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  1. Eryola added a post in a topic Sulfur... Treant?!?   

    As I said in the first post: map pieces... I heard the two from the sulfur mine are the rarer ones, especially the one from the Tukar, so I decided to try to get these first (what good after all is, if you have both from Pila Ku, but never get the other ones?)
    Loot so far in 4 weeks:
    6 Sicil's Necklace
    19 Bluish Sulfur (daily quest item, 500 contribution xp + 3m silver)
    ~10 Traveler's Maps
    ~25 Black Magic Crystal: Intimitation (junk 600k crystal)
    ~100-140 Scroll Written in Ancient Language
    ~15 Part for Explorer's Compass
    ~? Black Stone Weapon & Armor
    0 Piece of an Unknown Map
    1 Hard Tree Bark
    and ~3m silver in cash drops per hour
    Yes, loot-wise it's worse than FogansCrescentsPilaKuGahazPiratesSausannearlyeveryotherspotinthegame, but the exp is not -that- bad, if you're 60+ with 230AP+... a little less than other spots, but it's soooo much more relaxed there. No white dots on the map, no idiots that show up 3 Minutes before the night starts with "SPOT TAKEN!" and you can have a disconnect in the middle of 8 mobs and log back in alive, because they have lots of hp, but do little damage. And for me especially: I would have never grinded to 60 at Fogans for example... boring as hell. But the chance to get the map piece is a motivation for me, because the next mob can drop it... so I got my 59->60 in Sulfur Works and will most likely get my 61 there too.
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  2. Eryola added a topic in General   

    Sulfur... Treant?!?
    I've been farming Roud Sulfur Works for like 4 weeks now to get the map pieces and had THIS happen today:
    Did my Waltz of Wind and had for a fraction of a second a mob name appear... "Root Treant"... WHAT THE...? In the Sulfur Mine a lvl50 Calpheon Treant?!?
    Then I did another round of my farming route and saw him half-submerged in the ground (a respawn), just like in treant forest. Tried to attack him once to lure him out and get a good screenshot, but sadly even the normal kick from my ranger was an instant-kill. Got a nice screen of the corpse though. After that the treant never respawned again .
    It's kinda frustrating to know, that the chance to have a mob from the other side of the continent spawn, is higher than to have a piece of the map drop...


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  3. Eryola added a post in a topic In Regards to the Updated Statement   

    With just 44 failstacks, you will be able to post 3 additional Cash Shop items to the marketplace (with a 33,3% chance of course, but you can use 1m Kron Stones to prevent your 10 silver auction fee from disappearing. If you fail... won't get another failstack then though... oh... and the costume you wanted to post, might delevel to underwear too).
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  4. Eryola added a post in a topic In Regards to the Updated Statement   

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  5. Eryola added a post in a topic A Timeline of Black Desert Drama, Told Entirely In Monty Python Memes and Movies   

    Sparrows? Swallows! African or european ones... though I don't know the airspeed of either when unladen... *AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh....*
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  6. Eryola added a topic in General   

    is there a new CM?
    Was kinda wondering where that guy would end up... now I know. ;)

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  7. Eryola added a post in a topic Give us Subscription servers with NO CASH SHOP   

    Because that server would be empty -very- quickly otherwise...
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  8. Eryola added a post in a topic Give us Subscription servers with NO CASH SHOP   

    I'd be happy to play on a subscription-only server with NO CASH SHOP AT ALL available. I would prefer that over any other solution, because the direction the game is currently heading means, I will have to look for a new game in the near future.
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  9. Eryola added a post in a topic PW2 Quit Grenze   

    Ich mach das ganz einfach: ich spiele noch so lange es halbwegs Spaß macht, aber meine Brieftasche bleibt eisern verschlossen. Da geht kein einziger Cent mehr Richtung Daum. Und wenn man nicht mehr mithalten kann auf diese Weise oder ein besseres Game erscheint, dann kann man immer noch gehen.
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  10. Eryola added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Check your facts before posting... that cap was a never found. Log onto a low lvl twink, test it... they all stack. Someone on YouTube did that btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvNHcjLEMvo
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  11. Eryola added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    What you don't seem to get is: 1 Combat Gem +10%, 1 Combat Gem +3%, Milk Tea +8%, Splendid Experience Elixir 15%, Experience Scroll (bheg scroll trumpets handin before I need to answer the questions from idiots) 5% = 41% PLUS 12% from 4 pets + 10% costume + 10% value pack = 73% exp bonus... they all stack (except the big 50% scrolls) and there is NO CAP (Nighttime stacks on top of this btw). So, someone with enough cash spent can even reach more +xp -permanently- than someone who has a xp scroll from lvling rewards running.
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  12. Eryola added a post in a topic I have enough lodging for 7 + 1 workers but can only hire 6 workers?   

    Room 1, No.1, Velia: Lodging 1
    Room 2, No. 1, Velia: Lodging 2
    Room 3, No. 1, Velia: Lodging 2
    1+2+2 = 5 -> + 1 free worker = 6 worker total = no bug
    The lodging doesn't stack, if that's where your error is coming from. If you upgrade a lvl1 lodging (1 worker) to a lvl2 lodging (2 workers), you have room for 2 workers, not 3.
    (And btw... don't use giants.. they suck )
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  13. Eryola added a post in a topic Contribution Points issue   

    Contrary to what the description says, when you mouse over your contribution points, the soft-cap is NOT at 300, but at 255 contribution points. When you reach that amount, the con-xp increase will dramatically slow down. For example: doing all calpheon dailies is worth like 2cm on the con-xp bar after 255 contribution.
    You can still gain contribution pts (even 300+), but it will be -a lot- slower.
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  14. Eryola added a post in a topic is it pay 2 win? (including complete cashshop list)   

    I don't have pets with the same skills myself, but from what I gather here on the forums they should stack. For example: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/88386-does-pet-experience-bonus-stack/
    Could you post a screenie plz of them actually not stacking? (Or someone else of pets that stack? Maybe only Karma doesn't stack?)
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  15. Eryola added a post in a topic is it pay 2 win? (including complete cashshop list)   

    And name changes have a HUGE advantage too... are you one of the BEEP guys that join a 5x5 Ancient Relic/Book group and just leave after the other ppl have done theirs and you leeched? You can do that an unlimited amount of times with name changes. Made a reputation of being an incompetent idiot in PvP? Name change will open up the guild recruiting for you again... you can effectively wipe your char history with a name change, which, depending on your playstyle, can be a disadvantage or worth more than anything else.
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