atm. I hope that one day there will be proper chat moderation again. That's the only thing that can fix this, the devs stepping in. There's nothing a player can do. Sure, you can block people, but 1) you'll end up blocking half the server and 2) you'll be seeing these weird half-conversations in chat because you blocked the other half of the people who are talking. It doesn't exactly improve your chat experience, you're better off disabling chat entirely.
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  5. Veldan added a post in a topic I don't like the cash shop prices, but I really want one of the costumes. Should I just buy it anyhow?   

    I feel a bit the same way. For me, there are two things conflicting:
    1) if I buy a costume, I support the game, this I want
    2) if I buy a costume, I support the current cash shop prices, this I don't want
    So I dunno, I guess I'll wait a bit longer
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  6. Veldan added a post in a topic The game is pretty incredible, but what is your biggest peeve with it? (Just list one)   

    The maintenance times. Also, these things:

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  7. Veldan added a post in a topic CET Maintenance Times vs your Playing Schedule. Details and Poll inside   

    False. BDO is region locked, there aren't people from all over the world playing (in this version). There's only 2 regions: NA and EU. A simple split into two seperate maintenances would fit all.
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  8. Veldan added a post in a topic CET Maintenance Times vs your Playing Schedule. Details and Poll inside   

    My server's channels were "crowded" status when the servers went down this morning. Yes there were some AFK fishers, but many people were also running around, doing trade and questing. Definitely not a good moment to smash in a maintenance.
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  9. Veldan added a post in a topic Euro day players get screwed - separate regional updates needed   

    Nope, because this is 2016, and it's perfectly possible to split EU and NA maintenance, so that both regions get it during the night. Other MMO studios have been doing this for years. 
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  10. Veldan added a post in a topic "Hide parked mounts" feature, please.   

    the game's so alive I can't see my char anymore!

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  11. Veldan added a post in a topic Player Chat Moderators   

    Spam bots? Toxicity in chat?
    On my server, channel chat is always dead, apart from the 1 time per hour that someone asks a gameplay related question.
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  12. Veldan added a post in a topic Is Daum allowed to do this?   

    Most game companies could do that and you would indeed not have a case against them. It's common practice for studios to put something in their ToS like "we reserve the right to end any and all services provided at any time, ..."
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  13. Veldan added a post in a topic Best MMO played in years and I played them all   

    "Energy Potions will not be sold in the Cash Shop. In addition, it is currently being discussed to add a system that allows players to consult an NPC that will magically transfer your unused energy into an Energy Potion which can be sold on the marketplace. Ultimately this will lead to a shift of energy and allow people to collect energy over time to utilize it when needed."
    read more here:

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  14. Veldan added a post in a topic Best MMO played in years and I played them all   

    I've been playing MMOs since 2004, and regarding the feeling of being in a virtual world, BDO is the best game I've seen. It's hard to call it best MMO after a few days of play, but I'd definitely put it in my top 5 already.
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  15. Veldan added a post in a topic Why is this game buy 2 play?   

    I like that it's B2P, it forces everyone who wants to play to support the people that run and develop this amazing game. Also, it keeps a lot of trolls out of the game. Anyone that truly wants to play should have no problem paying € 30, it's nothing for a game like this.
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