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  1. Lehel added a post in a topic Would you want a magical girl robot skin?   

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  2. Lehel added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Karanda?   

    just 92? I am not even playing and have over 100....collecting to have double just for fun  
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  3. Lehel added a post in a topic Compensation needed for no blackstone event!   

    ohhh how many weeks I spent on mediah elites and manshas running after the scrolls and black stones losing in the same time a time which I could spend on exp or money grind....
    I dont understand now this complain...never was so good drop of bs on the normal mobs(except time of the event)...
    Some ppl really want everything so easy...
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  4. Lehel added a post in a topic Chicken meat economy   

  5. Lehel added a post in a topic What do you guys think of my Valkyrie?   

    Its really nice  although I am wandering if somebody is "running" a no baby looks chars...Mine is too young,etc...but start to be not so uniq not so nice,like industrial plastic faces all over the BDO world.
    For sure my next char will go in another direction.
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  6. Lehel added a post in a topic Cooking Honey   

    Haahah didnt know that....tnx  This game is just amazing in details,always surprise me how they think about everything 
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  7. Lehel added a post in a topic Cooking Honey   

    As I know -  no.You have Node at Alejandro Farm,gather option and exchange. These ones I know too.
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  8. Lehel added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Valkyrie   

    Well the same...  I was started later because work..somewhere around 6-7pm....so I perfectly understand/feel you
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  9. Lehel added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Valkyrie   

    Nooo...sorry I didnt role y eyes on your post...I just rolling because I am sure we are unfortunately little which are main it....Really didnt want to write nothing negative to your post.
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  10. Lehel added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Valkyrie   

    Yes because many come with the alts  Just in my guild around 5 valks 56lvl made a awakening and after sold a lancia 
    I am sure like a main Valks on Alustin we are really a little...maybe around 100,maybe....
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  11. Lehel added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    tnx for the answer. I dont cry or something just asking
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  12. Lehel added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    So please let me clear the things...
    If now someone  make a new chars on other servers will not be punished/ban for some/any reason?
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  13. Lehel added a post in a topic Introduce full p2w (KR-style and beyond)   

    Thank you.I have a very good job in a very good company....Just not all countries are so rich as you imagine...Btw I didnt speak about me,I speak about ppl in general from Easter,South and Central Europe... 
    And dont come with GDP and cost....because they are similar,even higher then in some western countries...

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  14. Lehel added a post in a topic Introduce full p2w (KR-style and beyond)   

    You are so out of reality 
    "even an unemployed can still afford a little p2w" just to enlighten you this is not true for at least 60% of the European countries...Even with the work,many ppl cant afford to drop out a money into the virtual world.
    2nd somewhere I hope your post is just a big joke
    3th if your desire come true and and you can practically buy for the money silver,scrolls,gear,so everything...buy somebody to play instead of you a game  I mean...it will be a fight who have bigger pocket only  You no need a game for that....Save your time....
    4th is normal...yes ppl which are playing and put effort and time....yes they deserve to have more...its just a normal thing
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  15. Lehel added a post in a topic 2016 ELECTION NIGHT IN AMERICA!!   

    yey America!   
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